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I found the website and registered there, but after several weeks the moderators in rude manner blocked my access and deleted my account without warning me. It was really horrible, because I haven’t broken any rules. I tried to restore it, but the moderators sent me impolite and horrible email. Not recommended website and nasty moderators work here. So share this info and post comments about your experience with them.

, US
Oct 05, 2018 5:30 pm EDT

Yours tigerscent is typical of the behavior even today @ CC.
The problem is the owner, the administrator, and the moderators, are the bad apples on the site. They have alternate accounts, so called sock accounts. And under that guise they act the evil they have inside them out on the boards.
One such creature is dControversal. He fakes that he's in his 50's under that name. Read his posts long enough and you'll think he's about 12 or 13.
His post times are during school hours. Which in the states not long ago a news report reported kids in public school are found to spend more time on-line in forums than on-line doing their school work. Some early years kids are so addicted to their phones that the muscles in their neck aren't developed enough to hold their head erect for long periods of time.
That's pathetic! Where are the parents? Take that phone!

The other creature that makes CC hell is 7seasrekeyed. They're the Administrator OnceFallen.(Still acts as if he is) . Then the alternate account of dControversal is "TruthTalk". They're both the evil sock accounts of RoboOp.

Whatever you do DO NOT give money to this site. Any means of doing that has the source used revealing to CC your full legal name, address, and phone. It's the law as pertains to transferring monies in the states. You do not want this bunch to know your real name that will attach to your site screen name when you donate. And once you do you'll be harassed for more. Because they sell their donor contact information on call and mail and email lists.

This site has one member, Blue Ladybug, that tells people that the Bible Discussion forum is the worst most contentious forum on the site. And all that spills into the other forums.

There's something wrong when vicious verbal abuses arise in an area where God's word is discussed among those claiming to be Christian.
Oh, and this site is greedy! You cannot PM people for free! If you have a paid membership you can PM. If you do not you cannot. Unless a paid account PM' you. Then you can respond.

Stay away from CC. It is of the Devil. Not Christ.

, US
Jan 17, 2018 6:45 pm EST
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The admins who were involved when I was there, I found to be lacking in Christian love, insensitive and uncaring of how they affect others in my experience to date. I feel sorry for the new Christian, who may lose their faith due to being bounced or banned for no valid reason, no real explanation, no brotherly/sisterly concern or dialogue - nothing. One female admin with initial 'B' I found to be unfeeling and demonstrated a biased judgementalism shown by her actions and non-communication. I could not help but come to the conclusion that RoboOP could not care less - due to non-response, nor any other admin involved with the webmaster emails. I also found double-standards on how some where treated and others not.
If you want a cold, cruel and heartless experience as I found with the admins, then this is the place to go.