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American Servicing Company Complaints & Reviews

American Servicing Company - Tennessee / Everything Wrong

GGillin on Apr 29, 2011

Our mortgage was sold to ASC after being with another company for the first three years of the loan. We never had any problem prior to ASC but after was a complet nightmare! First they raised our payments, the problem we had a FIXED rate! We fought and fought but never got any where. The payments were alot highger but we were still doing o.k. until 16 months later the went up again. We again contacted a lawyer who went to bat against them for us. (A little FYI info when he agreed to handle our case we became his number 12 case he had going against them and completly cringed when we told him...

American Servicing Company / Insurance/ Modification


I am with American Servicing Company . My home is going threw a modification right now. However, my home was broken into on the 7th of Dec. 2010. My Insurance company sent me the check for the repairs to my home. However, the check was in my name as well and American Servicing Company. I sent the check to ASC. Now they are trying to keep the check, because my home is going threw a modification. I would like to know if anyone have ever experience this problem before. And tell me who I can speak with in regards to this situation. I have never heard of anything like this before. I need help on this situation.

American Servicing Company / Loan modification fraud


I have a loan, or should I say, I had a loan with American Servicing Company on a property in Santa Ana, California. I started a loan modification a year and half ago. I have been very diligent in sending all required information and documentation. I have maintained a detailed conversation log. I have done everything asked for and on time and I was not able to obtain a modification of my loan. On November 11, 2010 I was asked to re apply for the modification process again because my information was too old and I had been dropped for the modification process for not having current financial...

American Servicing Company / loan modification /escrow

8-18-2010 Page 1 of 1 Account# 1328019834 Delia Tautan & Ioan Tautan To whom it may concern: On May 17, 2010 my loan modification was complete thinking this will get better instead my nightmare you ASC started and we are in August and I’m in still same situation. My letter from you dates 9-08-2009 states no contribution yet you take 3 payments applied it towards the contribution never notified us/the customer next thing we know we are past due. I’m look into hiring an attorney or maybe anther avenues to get this resolved as you can see based on the below many phone...

American Servicing Company - California, Tahoma / Unfair business practices

Our loan was purchased by ASC back in 06. We fell behind on a payment in Feb. of 06. ASC reported us immediately to the credit bureaus and consequently our credit lines were all shut down. We were a small self financed business and needed our credit lines to get us through the off seasons. This further impeded our ability to pay our bills. ASC would not work with us when we repeatedly asked for loan modification, assistance or even our options/rights. They are a horrible company that stole our house by using large corporation stall tactics. We talked with over 20 different people within the...

American Servicing Company - Iowa, Des Moines / Terrible company


You all have heard horror reports. I will not even explain i got screwed three times. Beware of the representative telling you someone will cal to do a mortgage modification. When they call you think they are with the bank then they charge you $600 non-refundable upfront fee. They are a third party. I understand it is illegal to charge a up front fee but I have not verified that the Florida statue is a little vague. When I spoke with ASC the following week about a payment they claim they did not get even though Fedex had a signature and it cleared my bank. I was told they put my mortgage payment wa...

American Servicing Company - Ohio, Springfield / not legally allowed to foreclose

America's Servicing Company must provide you loan documents and disclose who actually owns your mortgage before they can foreclose on the FTC 1-877-382-4357 to file a complaint. Do not give them your home...they must prove they are the owner of the mortgage note or provide it from their "investors"...hire an attorney...they will have to pay you damages and your attorney fees!!! Do not let them bully your congressman/woman/the Better Business Bureau/ State dept Consumer Protection Agency, state attorney general..don't delay! The FTC just settled a class action case against EMC for the same predatory servicing of loans!!! Put ASC on notice!!!

American Servicing Company / insurance fraud

We live in minnesota and recently settled a claim with our insurance carrier for damage from water leak. Our check is for 92, 000.00 and ASC wants us to send it out of state for them to manage even though they do not have any in state inspectors for the work to be performed. My insurance CO thinks this is unusual and said by law the check needed to be endorsed by them and my husband. I am very worried they will steal this money and not negotiate in good faith to get the contractors paid and i will wind up with a lein on my house. Why can't wells fargo locally handle this or my title company? Please help or tell me if you had problems.. ASC has been a pain ever since our mortgage was serviced by them.

American Servicing Company - Florida / What to do to get wheels of justice rolling


To everyone who has had a dealing with America Servicing Company (Wells Fargo). I am getting the word out so that we as homeowners and taxpayers can fight back. Send your complaints where they will be heard by the right ears! First, The Federal Trade Commission... their website is Very easy to file on line. Then when you finish there, go to as well as There you will find the e-mail addresses as well as the snail mail addresses of your state representative, your state senators and your state Attorney General's office. File your complaint with ALL...

American Servicing Company / Don't trust them


This company is the worst I have ever seen in my entire life. they will keep your payments in suspense and put you in foreclosure, then tell you are not in foreclosure and then the sheriff comes to your door, I have was told someone in the processing department did not process my file, so now I m paying interest on all the late fees, as well as the regular principal this company has put me in foreclosure 3 times in ERROR !!! Run if you hear your loan is being sold to this company. oh yhea call 5-6 times to get the same answer do not BELIEVE the first 2 or 3 people the managers will tell you oh they were new or they do not know why someone told you that.

American Servicing Company / Incorrect reporting!

Last year due to bad circumstances we had to voluntarily surrender our home, and by doing that we did a deed in leau, which musically is they don't hold you liable, it wont show you owe on credit report it will show ozero balance. Well in that assumption, about 3 months ago we had to pull our credit, all to find out ASC is still reporting monthly we owe, and adding up late charges. So we haven't owned this home in over a year but they are still reporting we do.I have contacted ASC and they are doing NOTHING. This is false information ASC is reporting. This is Fraud.

American Servicing Company / Scam payment!


Have read many complaints regarding this company. I am a budget counselor who recently worked with clients who were 3 months past due. Conveying our situation to ASC, explaining we were going to pay the past due amount and our plan to keep on track all led to an agreeable payment plan for these clients. ASC WAS GREAT. They listened, took our budget information, agreed to our payment plan taking this home out of foreclosure status. Let this be a reminder: having your info at hand, being prepared, communicating are all keys to a healthy recovery from mortgage collections. Be willing to work with...

American Servicing Company / Wrongful foreclosure!

My mortgage was sold to ASC. My husband changed jobs and in the midst of this I requested paperwork for options on a loan modification and a repayment plan. This company sent back our payments and stated that they could not take our payments because we were working on a loan modification. They filed foreclosure and never sent any documents stating that we were denied for any assistance. They foreclosed and I am waiting on the response from the Govenor on this situation. We put a lot of money down on our home. We moved out of the home and we are now leasing paying 500 dollars more than our...

American Servicing Company / ASC should be investigated for fraud!

Maybe if we could all come together to file a class action suit against ASC. It's good to know that we are not alone and other people have the same problems with this company as we do. I totally agree and I am trying my best to refinance my account somewhere else at this time.

American Servicing Company / Fraud, not paying escrowed taxes

How about this... My loan was transferred over from Wells Fargo to this American Servicing Company and after several attempts to get this straightened out, I am still having no luck with them. My taxes are escrowed into my mortgage loan and being paid but American Servicing Company for Wells Fargo does not pay the taxes at all! Despite taking my money for 2 years, they have yet to pay the taxes that are included in my payment. What a scammers.