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Collective Pos Complaints & Reviews

Collective Pos - Ontario, Toronto / Lying Crooks

Oct 29, 2012

This company is a major scam. They are money hungry pigs that will do anything to trap you into unwated long term contract. Do not sign up with this company. They have forced me into a 5 year contract and my business only runs for 3 months out of the year. I was in the process of closing my business when I learned I was stuck into a long term contract. It then hit me that I had been duped by a sales associate, Michael Patel, in which I told him I did not want anything long term. I believe he forged by signature and initials and now the company will not help me out of an NLS lease (third...

Collective Pos - Alberta / cancelation

Oct 20, 2012

Hello, Do not ever in your life sign a contract with this company. They are untruthful and unhelpful. I'm going to the bank tomorrow to stop all payments to them. The end.

Collective Pos / Hidden fees, misleading, and dishonest

Oct 17, 2012

Collective POS gives low rates, which should be all inclusive and they explain to you like that, but it is NOT true. There are hidden fees and the rates increase over time. It can cause you lots of frustration. They also make it very hard and costly for you to leave. Once you sign, you will be locked up with them for years unless you are ok with around $390 cancellation fee. As a small business owner, you have to run your business at the same time be watching for your rates. Your rates can increase and your monthly fee can increase over time for no reason. You have to call them over and over...

Collective Pos - Ontario, Toronto / Stealing Money From Me

Sep 12, 2012

Collective POS is a bunch of scam artists. They are constantly stealing money from my account causing hundreds of dollars in NSF Fee's and they refuse to return the money they took even when something was already paid for they tried to steal the funds from my bank account and lying, I was not told this was a 4 yr contract the sales guys are completely useless and they just want to scam small business owners out of money. I have to pay $600 dollars to cancel their services thats crap.

Collective Pos - Quebec, Montréal / Fraud

Jul 27, 2012

I have a small business in Montréal. I sign with Collective POS in march 2012 with George Georgiades. I can explain my story with Collective POS and NLS Leasing but it's the same story as I read on the net since a few days. All I can tell you it's if you don't want any headache and stress, don't listen them and don't sign up the contrat. All they want it's your money by any way they can take it from you. They going to liar and make you fell bad about the contrat. They want to afraid you . They are no ways to repair any trouble you're going to have with...

Collective Pos - Ontario / Hidden Charges

Jun 11, 2012

This company is incredible. When I was challenging a charge the customer service person would not let me speak with their supervisor. They came back and basically called me a liar. I can never get a strait answer about all of the charges on my account, I wish I never dealt with them.

Collective Pos - Ontario, Toronto / Sales Lies

Apr 18, 2012

In October of last year I was looking to get lower rates for Credit Card processing and I stumbled upon a company called Collective Point of Sale and spoke to a salesperson named Robbie Clarke. Their rate of 1.49% seemed the best so I went with them. The quality of service, transaction speed and customer service were mediocre at best but that's not what bothered me the most. I run a small business and Rob Clarke assured me that the bottom line of my bill would also be extremely low (1.49% was by far the lowest rate I could find). He told me $7/month as a monthly service fee, $30/month for...

Collective Pos - Ontario / Bad product support

Apr 16, 2012

Just wanted to post some issues we were having with Collective POS. I have been with them for about 6 years now, and generally I havn't had many issues until rcently. Initially when I did a rent to own contract on our machine, i was told it was chip compliant. When I received the machine, it did indeed have the physical capacity to accept chip cards, but the software was not yet available. Well after 5 years, and several phone calls over the years, I was told, that unfortunately, they are unable to provide software for the machine, because of something Visa/MC have done. I now own the...

Collective Pos - Ontario, Toronto / LIARS

Feb 10, 2012

I'm sorry but i fully understand the issues with Collective POS- these people and this company absolutely SICKEN ME. They are complete liars, cheats and SCAM!! I own my credit card terminal. They lied about absolutely everything from the monthly fee they charge, the monthly merchant fees and now the cancellation fee. This company and its partner FIRST DATA have sucked my bank account DRY since November!! I can't believe how fooled i was with this. Lesson learned i now own one of those expensive paper weights b/c even though i paid $1100 for the machine i now have to pay $800 to...

Collective Pos - Quebec, MONTREAL / WELL PLANED SCAM

Dec 11, 2011

We are new to the business.and we didn't know the reputation of Collective pos. This scam scheme started five weeks ago, on Nov.9th, 2011. The sales Rep. from Collective POS name George Georgiades came in to our salon offered me a lower rate for Visa, Master and Debit transaction charges. He calculate on a piece of paper all the possible cost we’ll have with them which is lower than what we paid to Moneris now.(we still keep the paper he sketched on, He intentionally neglect a lot of hidden cost ) He said he will call the Moneris in our behavior to cancel the service and switch to...

Collective Pos - Alberta, Calgary / false complaints

Oct 26, 2011

This board is obviously being 'Swarmed.' by the same people with the same terrible writing skills. Collective POS offers an up front purchase. You do not have to lease - or rent. .No other CDN POS company offers this! If you took the lease option instead of an outright purchase, you simply are operating a marginal business. .

Collective Pos - Ontario, London / fraud company

Jun 14, 2011

i had this problem with those corcks company since may 15 2011, i signed the contract on june 2010, and the first time i signed the contract with them, they told me its chip machine, (i boght the machine off them for 900 dollar ) when i recived the machine i figure out its not even chip machine, i kept calling them, and the keep saying next month, then 3 months then 6 months, never ever belive what they telling you, they lie to me . anyway, on may 15 my terminal got jammed and didnt work fine . so i called them and asked them to changed for me, so they sent another one (heres when problem start...

Collective Pos - British Columbia, Vancouver / Over Charges

Jan 18, 2011

Can anyone tell me how to get out of the contract with this cheater call Collective POS. Worst company policy, Never seen this big cheater in my life. It is very expensive to break the contract. Any suggestions. I hope people check this site before signing their contract. I hope one day someone teach them big lesson.

Collective Pos - Ontario, Barrie / CONTRACTS


My father & i signed a contract with collective pos in 2009. we had no problems, but when i upgraded my terminal in aug, 2010, collective pos did NOT inform the leasee of this change. so i now have to pay for 2 contracts, their mistkae number #1. mistake #2 is when i first used my new terminal all the funds were held by first data security, because according to my lease my total amount in sales on any transaction is up to a maximum of $50.00. I sell high end products, and the amount should be up to $5000. so needles to say i incurred several hundred dollars of NSF fees because of this. I have...

Collective Pos - British Columbia, Vancouver / total fraud and liars!


collective pos is running a scamming and fraud based business, dont' let them walk in ur business.. i wish i recorded the salesman's promise and never let them gain access to my bank account, i had to close my bank account in order to keep them out, now i have couple of other companese saying i owe them money even tho i already closed everything with collective pos...because they r not the same company with collective pos, these other companies i never even heard of!.. i really wanna take them to court.. if everyone wants to join me to fight these wolves and scammers.. please contact me at : [email protected]

Collective Pos / good company


i'm really happy with the services they've offered my business. I'm not sure what people are talking about? They are the best merchant services provider in my opinion. I've spoken to alot of people that have used them as their merchant services provider for years and have been happy with the customer service, product warranty and the quality of the product. They stand behind their word and do as they promise. When i was approached by another provider and was offered a lower rate, i contacted the customer service department aadvised them of teh competitor quote and asked that they honour the lowest rate guarantee and they did. what more good you ask for in a merchant service provider.

Collective Pos - Ontario / Lying and over charging


I was in the market some time back for credit card processing company and got in touch with Collective POS they promised best prices etc.. I wish I had recorded my conversations with the sales lying and cheating... Here is a summary of what I was told and what I was billed First and foremost they said there would be $6.95 charge per month...for access to customer support centre and it is there in the contract which i signed...soon after I signed all the credit card processing is done by a company called ELEVON and they started charging another 6.95 ...which I have not signed for...

Collective Pos / COLLECTIVE POS


I have had nothing but the best experience from this company. I believe anyone complaining on this board is either a disgruntled ex employee, or even worse, a competitor that cannot handle their low rates and amazing customer service. I have been with them for years, and their lifetime warranty on equipment, and lowest rates guaranteed have always been honored. their sales reps are always available to assist, and their attention to detail surpasses any other company out there. I truly believe that a company with an A- with the BBB would not have this rating should these clearly unfounded...

Collective Pos / Collective pos day to day running operation - handle very badly by management


COMPLAINS RELATED TO COLLECTIVE POS DAY TO DAY RUNNING OPERATIONS - You guys make false promise, and over 30 days happen because your company cannot provide within 30days time period. You company should be Shut down from the constumer board, as we have ask 20 or 30 unclose transaction, which is not been process by your machine, your staff member keep it more than 30 days and went on maternity leave, being follow up on those transaction, one responsible person admitted your company fault and try to get information from your parent company. As your company is a middle company and another...