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Camerabox Complaints & Reviews

Camerabox / Scam

Sep 21, 2011

I ordered a camera from Camerabox on 15/06/11 and paid through paypal. Camera didn't arrive within the stated 4 working days so I tried to phone to chase up. No answer, so I emailed and was immediately sent a responce email saying 'Due to staffing problems Camerabox has temporarily ceased to trade. Refunds take 2 - 14 days' Over 14 days later and no refund. Do not use this company - check reviews on the internet as so many people have been victim to this company's fraudulent actions. The worst part is I paid by paypal so don't think I can get the money back. DO NOT USE CAMERABOX!

Camerabox - England, Oxfordshire, Thame / Fraudulent Refund

Jun 8, 2011

Ordered a camera and a lens and enquired about the delivery date on two occasions, the second asking for more detail instead of a reiteration of the information available on the website i.e. 2-4 days. Both enquiries were answered in a very similar manner and were not helpful - I replied again saying I wasn't impressed (actually I said their customer service sucked) and next I know I have an email telling me that the order has been cancelled due to fraud checks _after_ the money was taken from my account. Apparently the money will be refunded to my account within 2-14 days. Really not...

Camerabox / Delivery and refund failure

May 30, 2011

I first placed an order with Camerabox on the 10th of May 2011. I then amended the order which was £65 cheaper. I have been in contact with the company several times by phone and email and they have always been very abrupt and rude, apart from one man. Despite the company confirming the delivery of my item and my refund on two occasions, I still have not had either. It is now nearly three weeks later and no camera. Very unhappy with the service and unsure of what to do next as I don't want to threaten them with Trading Standards as I don't want contact to endand not receive the purchase or refund!

Camerabox - England, Oxfordshire / Non-delivery of item

May 23, 2011

Ordered a Nikon 18-200mm lens on 17th April. The 'Live Stock' on the website showed the item was in stock, payment taken from my account 2 days later, 21st April I got an email to say it had been picked up by the courier (2-4 day delivery). I waited, and waited... and waited. No delivery. I contacted Camerabox who said they would look into it, on 9th MAY I was told it had been lost by the courier and a replacement would be sent. So I waited again, sent further emails, was told my order was with the dispatch department. The lens was still 'In stock' on the website. A couple...

Camerabox / Non Reciept of Goods or Refund

Apr 17, 2011

I used a price comparison website to look for a Panasonic TZ10 in red, and found an incredible price at Camerabox. I tried placing my order on the 28th March 2011, but both Firefox and IE 9 failed to complete the transaction, and caused my bank to contact me using a "Fraud Warning System" I told my bank that it wasn't fraudulent and went into work (29th march 2011) where I used an older version of IE (IE7) and I was able to place my order. I selected standard delivery which it said would take between 2 and 4 days. On the 5th of April 2011 I sent them a mail asking what had happened to my...

Camerabox - England, Oxfordshire, Oxford / Non Delivery

Mar 1, 2011

On the 16th February I ordered a digital camera, and had a confirmation of despatch a day later. That same day the payment was taken from my credit card. This firm does not track their despatches to City-Link, and so cannot prove they actually sent the parcel out. Yesterday (28/2/2017) I had a confirmation of cancellation, but am told that a refund back onto my card will take up to a month to process, and it is out of their control to speed this up. This effectively means that I have sent £129.00 out of my account into theirs for up to 6 weeks for no product whatsoever. I purchased a similar (same specs, same brand, more up to date) camera from Comet at the same price as Camerabox are selling at. Beware.

Camerabox / Wrong item. Very poor PR. Rude


I took advice from Thomas Green and Mike Watkins of a company called Camerabox prior to purchasing a Nikon Coolpix camera and memory card from them. They then managed to wipe all of my details from their computer order form and re-submitted incorrect information by guessing. a3855I was sent the wrong card. This was the wrong memory size and the wrong price. It was also the wrong type of card and did not fit the camera memory card slot. Both salesmen were extremely rude, biased and difficult when I iformed them of the incorrect delivered item. Gary Smart took control of the situation and was very much public relations orientated. Would never deal with this company again and would not recommend them.

Camerabox / Warranty agreement not actioned


I successfully received a Sanyo Xacti dual camera from Camerabox within 24hrs of purchase. Pretty good service you may think; unfortunately the unit failed with less than 10 hours recoding time in the bank. I followed the company's instructions on actioning the warranty agreement and returned the camera to them under the RAN form they provided. Countless emails followed to the service department, there is no direct phoneline, to request progress but this was only met by statements indicating that the camera was still under assessment. This mater is still to be resolved and after having...

Camerabox - England, Oxfordshire / Misleading pricing


I ordered a Nikon D90 from The Digital Camera Company which also trsdes as Camerabox. I chose them as they had good price for the item and I wanted to take advanatage of the Nikon £60 Cashback offer that has just started. Camera arrived (but not the promised lens that I ordered, despite it showing in stock). No warranty card in box therefore I rang them (very long wait)to get it as required to claim from Nikon-to be told item was not eligable for cashback as they supply European stock. That was not on their website when I ordered(it is now in small print!) and they deny that it...

Camerabox / Leaked customer details


I last bought an item from Camerabox around a year ago. Recently (Dec 09) I've started getting spoof emails - stating my credit card details have been declined, referring to "Thank you for your order at Digital Camera Company for CameraBOX Gift Voucher" The email contained a link to a spoof site, asking for my credit card details. The most worrying part of this, is the spoof link contained: - a personalised email address ( which I ONLY used for cameraBox ) - my postal address I.e. details which ONLY camerabox had I have tried repeatedly to get in contact with CameraBox, but they are...

Camerabox / Don't use camerabox!


I've had the same experience. I ordered a Canon EOS 450D but never got the camera. I were lucly to get a refund but the day after I had been promised a refund, someone had used my card for 70 USD on full tilt poker. Don't use camerabox!