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Amica Insurance Complaints & Reviews

Amica Insurance / Very Rude, Poor Service

Dec 12, 2011

An Amica insured vehicle caused an accident that involved my vehicle. I was injured and filed a claim yet Amica will not pay my medical bills. They are very rude over the phone and I will NEVER purchase nor recommend their products. I have no choice but to hire an attorney. They force you to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Amica Insurance / Unbelieveable rate increases

Feb 7, 2011

I've been with Amica for just 2 years. Switched because they saved me $500/year for my auto insurance. I have auto draft payment so never late. No claims or tickets. Had a slight rate increase the first year of about $80 and thought that wasn't too bad. My upcoming renewal has a $350 rate increase. The agent said my state had an increase in coverage requirements. This barely affected me since my coverage was very similar to what the state required. But the rest of my policy went up $25-60 across the board for every category. What is interesting is I got a quote from Progressive...

Amica Insurance - Rhode Island, Providence / Bad service


I applied for a homeowners insurance policy with Amica and was denied coverage simply because I foster dogs for animal rescue organizations. The fostering I do has been minimal - three over the past five years. Two were small mixed breeds and one is a border collie. I work through organizations that are registered non-profits with the IRS and all dogs are temperment tested before coming into rescue. I wanted all animal lovers to know that Amica's policies are not dog friendly.