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Apr 04, 2011

Good Day In the fisrt week of Jan 2011 I took my son to the dentist to have an extraction done, our appointment was for 10:30. When we got to the dentist, I was told thatI resigned from the medical aid. I was a member of the medical aid but changed from traditional to basic. I spent plus minus 2 and a half hours at the dentist and several calls to bankmed to sort out this matter, which resulted me in having to leave the dentist and my son not having an extraction as no benefits could be confirmed. At 14:30 on the day I got a call from a lady Veronica who confirmed that we could go ahead...

Bankmed / Bankmed have a very benevolent attitude


When my daughter was born in May 2009, she went for bloodtests. Of the 4 bloodtests, 3 were paid and guess what...the most expensive was not. Apparently, the laboratory used a SAMA tariff code and not the NHRPL tariff code by which Bankmed supposedly operate on. People, this does not get diclosed to you in the Rules of Bankmed, not in the Guide for 2009 and neither does the lab inform you upfront as well. All it states in Bankmeds guideline for patology benefit is the following, '100% of Scheme rate subject to R3300 pfpa.Thereafter paid from available savings. Nowhere in the guideline...