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CSAA Insurance Co. Complaints & Reviews

CSAA Insurance Co. - California, Antelope / Restoration of kitchen floor resulting into property damage

Jan 04, 2017

My home had water damage and hence mold remediation was performed from May 3 to about June 22nd. Of course, CSAA struggled to accept to cover the repair but finally agreed. 4months later (October)the repairs(restoration of the floors and carpet) were not done. Because the previous contractor left the floor open, the house was vulnerable and infested by rodents. We noticed rat droppings and urination on the furniture, beddings and carpets. Stored foods were eaten and a lot of other boxes and packages destroyed and wet due to their droppings. When I called CSAA they informed the contractor Zebra...

CSAA Insurance Co. - Arizona, Tempe / Homeowners insurance coverage

Aug 30, 2016

I am an elderly man who is in hospice care and on oxygen with COPD. I recently had a leak under my kitchen sink . I contacted a local company here in AZ to fix the leak, (Copper State Homebuilders). One the guy came and looked at the problem, he informed me that there was mold and he also found asbestos under the sink. We called my homeowners insurance company, CSAA through AAA and Jose Marin from Copper State spoke to the gentleman from CSAA and they told Mr. Marin to proceed with the cleanup that they would cover the charges. Mr. Marin did demolish my kitchen and did the cleanup. Once the...