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Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener Complaints & Reviews

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener - Washington / 3 months later - no refund


I have a receipt that the above company received my return merchandise on July 17 and as of today, 10/9/09, they have not refunded my debit card. I've called several times, numerous phone calls and I keep getting the run around. They have had my money for 3 months and have received the product. This company is running a scam. I'm now to send my bank statements to prove they haven't refunded the money. More run around. Unbelievable.

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener / Rebate


Finding an advertisment for teeth whitener online saying "As seen on Rachel Ray", I ordered a 30 day supply on April 16, 2009 offering a $50 rebate if form is mailed in with original packing slip. My credit card was immediately charged with $54.98 (4.99 S & H) with the phone 800-937-4613 IL behind the charge. I could not get the rebate form to download so called and a man by the name of Rick in Austin TX emailed it to me. Rebates were to be received 2 -3 weeks following. I filled it in immediately and mailed it on May 5 with the original packing slip to: Free Insta-Rebate C/O WellnessWatchersMD 366 Nassau...

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener / Fraudulent company


I searched on to see what the best teeth whitener was out there, and the results came back with Celebrity Sexy Teeth in the search results. I clicked on the site that showed reviews for different teeth whiteners and this particular site said that Celebrity Teeth Whitener was the best. The whitener comes in a small tube which is supposed to last you 30 days. When I pulled the applicator out of the bottle to apply the product to my teeth, the soft brush came off and dropped into the bottle. At that point I was no longer able to use the product. Just recently, Celebrity Sexy Teeth...

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener - Georgia, Lawrenceville / 1 broken tube, 1 missing tube


I ordered the Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener, which works great. The trouble is with my first shipment in which 3 tubes are supposed to be shipped. I only received two tubes and one of those tubes had a broken applicator. I immediately wrote to the company on-line and told them what had happened. I received no email back from them. I think this is a shoddy way to do business and I want them to make it right.

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener - Georgia, Kingsland / $99.99 VIP charge to my card


I ordered a quantity of 1 Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener on or just before January 16, 2017. I looked at my bill for this month and was charged $99.99 (which is more than my one and only order in January). I went and cancelled the order--which I had never placed and never "joined" to be a VIP as the website stated. I got my cancellation number and everything, but one or two days later, I received a package with 3. I only opened the package to look for a return form, but found none. I want to send the 3 unopened boxes containing the whitener and get my $99.99 back--I also shouldn't have to...

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener / lying about price of product


Hello, my name is Jacqueline Nuttall and I just want to let you know that the company "Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener " is nothing but a fraud company. First of all they lie right off the bat about getting a free tube of toothpast. They claim you will receive a free tube of tooth-past and you will just have to pay the shipping and handeling and then when you fill out the order form on the inernet and by the time you click send you get a message that you agreed to pay $54.99 pluse a $29.99 a month VIP rewards program. After I saw that I tried to cancel my order it contuned to go through. I even...

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener / someone help


They do not believe in the privacy act. Wellness watchers gives you the rebate that you do not get. they share it with walmart, visa, etc. they take money out of your account all the time. they said to go to this star and you will not have to pay the $50 that will be your rebate money that will pay for tour whitener, just pay shipping and handling then they TAKE OUT OF YOUR ACCOUNT $54 THEN 99 THEN 199 AND UP UP UP.tHEN THEY MAKE YOU PAY $30 MONTHLY FOR THE WELLNESS WATCHER. WE ALL NEED TO PUSH THESE GUYS OUT OF HERE. LETS DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT INSTEAD OF LETTING THEM ROB US. EMAIL ME @ [email protected] LETS SUE THEM EOR STEALING AND FRAUD Lets get an attorney

Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener - California / Fraudulent Credit Card Charge


I ordered Celebrity Sexy Teeth Whitener for $49.99 and was billed by IOnline. However, some company called Wel WatchMD charged my bank account $29.95. When I called they told me that I was enrolled in some service they "provide" as a result of my purchasing the Teeth Whitener. I absolutely did NOT see that in the advertisement or when I paid for the Whitener. If I had I never would have made the purchase. The person I spoke to refused to credit my bank account. Therefore, I notified my bank to stop payment to Wel WatchMD. For all reading this please know that Wel WatchMD IS A SCAM!!!