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Chromcraft Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Chromcraft Furniture / DINING ROOM CHAIRS

Jul 9, 2011

In march, I received and paid for a dining room table and 6 chairs. They were beautiful. However 2 of the chairs were missing the parts for everything below the seat. Chromcraft refused to replace the chairs - they said it would be much faster to send the missing parts. Three times they sent bags of nuts and bolts (with weeks of time before each delivery. We did not need the nuts and bolts. Finally, got involved and chromcraft sent the right parts - but not all of them. The assembly man (who just left here told me I should just buy 2 new chairs and return these. I have...

Chromcraft Furniture / Do not buy from them


I purchased a $1, 600.00 dinette set from Chromcraft Furniture. At that price, one should expect to get a quality product. The oak table and chairs arrived intact, but with defects. The oak tabletop has a defective finish, as it is peppered with a black over-spray from the Chinese production shop. I contacted the dealer and customer service about the defect, and a replacement was subsequently shipped which had the same problem. Apparently, no one bothered and cared to contact the production facility and try to isolate and fix the core problem. The chairs even leak sawdust from tiny pores in...