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Chet Holmes International Complaints & Reviews

Chet Holmes International / Core Story


Let me start out by saying that I was sold on Chet's services and what he does, however his organization is nothing but strong armed sales people who practice bait and switch tactics. They mislead you with information then when it comes down to price the DO NOT honor what they tell you they are going to charge you in they're own material that they send out. Let me explain, We were interested in "Chet's Core" Story program. He owns a service called Empire Research Group here's what they are supposed to do for you... Triple your closing ratio By Chet Holmes Imagine I could put...

Chet Holmes International / Poor management


my ex husband works for this company as a "consultant." when my state Office of Recovery Services contacted the company in an attempt to collect child support that he hasn't paid for years, the company refused to cooperate, wouldn't even provide their mailing address for the court orders to be sent to. apparently this company feels that people who can't even manage their own affairs are qualified to manage yours, and they will protect dead-beat dads. Shame on you, Chet Holmes.

Chet Holmes International / False Claims To Charge Card with a promise that you can cancel at anytime berfore or after the training


I heard a commercial for Chet Holmes Internaional for sales people/organizations that are looking to increase sales. I called them to ask some questions, the call was answered by a call center, and I stupidly gave them my contact infomration. I immediatley began to receive numerouis phone calls from the sales people for the company trying to get me to agree to a phone session whereby they "would evaluate if their company could assist me in achieving my goals" After many many calls, I succomed and agreed to speak with them, they are very slick, very scripted and now I understand with one goal...