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Bangalore Traffic Police Complaints & Reviews

Bangalore Traffic Police / Abusing/Misbehaviour

anonymous IT worker on Aug 7, 2011

Just listen to my case you will be amused on 7th aug 2011 on the silkboard junction i was on the road towards marathalli...i was new so i asked a traffic policeman "will bus stop here" he said something and i didnt get so i asked"what? He said(these were his words in a manner of asking a question ) "yahan bus rukegi... hain...?" i got puzzled so said " haan main wahi puch raha tha yahan bus rukegi kya"(in a extremely polite way) then he said " tujhe kya lag raha hai yahan bus rukegi kya?pagal hai kya tu...samajh nahi aata, ye signal hai " in a extremely rude way, so i said why are u getting...

Bangalore Traffic Police / Harrassed by Traffice Police

I am writting this out of utter frustration and mental harrassment. I was driving through Hebbal ring road towards KR Puram and suddenly traffic police showed hand so I stopped. And Poilce asked for my driving license and asked me to come out of my car. It was Maruti Alto. Then suddenly asked me to pay Rs.300. Then I asked why. Police said it is for over speeding. I said I was driving at 60KM/Hour. Then he the limit is 50Km/hour. I said I don't know about that. He said pay the amount otherwise I will be asking for Rs.700. Then I checked it was written on the board throughout ring road it...

Bangalore Traffic Police / Charged for nothing

This is regarding the traffic police misbehaviour on 12th-Oct-2009 at 8.58pm near cool joint junction in jayanagar 4th block. I was riding my scooter and the signal was just turned orange from green when my scooter crossed zebra crossing. I beleive that i can go on. But there were 2 cops who stopped me in the middle of the road and asked for my licence. I showed it and then the senior cop says pay 200 rupees for jumping the signal. I said why should i pay when the signal was still not red and i crossed zebra crossing when it was just turned to orange from green. He argued with me for nothing...

Bangalore Traffic Police / Mismanagement


Bangalore has become one of the worst managed city in the terms of traffic, the traffic police collect bribe from the private bus owners to let them inside the city limits, where the buses are strictly prohibited. There is no strict enforcement of rules in no parking and no stopping zones, where there are many autos and cars parked. Especially in the areas in and around majestic is hell... for eg. Platform road which runs from Central i.e. near nataraj theater till the 2nd entrance of the railway station is one of the worst roads to drive in, there is no median in between so traffic from...