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Anthony Greeno Complaints & Reviews

Anthony Greeno - Indiana, Kokomo / unlicensed activity

Jan 10, 2018

Anthony Greeno was arrested and pled Guilty to 2618 - Bail bondsmen and runners Chapter violation (no license) and [protected] - Chapter violation - false info to police. Case # 94986 and # 94987, 7-5-2011, Judge David W. Wesley South Carolina Dept. of Insurance, Willie Seawright, Summerville Police Officer Doug Wright, Dennis Henderson and John Hoff. Greeno pled guilty and was sentenced to 30 days incarnation. His court record also shows a criminal trail for Traffic jury trail on [protected]. And Criminal Traffic jury trail on 5-1-2013. And a civil trail Jim s Towing vs. Rene Anthony Charle...

Anthony Greeno - Indiana, Kokomo / criminal acts / dishonesty / fraud.

Nov 17, 2017

Rene 'Anthony ' Charles Greeno 1-5-1986 of Kokomo, Indiana was arrested yet again. This is his 31 charge. He was arrested Body Attachment (warrant) in Carroll Co.. Case # 79DO3-0705-SP-00301, Charge # 293550, Booking # 135746, 11-14-2017, active bond. www3. His other convictions are at He looks sad in the photo, Anthony please do not cry!!!

Anthony Greeno - Indiana, Kokomo / con man / felon.

Nov 13, 2017

Anthony Greeno is a conman operating in Delphi, Indiana. He has a long criminal record going back to 2005 . He is a felon on Parole for Escape . He is trying to make people think he is a reporter. By making videos on youtube . He is working Michael Leroy Stroup on these videos. Where they give there view on how the crime( double murder) was committed. These two rejects are creating false therories and false wasting time of law enforcement on the case . Greeno is conman and fraud. He has conviction in 3 states . He claimed to be a Folly Beach Fire Fighter in South Carolina, see photo . The other photo are booking photos from law enforcement .