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Child Protective Services Complaints & Reviews

Child Protective Services - Indiana, Morgantown / parental rights

Missy fridley on Mar 24, 2018

Why was my daughter taken for the wrong reason? My thyroid levels was too high and left me disoriented. My job is gone. Child is gone home is gone my life is interrupted because of not knowing about area. Where is help when you need it. I needed help not to be left blowing in the wind like air. They seeni was vulnerable and moved through me like a wind storm I hear kids our being taken from good families. What if this was you how would you look back and think my mental health is being left to be displayed. I am so ashamed of how I am being treated. Please don't leave my life up in the air like this

Child Protective Services - California, Yucca Valley / family suffers because workers are too behind on their work

Dee Dee Parker on Oct 19, 2017

Ok I finished everything in my case plan even took extra classes never missed a single visit not even a dirty drug test an because my worker is behind in his work an never made it out to look at my home for me to get 24 hour visits my kids an I are forced to suffer longer I was told until he checks out my home my kids can not come home that is so not right I have done everything they asked of me an more is there anything I can do to get them home like now or even soon

Child Protective Services / wrongful allegations

April Newton on Aug 27, 2017

In July 2017my sister called CPS on me when she's. Never around my children and I . she does not have children an does not know what its like . my boyfriend and I lives revolve around my children as it should. So what do u do when your children are removed from lies we do not neglect these kids we are home with the kids everyday! My mother and I can't believe this they have a loving home what can we do ?

Child Protective Services / cps worker april kelly in barbour county

Greg baisi on Jul 13, 2017

Ms.Kelly has filed a cps petition in Barbour Co that contains many mistated facts and downright lies, she has done this intentionally to manipulate the process in order to try to freeze out and exclude a custodial grandparent from the process. She has a history of this type of behavior and clearly does not have the best interest of the child foremost as it should be. If something is not done about her and her methods, I am going to institute legal action against her and the department and I am also going to notify the press to make the actions of her and the department as public as possible...

Child Protective Services - Virginia, Arlington / Unethical and illegal behavior.

piggy77 on Feb 24, 2017

My daughter Stephanie was born on April 20, 1990. She was healthy. I continue to take her to medical appointments etc. Unfortunately, on June 23 of that year, my firstborn daughter who had been born with a congenital condition passed away is 16 months old. The grief was completely overwhelming and I also had postpartum depression. The paternal grandmother expressed over and over her concern that the father and I were together and she had stated several times she did not wish for that to be the case at the time I was 23 and he was 28 way above the age of consenting adults. In September 1990 I...

Child Protective Services - Illinois, Buffalo / Neglect

Reviewer61900 on Feb 11, 2016

Neglect was found against my sister for her 2 kids. There father has pettion for custody not once but twice. He has b3en involved in these kids life since day one if my sister is not keeping them from them however 5he cps worker assigned to the case took the word of my mother and the kids were given temp custody to family members without seeking out there father. Father has been to court faithfully and the worker yet again has bypassed dad family member said.she couldnt do it anymore and has put in an order to remove and place with my mom who also has neglect findings on her as well. What to do who to call

Child Protective Services / No family available to take children

Melanie Underwood on Jun 9, 2014

My brothers kids were taken by CPS over a year ago. I went to court and the judge ordered a home check and background check be done. They never came and I was told that they decided to keep the children with the foster family. Now they are going to adopt the kids out claiming that no family is available or willing to take them? They ignored the judges ruling and did as they please and now we are losing members of our family forever. How is this even right?

Child Protective Services - California, san bernardino / Worker, supervisors

lost4life on May 17, 2014

I've been trying to go up the chain of command and no one is getting back to me my kids where taken on 1-22-14 my worker has only contacted me twice since then she has not written any court reports since 1-27-14 and my kids never should have been removed and i have proof of worker lieing on court report also supervisors and the front desk people have been rude and not letting talk to anyone i ask to speak with

Child Protective Services - Michigan, Owosso / liars

angry54 on Oct 25, 2013

Child Protective Services in Shiawassee Co Michigan are UNREAL. They flat out LIE, than get mad when people catch on their lies. They try to remove children who are happy at home and are not being neglected. They write hearsay as evidence. They interview 3 year old children, who are way too young.

Child Protective Services - Arizona, Tucson / MIS-MANAGEMENT AND BIAS

securethebridge on Oct 27, 2012

My child was taken December 8, 2009 based on several reports I had made from about 2 years prior. Our living situation was too stressful and I had failed to move us into a better one because of financial fears and I still saw my parents as a necessary support. I had signed over custody because of an alcohol relapse on the advice of a Christian councilor. There was no CPS involvement at that time. But I was still her primary care-giver. I was trying, un-successfully, to cope with conflict and bickering between my parents and I. I did my best to sheild my daughter from the stress, but she kept...

Child Protective Services / CPS took my child for personal reason

My CPS story on Jul 10, 2012

I live in Buffalo NY and I am a good pro-active parent to my 2 high IQ's adhd children. CPS has taken them off of personal emotions and not professional facts, and they have no proof of what they are really holding my children for and yes I did cuss the lady out but she has no professional reason to keep my children. She went up to the school 2 days after our hard phone conversation and made up a lie on my two disable children. The allegations dad and I cannot plea guilty of because we did not do it. So is it right that they keep my children? I feel like I do not have any civil or even...

Child Protective Services - Texas, Houston / Child Custody

KristinWeare on Jun 18, 2012

I have a ten month old baby boy which was takin from me by CPS at birth due to Methadone in his system, Dr. ordered because of my pain killer or opiod addiction. My case was never taken to court, I have completed all services successfully, ten months worth, and my case worker has lied and done everything in his power to keep my son from me. Now he has disappeared and I want my son back immediately. I am still his legal guardian since I volantarily complied with all requests from CPS. Isnt is my right as a parent and legal guardian to take my child from his volunteered temporary guardian since...

Child Protective Services / kidnapped my daughter

Jane Mitchel on Dec 25, 2011

I was disciplining my daughter at a Kmart store when an employee called security on me not because she did not like how I was disciplining my daughter but because she was angry at me over telling her do her job in a timely manner. The police were called and I was arrested for disciplining my daughter. Then the police along with Child Protective Serrvices decided that I was "abusing" my daughter, who at that time asked for it and needed to be disciplined. My daughter is in foster care. I am wondering if anyone has has similar situations and wondering how I can go get my daughter back.

Child Protective Services / These lying parasites

saveourkids on Oct 18, 2011

"CPS ARE THE MOST EVIL AND CORRUPT BRANCH OF AMERICAN GOVERMENT" here is a perfect example of it being true. For past 5 years these low life ### have been lying not only to the court but to my two little children and favoring their mentally ill mother who has been diagnosed by forensic psychologist Dr Lober wit multiple mental disorders including bi-polar disorder. These lying parasites at CPS Elane Dickerson, Kevin Carpenter, Ed Heepe, had lied to my children telling them they do not have to call their father every day, who the hell these under paid ### think they are but as soon a...

Child Protective Services / Removed four of six children currently living at home.

Mother of Seven on Sep 7, 2011

This weekend while my oldest daughter (23)was visiting she noticed that my seven year old son had black eye. He got this because I was disciplining him for lying. I also asked him to say he got injured in the park. My daughter reported this to CPS and said that I have been abusing him. This was an accident that I gave him a black eye. What ever happened to allowing parents to spank their children to keep them in shape. Now four of my seven children are in foster care. They are 6, 7 11 and 13 years old. If my two other children living at home had been under 16 they too would have been removed...

Child Protective Services / CPS took my daughter based on false accusations about my boyfriend.

Angry with CPS on Aug 19, 2011

My daughter (5) has been telling her daycare worker lies and claiming my boyfriend Norman has been sexually touching her. This is not true. I love my boyfriend Norman and he would never do such a thing. When my daughter first told me this lie, I told her that that I love Norman and if she continues to tell these lies she would have to leave the house. Now she has been lying to a teacher at her day care program and they told me that Norman has to leave the house or they would remove my daughter. Rather than have my daughter win and give in to her by asking Norman to leave I stayed firm and told...

Child Protective Services - Texas, Coleman / children removed from home because of

crelia on Jun 26, 2011

police were called to residence where possible fight was in place. police officer forces way in house id's everyone in house and it ends up that baby is kidnapped by ex foster mother and cps. ex foster mother of babys mom enters in home takes baby and goes to where the sister is at and takes her too. babies were put in foster care and then sent to the fathers. and mom has been made to look like a fool needs help to get her babies

Child Protective Services / Heartless

Bianca on May 16, 2011

On 8/22/08 I became ill during the night and almost died. My 6 yr old son noticed the problem and went next door to get a neighbor and call 911. I was taken to the hospital where I lay on a ventilator, nearly comatose for two days. That night, CPS took my children, who were already scared and worried, and placed them with a foster home. They never tried to contact my husband. It was not until my husband got to the hospital that he was informed about what was going on with the kids. A few days later, we were able to have the kids placed with a family friend. While I was in the hospital they...

Child Protective Services - Texas, Plano / Harassment, Distructive stress

screwthesystem on May 16, 2011

Putting a lady with pneumonia and pancreaitis into bleeding stress, giving depressed POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER daughter suicidal thoughts and actions from harassment when nothing is wrong with the baby, trying to take her for any little reason when nothing is wrong.

Child Protective Services / Child abusers

Lfk85 on Mar 22, 2011

As said best by late Senator Nancy Schaefer "CPS ARE THE MOST EVIL AND CORRUPT BRANCH OF AMERICAN GOVERMENT" here is a perfect example of it being true. For past 5 years these low life ### have been lying not only to the court but to my two little children and favoring their mentally ill mother who has been diagnosed by forensic psychologist Dr Lober wit multiple mental disorders including bi-polar disorder. These lying parasites at CPS Elane Dickerson, Kevin Carpenter, Ed Heepe, had lied to my children telling them they do not have to call their father every day, who the hell these under...