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Worry No More coverage for Macy's furniture was purchased at the premium level and supposed to take care of warrant for 7 years. Purchase was made less than 1 year ago. Leather coverage indicates coverage for "water or beverage marks, stains or rings". Because of my explanation that the leather was discolored at the head rest area, I was told that it wasn't covered. I argued that it was a matter of semantics, that "it is a STAIN". Now I have to take pictures and send to them to determine if there is coverage. Why would Macy's, seemingly a reputable business, sell this "Macy's Best Value PREMIUM Protection plan with little regard for true customer protection. [protected]@gmail.com

Worry No MoreScam

Worry No more is a SCAM!!! I bought all my furniture from Macy's and I read the guidelines, but it doesn't matter. They came back with more BS saying that an original claim cancels out a second claim. I always thought Macy's was a great store, but whoever got involved with this BS company is a douchbag and should be fired. I would have bought my furniture regardless, so selling me a scam makes Macy's a bigger scammer. They know this is happening. I was told by customer service that they know they don't meet their promises, so why bother selling me a scam? I don't understand!

Worry No Moreextremely frustrated

10 minutes after worry no more service man left, I received a Email stating that after careful review worry no more were unable to cover the warrantee on my leather couches.
I had originally called to report a tear on the kick plate of my leather sofa which was clearly covered under the plan WORRYNOMORE that I purchased from Macy’s. I had just noticed the tear a few days prior to calling, so I was well in the time frame of the contract. After farther inspection of my furniture I discovered one other tear in the fold of the seat of the sofa, almost impossible to detect unless you are looking for it. What really caught my attention and made me very concerned were the numerous areas of wear, that have potential to become a new tear. I pointed out all these areas to the service man as to document all further claims. I used the products I received with my WORRYNOMORE kit, so I don’t know why this happened, worry no more came to the conclusion that the wear had been happening over a long period of time. Tell me isn’t that how wear and tear happens, over a long period of time? What is not supposed to happen is leather splitting in only 4 short years!
After reading my contract I feel this company is unfairly disqualifying my claim and I will be taking further action. I plan on contacting Macy’s directly, hiring an independent furniture repair man and if need be take your company to small claims court. I also will be reporting United North American and Macy*s to the New York attorney general and the Better Business Bureau.

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    empressou2000 Feb 09, 2011
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    Wear and tear is CLEARLY NOT COVERED under MOST furniture warranties. WorryNoMore is no exception. The accidental plan on leather covers rips, tears, stains, burns, punctures, facial cosmetics, ball point ink (which is the most difficult thing to remove from leather), etc. Splitting of leather would be either a defect or wear and tear. The Worry No More PREMIUM PROGRAM would have covered a claim on splitting of leather, but my guess is this customer only has ACCIDENTAL coverage, so the denial of the claim would indeed be correct. Customer's need to understand what their coverage actually is. I have helped many customers get furniture repairs and replacements because they had the correct coverage for their accident. Believe me, every one of those customers were grateful that I took the time to explain the program and encourage them to add it to their furniture investment.

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