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Bumpits Complaints & Reviews

Bumpits - Connecticut, Wallingford / Scam


I ordered the Bumpits thinking it was going to be a great product it was not, I got the stupid things cought in my hair and they are worthless they do not work. After being asked about 10 times on the website during my ordering process if I wanted upgrades and other products it just said thank you for your order. They did not send a email varification. No total at all I had to wait and look at my bank statement to even find out the total. I got the stupid things in the mail and there still was no receipt or anything just the Bumpits. I went to a local drug store today a saw the Bumpits for...

Bumpits - California / Scammers


I have been looking for this product everywhere. Finally, I gave in and ordered directly from the manufacturer. First, the ordering process is very confusing and automatically adds on the Hollywood Bumpit even when you say "no." Second, the S&H is almost as much as the product! It is shipped via USPS in a 3.5" x 6" x 1" box, and takes 6 weeks to get from CT to CA -- which would cost MAYBE $2.00 to ship. This company should be ashamed of itself for such BLATANT FRAUD. I'm disgusted by them. OH BY THE favorite beauty supply store just started selling them, so I could have avoided the whole scam. I hope this saves others from doing what I did.