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American Reading Club Complaints & Reviews

American Reading Club - Georgia / BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!

I just wanna say I deeply appreciate this website because I just found out that this company was not only scamming me but lots of other people. I have been called by this company everyday and have tried to cancel the subscription. Everyone keeps telling me the same thing, it's a 3 day cancellation policy. When I ordered them no one ever talked to me about the cancellation policy. I recently spoke with a representative about why the magazines could not be canceled. I don't understand why this is happening but I DESPERATELY AM IN NEED OF HELP because I am currently 9 months pregnant...

American Reading Club / Awful place


American Reading Club claim that back in 2000 I ordered a 5 year subscription which I did not order totally in the amount of $1, 026. Now they have forwarded the account to a collection agency. According to the collection agency the transaction was done over the phone and that I have paid $54.00 for the 1st subscription. I don't recall ever ordering magazine over the phone and I know better to order anything over the phone. Ask the collection agency to show me proof that I ordered the magazine by providing me the credit card number or checking account used. The collection agency would not...

American Reading Club - Georgia, cummings / non-delivery of magazines

ordered magazines through them, they were unable to get the magazines i wanted. They credited my account, and did not charge me, but said they would still send me the magazines they could get, that i have asked for. however, i have only received 1 of each magazine that i ordered, and here it is 3 months later and all i have received in the mail were magazines i did not order. every time i call them, they say that they have called the magazine companies and those companies say they delivered them. they have not. i have a postal watch on my mail, and they have not seen 1 magazine come...

American Reading Club - Washington, Redmond / Billing Fraud


Charged by ARC, from fake website. Dispute was made and the bank will contact the company. Left message for the company. Will try again supposedly the letter comes soon and it was an unauthorized phone number. What else can I do besides contacting the bank, disputing and cancelling charges, and contacting the company. I am a young college student trying to get them back. On the phone I kept trying to tell them no but they kept asking for info. Should I sue as well ? Should I open another card and cancel- they tried to get my debit card number and my bank will flag stop payments as long as it is up to six months in advance. Contacted BBB in Atlanta and filed.

American Reading Club - Georgia, Cumming / SCAM!


First, call 1-866-466-7566. If you do not get the answer you want, contact the better business bureau for the Metro Atlanta area. This company has an unsatisfactory rating with them. This company knows how to play the old bait and switch game. Do not allow them to do this! Contact the BBB ASAP!!!

American Reading Club / Scam magazine subscriptions


My husband was contacted by American Reading Club a couple of months ago wanting him to purchase multiple magazine subscriptions at a discounted rate. He never received anything in the mail and was contacted about 3 months later by a representative of the company demanding money & threatening to turn us in to collections. They conned our debit card# out of my husband and it cost us $500!! We need to ban together to stop these thieves. I am going to seek legal counsel against them. Please don't be fooled if they contact you - HANG UP!!

American Reading Club - Georgia, Cumming / Rip off!

I used to be an employee at american reading club and i was reading all of these complaints and wanted to give advice to anyone who is or thinking of becoming a customer of american reading club. It is a scam a rip off they will do nothing but take your money and you will never receive what you ask for. I am going to let the public in on a few secrets of arc. First and for most NEVER NEVER give anyone your credit card # YOU ARE MAKING A VERY BIG MISTAKE!!! A trick of american reading club were they get most people. Is when you first place your order and you give them your credit card # and...

American Reading Club - Georgia, Cummings / Unauthorized use of credit card and sending magazines not ordered!

Continue to send magazines not ordered and charge to my credit card that they are no authorized to use! This is awful scam!

American Reading Club / Poor service!

I wanna complain about this company called AMERICAN READING CLUB about their misleading sales tactics as well as cancellation policy. I somehow got into this fraud company and now i am unable to cancel my membership. I have been paying them for long time. I even called them many times to cancel my membership but they would not allowed me to cancel. Once they told me that my membership was finally going to be over. I was quite glad to hear that coz i was tired of paying them. Since it was going to be over they offered me a gift package, which i accepted. I never got the gift but instead they...

American Reading Club / Tried to Rip Off my elderly Mother

Hi all! I want to WARN everyone about this company - A R C American Reading Club. They are nothing but a RIP off. If they contact you hang up. Rip up any mail from them. DO NOT give them any information at all. They sucked my elderly mother in told her she would get a package from them and a year later still nothing. They say to cancel you need this package or there is nothing you can do. They also give your info to other companies. Two other companies took money from my mothers account and A R C took no responsibility for it but they are the ones who gave the info to these companies. My mother got her money back with the threat of being taken to court. But do not do business with this company they are a RIP OFF

American Reading Club / Such a scam!


American Reading Club in Cumming GA is such a scam. I've tried to cancel my account before and even got a confirmation number but they just recently billed me again. They call me at least once a week telling me that my subscrption is up and I will not be getting anymore phone calls or getting billed but they keep calling. I swear does anyone have any advice on how to deal with these people