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Apr 01, 2017

There intention to help Christians mature with experience sharing is thoughtful, only mature and much less so of us are allowed in sHARING so does cause lite problems. SOME STRONG ANGER AT TIMES OR CONFUSION WITH A FEW EVEN CRYING ABOUT disagreementsm or other. Even some name calling. It's A true mix so peace is not way possible..but..many stay anyway..for the moderate good. / Scam

Jul 06, 2015

christianchat is a scam asking you for money to build their mobile app for their chatroom. RoboOp wanted $500 donation for him to code (type a program) for you to access the chatroom from your cell phone. The website is a fraud and the forums are trash done to masturbation trash. The chatters there run in last century racist niches. RoboOp shame on you. You're a thief. / Money fraud

Feb 06, 2015

Don't be scammed by the deceptive marketing tactics RoboOp has perfected over the years! RoboOP, you're a fraud! Don't ever believe RoboOp when he asks you for a loan or for donations to feed his poverty-striken family. Robo relies on Christian-minded values in which Christians attend to the needs of the poor, but RoboOp is a multi-dollar scam across international lines. RoboOp owns hundreds of domains, some worth thousands of dollars. Never donate to Don't be SCAMMED by RoboOp! / They wanted to get my personal info

Oct 18, 2014

The website is real scam, so avoid it all costs. I registered there and was suspicious that they wanted to get a lot of personal info from me. I decided to reach the moderators and asked some questions about their website and why they wanted to get my personal info. I was shocked that all my emails were returned back. The website is scam, so stay away from them and post comments about your experience. / I can't delete my account and the chat is fake

Oct 04, 2014

My name is Christian and I found the website I started to use it and chatted with other guys, whose names were Christians. After couple of messages, I understood that they lied to me and it fake chat. I wanted to cancel my registration there, but I have no idea how to do, ‘coz on the website there wasn’t any info about it. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Can you provide any good piece of advice? / Moderators blocked my access without reason

May 18, 2014

I found the website and registered there, but after several weeks the moderators in rude manner blocked my access and deleted my account without warning me. It was really horrible, because I haven’t broken any rules. I tried to restore it, but the moderators sent me impolite and horrible email. Not recommended website and nasty moderators work here. So share this info and post comments about your experience with them.