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Arcade Currency Palace Complaints & Reviews

Arcade Currency Palace - Florida, Tarpon Springs / Thief, Con Artist, Ponzi, ###


This company is looking for people that have money in the bank so they can sell you currency that is over graded and a fraud. The owner of the business is a pervert so be careful with your children around him. I believe this man Ahmet Sandikci needs to be sent back home via fedx for good so he cannot rip off anymore americans. This man plays the nice sweet guy...poor little old me role to get your sympathy...BEWARE folks he is a snake in the grass waiting to strike your pocket and stick you with over priced and over graded currrency. This guy is known to hang out with ex federal convicts and scam artist.

Arcade Currency Palace - Florida, West Palm Beach / Scams. Crook, Liar, PONZI


This company is selling overgraded currency to the public with the help of his friend Jess Lipka who owns the grading company. They both are taking everyone for thousands if not millions. They project the nice guy image to you and try to wine and dine you to get on your soft side so you will let your guard down and then Ahmet Sandikci goes in for the kill to your checkbook. Once you buy something folks you will be stuck. You will not be able to resell for a fraction of your purchase price. This foreignor hates americans and jews. Sandikci puts on the nice gut little old me role. Caution...

Arcade Currency Palace - Florida / Crook, Con Artist, Child Molester


I suggest that you be very careful dealing with this business, especially if you have children I would keep a close eye on them and nver leave them alone with the owner of this business. This guy is a scam artist crook muslim who has to buy woman because no one wants him because he is little and fat and looks like porky pig. The description of this guy is as follows.: He is a little fat man with little or no hair. He has grease under his nails from doing oil changes to support himself since his buddy Dennis left him behind at the Arcade Currency Palace and won't give him anymore money...