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Cottonwood Futon Complaints & Reviews

Cottonwood Futon / Misrepresentation


Ordered a futon frame from this company. I have previously owned a futon and one of the things that bothered me the most was the mattress slipping down. Anyway, I ordered the futon frame and then ordered the "grippers" that are supposed to be the best at keeping the mattress up when in the sitting position. They charge an extra $17 for these. Upon receiving the futon, which I don't have a problem with, the futon came with the grippers. A few days later, the grippers that I ordered arrived. No where on their website does it state that the grippers come with the futon frame. Since I did not...

Cottonwood Futon - Wisconsin / They're OK


I wanted to share my experiences with Cottonwood because after reading some of these reviews I almost had a heart attack when I had a problem with my order. I ordered a “Classic” all cotton futon in California king size from Cottonwood. Got my futon pretty quickly, hauled it up two flights of stairs, and discovered that they had sent me a regular king size. I went looking for the Cottonwood web site and saw a bunch of complaint sites on Google. My heart dropped and I privately got ready for a fight. Called them up and had pretty much the same experience as other people that had made...

Cottonwood Futon / Fraud


. The most disrespectful costumer service on the web or in the real world. sent defective products. NONE of my phone calls were returned. after spending hours writing and sending emails one or two were returned with the content of the email amounting to a few words. nothing was done to correct the problem. the company simply didn't return phone calls nor emails. Do NOT purchase from this company. they have 100s of complaints with the better business bureau and dozens more the web itself. worst of all they sell extremely poor quality products I truly don’t know how they manage to...