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Consumer Alliance Usa Complaints & Reviews

Consumer Alliance Usa - Texas, Plano / insurance signup/coverage

Jun 22, 2017

This is a compete scam. We found this website: BE CLEAR: THIS IS NOT INSURANCE. Thinking that it was in relation to the website. This is in no way affiliated with It even says 'obamacare' right on the website. This is designed to reel in people like myself who are looking for healthcare coverage. With signup, I received continuous calls for approx 2 hours, despite explaining to the reps that I was at work and wouldn't be able to handle this at the present time. I received one call about every 5-10 minutes, including several...

Consumer Alliance Usa - Michigan / terrible experience!


Was told all prescriptions would be covered at 15.00/per co-pay for generic brand medication and brand names at a slightly higher price that higher price turned out to be 500.00.

Consumer Alliance Usa / scam no coverage as told


This so called medical coverage or whatever it is is crap. They took our money and lied about everything said in my many conversations. We paid alot of money and went to the doctor today for the first time, I am 3 months pregnant with first child and to my surprise the doctor did not accept this crap.We were told a provider and network which they no longer have and nobody bothered to send a letter or call and let us know this information. Now as of today after waiting a month for coverage to start we have none, we cancelled after being fed a bunch of bull and we are highly upset. I think this so called company needs to be shut down immediatly before anyone else gets scammed.