American Reading ClubSuch a scam!

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American Reading Club in Cumming GA is such a scam. I've tried to cancel my account before and even got a confirmation number but they just recently billed me again. They call me at least once a week telling me that my subscrption is up and I will not be getting anymore phone calls or getting billed but they keep calling. I swear does anyone have any advice on how to deal with these people


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    helpingu May 11, 2012

    To all out there, Tammy Edwards is one of there collections people. She is rude and unprofessional, and also rude in real life. She knows how to work the system and will take whatever you have if she can get it!!! NEVER do business with this company, if they can call themselves a company, more like a financial disaster waiting to happen to anyone that deals with them!!! BEWARE!!! They are not accredited with Better business Bureau, which says alot! Many complaints should tell anyone to BEWARE!!!

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    pwoman Jun 15, 2011

    ya i called these idiots to cancel and they said i agreed to cancellation charges when i signed up. i did not agree to that, i was told there wouldn't be a problem if i wanted to cancel and there would be no extra charges and i made sure i was told that before i agreed to the subscription. so i asked them to pull the recorded call and they said it was gonna cost a couple hundred bucks for them to do that. i said hell no i don't agree to pay for that and i have a right to hear it if they have the right to record it and that it is for my protection as well. they avoided it all around. ###... after all of this they sent me a confirmation that i ordered another subscription but i called them asap and told them i would sue if they tried to charge me for anything and they finally cancelled! but as for the 5 years of magazines i payed for, haven't seen them since...and i payed all the money i "owed" to the blood suckers. hope they all crash and burn! :)

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    anonymous000000004 Jun 03, 2011

    I used to work for this company, as well. They hire teenagers to answer the phones. We have scripts and just read what we are told to read. The owners are shady and treat the employees like crap thus they treat you like crap. The best thing to tell them is you are charging back if they don't refund the money within 24 hrs and send you a letter confirming the cancellation. Just keep repeating that. If a company has a certain number of charge backs within a year they lose their merchant account. This keeps them from being able to charge credit cards. They can and will put it on your credit after a certain period. They can't send you to jail unless you have written a bad check. 99% of the time they have the customer on tape stating they agree to the charges. So that's the complicated part. Lesson learned: They bought your credit card number and name from a company that sends it on one sheet in a giant box with thousands of others. They run it for a dollar before they ever talk to you. DO NOT EVER AGREE TO GET ANY MAGAZINES!!! They have already targeted you from something else you agreed to purchase that was shady and sold your information. Freeze your credit and tell them no.

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  • Kr
    kristen22 Jul 29, 2010

    Here is a number I just recieved. [protected] and I have a fax: [protected]. Those dicks call me two times a day and ask for larry. My name is Kristen. I never subscribed to anything of theres, apparently Larry did and then got a new phone. Hope those numbers help to all who spent money.

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    Jenna30 Jul 07, 2010
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    Yes Reading America needs to be shutdown my story is the same as the rest I have never received a 1, 000 gift card or any magazines and its been 3 months even though I called the same day to cancel they said they never received such a call so now I have to fax phone records to them proving I did I canceled my credit card reported them to the Attorney General and hopefully to the BBB I'll pay to hire a lawyer to sue them before I pay them 774.00 for magazines a verbal contract isn't legal if its for $500 or more best of luck to all of you lets work together to shut this company down!

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    RENEEE Apr 19, 2010



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  • Bi
    [email protected] Mar 31, 2010

    I have to tell all of you...don't think about not paying. These SOB's called me two days ago and told me that if I don't pay $650 that I would go to jail that very night...I don't know if they have any ability to do so, but that is how they play their game, we lose no matter what.


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  • He
    helpmehelpmehelpme Mar 22, 2010

    Help! This company has to be fraudulent. I just spoke to a Ms. Bell and she has been hounding my bro-in-law for months! He kept getting harassing phone calls from a restricted phone number and was hounded into this magazine subscription but had no idea that it would be over $75 a month for 2 years!! That's $1800!!! He turned off his debit card and had a new one issued and now they're calling him constantly saying that he owes them almost $5oo dollars and that he can get a "special cancellation deal" if he pays 2 payments of $140. They've already withdrawn over $600 from his account, and he's only gotten a couple of magazines. I called them and requested that they only contact us in writing, and they said that they have the legal right to call since he owes them money. Than I asked politely for a copy of the contract and the lady immediately started yelling at me and wouldn't let me talk and said she would hang up on me if I didn't agree to pay some sort of money today. I told her I wouldn't pay a dime until I saw the legal contract, since we've received no such thing in the mail. She said she wouldn't deal with me and was transferring me over to legal services. That man, a Mr. Boyd I think his name was, said that unless I had my bro-in-law pay that he would take legal action for theft of property for receiving the magazines today before 6 p.m. I again, politely requested a copy of the contract or some kind of proof that what they were charging was legal and a copy of the cancellation policy since he told me that you only have 3 days to cancel. He said that it would take 3 weeks for us to receive the contract and they would take legal action before we even received it and once again told me I HAD to pay today. How can they take legal action against him when he's only 2 months behind, and how can a company charge someone $1800 for magazines???? Now my poor bro-in-law is deathly afraid of what they'll do to him and the whole thing seems like the biggest rip-off in the world. I've never had people talk to me so rudely when I was asking for such a legitimate piece of information. Has anyone else had these issues? What do we do?!?!

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  • Br
    Bryan White Nov 22, 2009

    I never knew so many people are going through the same thing as i am with this stupid company. I have been with these people for more than two years now. They have a way with words and I agreed for my first account to be opened becasue it sounded nice. So when I got done a woman called me to tell me that I was payed in full, so I thought I was done. a couple months later someone else calls me (and they always come up as restricted or unavailable numers) so I finaly pick up and they rudly asked me why I have been avoiding payments and told me I was in fraud because I kept the magazines without paying for them. Then they told me that I have two accounts open instead of one.
    I told them I couldn't pay for that and that I was confused why I had two accounts open.
    They told me some bs things I know where wrong and so I ignored them for some months and then they called up offering me a settlement after all that fraud talk, why would they offer me less then what I am accused of if I really was in fraud. I didn't want to go to court and pay the lawer fees and court fees when they threatened me about taking me to court so I made arrangements with them. And through the 5 months it took to pay off they told me that I missed a payment when I didn't and didn't call back when they said they would.
    When I was payed off in full a couple months ago, they took $200 from my bank account just this week. And I cannot reach them for nothing and keep on leaving messages telling them that I need to talk to someone quickly becasue my bank account is overdrawn right now and I have bills due soon. I'm soo pissed off! how can I get my money back and put these people away for good?

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  • No
    not_going_to_be_nice Nov 20, 2009

    ugh, they stopped contacting me for nearly a year and now they are back at it again! they told me that they were going to contact the district attorney of georgia! i tried to cancel 2 days after i got my first magazines b/c they sent all the wrong one and they refused to let me! so i got online to check them out and i saw all of this! i'm so fed up with these people! i refuse to answer their calls or call them back because i get so frustrated and angry with them! perhaps i'll be contacting my district attorney ...grrrr!!!

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    Pissed Off Women Nov 18, 2009

    The American Reading Club Had Called Me I Told Them On The Phone That I Never Signed Up For That. The Automatically Said That I Was Refered By Someone Else. After They Had Said That I Told Them I Didn't Wish To Be Enrolled In The Club. I Have Online Banking & When I Went To Go Check My Banking Account I Notice That They Automatically Took The Money Out Without My Permition... I Don't Want To Be In This Club. I Keep Calling Customer Service But I Never Get An Answer. What Do i Do??? How Do I Get Rid Of These People? I Cannot Afford Their Services I'm A New Single Mom.

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  • Fe
    fever Sep 16, 2009

    Ok, so my92 year old mother suddenly starts receiving ESPN Magazine, which is totally dedicated to sports, of course.
    Do the math - why the (bleep) would a NINETY TWO year old granny want to receive ESPN Magazine? After some investigation I found that these ### are the culprits. There is no way she ever would have ordered this magazine!! We are searching her c.card records now and wiol have Discover file a dispute and not pay them.
    So... here is something that will really piss you all off even more - American Reading Clubs
    listing on MANTA Small Business Info. $5, 600, 000 in annual sales!! More like ANNUAL SCAMS.
    Here's the link - take a look for yourselves
    You can actually find out a lot more about this company and the so-called person that runs it
    Richard Maresco.

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  • Je
    Je123 Aug 29, 2009

    Taken from the FTC's website: (IT'S THE LAW... KNOW YOUR RIGHTS)

    Guidelines for Managers of Telemarketing Enterprises Who Sell Magazine Subscriptions

    As the supervisor of a telemarketing sales force, you know that your employees' communications with prospective magazine subscription purchasers must be clear and courteous, and that their sales solicitations must be accurate, truthful, and complete. It makes good business sense — and it's the law.

    Through its enforcement of the Telemarketing Sales Rule and other laws, the Federal Trade Commission regulates the telephone sale of consumer products, including magazine subscriptions. The Telemarketing Sales Rule requires that you keep certain records about advertising and promotional materials, recipients of prizes of $25 or more, sales, sales employees, and verifiable approvals for demand drafts for two years from the date that records are made.

    The FTC and the Magazine Publishers of America have written this guide for telemarketing professionals who sell magazine subscriptions.
    Initial Contact: After You've Said Hello

    When you are making an outbound call, you must disclose clearly and promptly, prior to the consumer's purchase, and in a way that is unlikely to mislead the consumer:

    That the purpose of your call is to sell magazine subscriptions.
    Who is selling the magazine subscriptions.
    A description of the magazine subscriptions you are selling.
    You must not misrepresent the reasons why the consumer was chosen for the call. You may not suggest that the consumer was "specially" selected because he or she is a "good customer, " a contest winner, or a survey participant — unless that is true.
    Prize Promotions: You Never Have to Pay to Play

    If you are offering a prize promotion in connection with an outbound call solicitation, you must state clearly and promptly, and prior to purchase, that no purchase is necessary to play or to win. You also must disclose:

    * A description of any prize you offer in the sales promotion and a statement of its value.
    * The "no purchase/no payment" way consumers can participate in the prize promotion with instructions on how to participate, or an address or toll-free telephone number where consumers can get instructions on how to participate.
    * The odds of winning the prize in the promotion or the factors used to calculate the odds.
    * Any material costs, restrictions, limitations, or conditions on receiving, redeeming or using a prize that you offer in the promotion.

    Sympathy Appeals and Enticements: No Lies Allowed

    The law does not allow you to make false statements to encourage a purchase. Specifically, you must not falsely state that:

    * You are affiliated with an educational, charitable, social, or governmental organization or cause, that you are selling subscriptions on their behalf, or that they will receive part of the sales proceeds.
    * The consumer's subscriptions will be distributed as gifts to educational, charitable, social, or governmental organizations or causes.
    * The consumer's relatives or friends will receive free gift subscriptions.
    * You are working your way through school or competing for a scholarship or in a contest. That is, you must not make false statements to create a sympathy appeal about yourself — including claiming illness, disease, disability, or low-income or student status.
    * Consumers will receive free gifts, goods, or services with the purchase of magazine subscriptions unless the subscription costs the same as or less than the regular subscription price (or "basic" subscription price published in the magazine).
    * The subscription is available at a special or reduced rate unless the cost of the subscription is less than the regular subscription price (or "basic" subscription price published in the magazine) and less than the price that similar subscriptions have been sold in substantial quantities to similar consumers.
    * The subscription is being offered free unless the cost of any other subscription(s) or other products that the consumer must purchase to get the free subscription is no more than the cost the consumer must pay to buy the other subscription(s) or other products without receiving the free subscription.
    * The subscription is available at a reduced rate because the consumer will be charged only for postage or for shipping and handling.

    Payment and Subscription Terms: Just the Facts

    Before the consumer buys any subscription, you must clearly state:

    * The total costs of the subscription(s); if you state the price of installment payments, you must give the amount of each installment and the total number of installment payments.
    * The name and duration of each magazine subscription in your solicitation, including the number of issues or frequency of each subscription.
    * A description of all material restrictions on the subscriptions, including the amount of any down payment that is required or the form of payment that is required.

    Consumer Authorization For Payment: Getting The Okay

    If you ask consumers for their bank account numbers to facilitate payment through "phone checks" or "demand drafts, " you must get the consumer's advance "express verifiable authorization." You can do this in one of three ways:

    * By getting advance written authorization,
    * By tape recording the consumer giving express oral verification, or
    * By sending written confirmation of the transaction to the consumer before you submit the draft for payment.

    At the same time, you must not:

    * Bill a consumer's credit card without their express authorization.
    * Mislead a consumer about the reason you are asking for account information.
    * Invoice the consumer for the subscription orders unless the consumer has expressly ordered the subscription.

    Cancellation and Refund Rights: The Fine Print

    You must not misrepresent the consumer's right to cancel. Before the purchase, you must clearly and truthfully disclose:

    * Any "no refund" or "no cancellation" policy, if you have such a policy.
    * If you talk about refund, cancellation, exchange or repurchase options during your solicitation, you must disclose all material terms and conditions of your refund and cancellation policy.
    * If you have a policy of accepting cancellations or making refunds or exchanges, you don't have to raise the subject. But if you do — or if the consumer requests information — you must clearly disclose all material terms and conditions of your refund, cancellation or exchange policy.

    Order Fulfillment: Delivering the Magazines

    You may not sell subscriptions to — and accept payment for — magazines that you have no authority to sell.

    It's not necessary to mention when the first issue of each magazine subscription order will be shipped to the consumer if you have a reasonable basis to expect that it will be shipped within 30 days of the order (or 50 days if the consumer applies for credit).

    However, it is necessary to:

    * State clearly how long you reasonably expect it will take before the first issue of each magazine subscription order is shipped if that time period will be more than 30 days (or 50 days if credit is requested) from the order; and
    * If first shipment is delayed beyond 30 days (if no shipment time was stated) or beyond the shipment time stated, you must then offer the consumer the option to accept a new delayed shipment date that you have reason to believe will be net, or to cancel the subscription and get a full refund.

    Guarantees and Bonds

    You must not:

    * Falsely describe any guarantees you make about the placement, fulfillment, or delivery of the magazine subscription orders.
    * Make false statements about the fact that you are bonded — or about the nature or conditions of your bond.

    Assisting in Deceptive Telemarketing Practices:
    Who Are You Dealing With?

    You should take reasonable steps to determine whether someone is engaged in any deceptive telemarketing practice before you assist them. According to the Telemarketing Sales Rule, you must not provide substantial assistance or support for another seller or telemarketer if you know — or consciously avoid knowing — that he or she is engaged in deceptive practices. Support includes, but is not limited to sponsoring promotions, sending confirmation letters, prize certificates and bonuses to consumers for another seller or telemarketer, or billing consumers’ credit cards.
    Restrictions on Phone Calls and Abusive Practices:
    Respecting the Customer

    You must not:

    * Threaten, intimidate, or use obscene language when you make sales calls.
    * Cause a phone to ring or engage consumers in phone conversations, repeatedly or continuously, to annoy, abuse, or harass the person who answers the phone.
    * Call consumers who have previously said they do not wish to get calls from you or the seller of the magazine subscriptions that you are selling.
    * Call consumers’ homes earlier than 8 AM or later than 9 PM local time — unless you have their permission in advance.

    For More Information

    For more information about complying with the Telemarketing Sales Rule, contact the Federal Trade Commission. If your business has been a victim of fraud, you can file a complaint with the FTC.

    The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair practices in the marketplace and to provide information to businesses to help them comply with the law. To file a complaint or to get free information on consumer issues, visit or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP [protected]); TTY: [protected]. The FTC enters Internet, telemarketing, identity theft, and other fraud-related complaints into Consumer Sentinel, a secure online database available to hundreds of civil and criminal law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and abroad.

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  • Mo
    mommieof3 Aug 19, 2009

    I also got scammed by them and I am willing to do whatever it takes to bring them down. The only way so far that I solved my problem was going to the bank and closing my checkings acct and then I got a new one with a new acct # and so far they havent called or charged the new one. Its been about 3mths since I did it. Cause I was stupid and let the women on the phone con me in to getting the damn mags. and then she was like it wont be but 20 dollars a mth and come to find out I was looking at my statements and they were taking 10 dollars out here and there, and one mth the total was like 80 dollars, and thats when I closed my bank acct and got a new one. These people get under my skin and I will do anything to see that they get what they deserve cause they took my hard earned money that I worked for and was dishonest about the subscribtion and my kids had to do without somethings cause ARC took that money. If anybody wants to help and knows somethings to do just email me at [email protected] and we could work together to bring them down. I already reported them to the BBB. I dont know what can be done next.

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  • Ch
    chad865 Aug 19, 2009

    i filed a complaint with the and id theft web site and am trying to get my money back with all of thim and my creditcard companys thay maxed out 2 cards we never signed up for this and thay are going down we are trying to get a law case opend and bring thim to court thay allso go by family readers club and many other accounts every one leave your emails and we can keep in contact and stop this crazy sh i t from happening thay still call me but i will stop thim soon its a plan in actun now my email is [email protected] if you email me in the subjuct put frc scam arc scamscamscam so i know to look at it and dont miss it keep fighting thim dont pay thim one more cent and cacel your accounts thay have and buy a recorder and tape thim when thay call bild a case and we will all sue thim for all tay got its what thay are trying to do to use take all we got thay took a lot from use like 2000$ its crazy agan my email is [email protected] stick together we will get thim back

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  • Pa
    PALACIO Aug 19, 2009


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  • Us
    usn Jul 15, 2009

    This company is full of crap!!! I have a High school classmate that works there and she told me to call there and tell them I'm at a cancel at will stae and they have to cancel it. So i did and they put me on the phone with a Mr. Smith, but he ain't nobody do not let him intimated you he will try to tell you all kinds of things but do not list. I'm in the military so when i called them to let them no that they have to cancel my account they argued with me for a long time and kept hanging up on me now they won't even answer my calls but call this number [protected] this is the head bboss in charge his name is chris! and let him no that you wont them to cancel your account or you are going to sue him!

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  • Fr
    Frauds Jul 13, 2009

    7/13/09 Totally agree with everyone. ARC is completely unprofessional on so many levels and are past complete harassment. When I tried to cancel my "subscription" they told me I could not. Yet I had NOT SIGNED ANY PAPERWORK. I knew right then that they were not legit. They not only sent magazines that were not ordered by me but definitely of the odd nature to be sending me. Talk about crazy, they continued to bill my credit card over $65 per month for over a year! I JUST cancelled my card last month hoping to get rid of them. They now leave messages advising it is ARC's legal department and naturally using a man with a very very deep voice as to intimidate me. What I don't understand are all these complaints and the Better Business Bureau has not shut them down...Please feel free to contact me with advice. [email protected]

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  • Mo
    mommieof3 Jun 25, 2009

    yeah i know everyones feelings, i am also in trouble with them, some lady even called and said if i didn't pay she was going to turn me into my local DA's office. but anyway i noticed on my checking statement she apparently keeps taking 10 dollars here, 10 dollars thier, how can i get them to stop billing me? i dont wont thier stuff no more. i was so stupid for giving these guys my debit info. anyone know that 800 number they keep talking about to get in touch with the main people. i am going to turn them in to BBB. please email me with the number [email protected] if anyone wants to take them down i am ready.

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  • Ai
    airforce2007 Jun 24, 2009

    I had the same problem with this company so i contacted my state attorney general and they pointed me to a sales solisitation act. It says that until you sign any aggrement and send that aggrement back the company they cannot legaly bill you or take any money from you. Also, any product sent to you is then considered free and you cannot be charged for it. Hope this helps you all out.

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  • Ar
    ARCHATER Jun 01, 2009 say but i used to work there it is such a SCAM...i quit bc of the illegal and crooked stuff they do to people like you...

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  • Fi
    fiya May 02, 2009


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  • Jo
    Joel May 01, 2009

    I see that a lot of you are complaining about ARC and other companies. The company that did this to me claims to be Reading America. Is this the same company? Is it the same phone number? Anyway, my story goes that they told me that nothing was official until I got their letter and agreed. They also told me that I could cancel anytime. So, I got the letter and it said that i only had three days to cancel, but the three days were already up by the time I got the info. Ive contacted my bank and they have put a stop to the payments, which Ive only had one so far. Thank you guys for providing this info, its been a lot of help. I just need to know how to contact Reading America if its different. Also, have any of you had trouble with identity theft from this?

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  • Dv
    dvl66613 Apr 28, 2009

    I agree. been waiting since october to receive magazines. still have not received anything i ordered.

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  • Ro
    rose Apr 10, 2009

    this company needs to be put out of business, taking advantage of people, misuse of credit card funds etc very bad company beware of this company and all calls from them

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  • Ro
    rose Apr 10, 2009

    company is awful misuse of credit cards tried to get response and money returned beware of this company never received nothing company is to be reported over and over

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  • Ro
    rose Apr 10, 2009

    tried to cancel payment for credit card order nothing was shipped company is mishandling credit card orders need money returned to card can not get response from company

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Apnte Mar 20, 2009

    Charging my credit card without my approval after i cancelled my order 4 months earlier

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  • Ri
    Ri0216 Jan 28, 2009

    I recieved a call this evening from someone calling private. Normally I don't answer calls marked private, but after 2 or 3 calls a day for days on end, I finally answered. He intruduced his company as "Publishers". I asked, "Who is 'Publishers' and he claimed, "Publishers Magazines". He said, "That I had filled out a survey on the internet and was found to be eligiable for a bonus subscription." I asked him, "What website are you afiliated with and what is your web address?" He then stated that thier company didn't have a website and he didn't know what particular website I had visted. I told him, "I don't give my info out on the internet or phone." He said, "Think about it and I'll call you back on Friday." I said, "Okay, but if you call private I will not answer." He then told me that someone from the American Reading Company (a.k.a. the American Reading Club) would call me on Friday. On Friday when they call I'm going to inform that person that our conversation will be recorded. And I also went to the websites of the magazines he named and under "contact us", I informed them that these people are affiliating their magazines with this scam.

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  • Ye
    yenieu Jan 21, 2009

    I have the same situation with you guys, and i got advised from the lawyer online and here is what he told me:

    "Normally, state consumer laws may allow a 3 day cancellation right to consumers for some purchases (but not all). In FL the state's Attorney's General indicates here that a consumer may have a 3 day right to cancel a purchase if the purchase is made for a continuing service, which may include a subscription. If this purchase was cancellable within 3 days and this company was called within the 3 days but they refused to cancel they may have violated the law. They may also have violated the law if they failed to state that the deal was cancelable within 3 days.

    When an agreement/contract is made to use a debit card for payment, even if the card is cancelled, the consumer can still remain liable for payment as the contract is with the person for payment, not for payment only with a debit card. In turn, this may then harm a person's credit report. Therefore, to help assure this matter does not continue to pursue payment a consumer may need to take the company to court to argue that the contract was illegal, was entered under false pretenses or misrepresentation or other reasons that make the agreement voidable or illegal.

    To obtain assistance with this matter you can try to contact the FL Attorney General's office!OpenDocument (there is a telephone number at the bottom of the page) to discuss the situation and to ask them what you can do to help correct this situation."

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  • De
    dennisemf Jan 20, 2009

    All I want to say is THANK YOU to this complaint board. My roomate called me last week and told me that when she checked the mail, I had about 6 magazines in there, including TWO Latina magazines. No offense to anybody on here, but I'm white and would have no reason to subscribe to that magazine. I noticed thru my online banking that in November and December that Magazines Inc in Cummings, GA had taken out $12 each month. I googled them and found this board. After reading all of these, getting the advice off of here and the other number (yeah, it's funny how that 800 number becomes disconnected, huh?!), I called and left a message at this number; [protected]. I said that I had contacted my bank and they would no longer let them make withdrawals from my account and that they were also launching an investigation into their company, and that I contacted my lawyer and they were looking into other complaints and suits filed against them, and that they advised me to file a complaint with the better business bureau in Georgia (since that's where their "company" is located).

    Sure enough, they called me first thing the next morning. She asked if I had already contacted my bank, or if I was waiting to hear back from them first. I said, "no, I called them yesterday BEFORE I called you". NEVER LET THEM THINK THEY HAVE THE UPPER HAND! She said she cancelled my subscription (and said it was noted in the computer that I called and cancelled last September, but that all I cancelled was my add ons, which is crap because later she said I was only in there for 2 subscriptions!) and that it would take 7-10 days before the refund hit my account. This was last Thursday, the 15th. I checked my banking today and the deposit was made by them on Friday, the 16th. I've noticed that quite a few people on this board mentioned cancellation fees. I didn't have this problem at all. I hope this helps others, because this board helped me FINALLY GET RID OF THIS STUPID AMERICAN READING CLUB!!!

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  • Au
    Autumn Dec 12, 2008

    So this "company" got in touch with me back on Dec. 2, and like most, completetly tricked me into this "deal" of theirs, I was told I'd only be paying 16 and something cents for the first 15 months. Well a week later, I get a paper saying welcome and all this bs and how I was really being charged almost 70 dollars for the first 15 months, so in total I'd be paying over 1K for this. I called to cancel and they said I made a verbal agreement and that since I had agreed that they already paid for my magazines which I thought was total crap. So they said they'd give me the "employee discount" for 19.99 a month for 21 months, a total of about 400 for the whole thing. THEN later that day I called to switch magazines and it was as if I never made the phone call earlier because my payments hadn't changed, then they proceed to tell me that even if they let me pay 19.99 for 21 months, I would still be charged 70 upfront. SO I've been wondering about how to get away from them lately, so earlier I checked my credit card account and saw that I still haven't been billed for my first 70 payment, so I called and told them I lost my card, so they canceled my account and opened a new one. So now my question is, is this ridiculous company going to sue me for not paying them when I haven't even received anything from them? THIS IS TOTAL BS! I should have never answered their stupid phone call.

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  • He
    Heidi Dec 11, 2008

    Got packet but i threw it away and contacted through the main number. Hopefully they answer- because i got the money back but the packet was dated 3 ago the day i cancelled. So, after I call them should I report to the bank again.

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  • He
    Heidi Dec 08, 2008

    Go with Amy, David, and John's advice and call them ASAP- if I didn't I would have gotten worse trouble.

    See how I did it:
    After 12 phone calls to them all by general complaint, cutsomer service to all three major heads: Janae, Susie, and Chris. I got to speak to Susie. Susie told me about the company got the information, apologized for the phone call, gave me an immediate refund and stated that I owed nothing because the debit card # said it was pending. On pending if you call to get money back they are required to. After I also told her I filed with FDIC, my bank etc. she closed it down for good. She stated if I had given her the debit after she cleared the check, it would have required a dispute to get the money back, she sternly stated never to give out credit card or debit info, and how to prevent this again. She even removed my phone number and name from her computer. Chris then called and I told him about what happened with Susie. He apologized as well. I should get the refund by the end of 24-48 days.

    I ended up lucky thanks to advice on this board- whatever you do never answer an anauthorized call, read all your rights, and register with gov. agencies for future protection. Also try to find the company's business ids online- all companies are required to by BBB and all the ones with complaints are marked on the BBB site in red with contact info. Also request a BBB report on the phone for free that was also how I got the steps to appeal.

    Also always check internet creditentials- many of these contest ideas are fake and register you for this stuff. The ARC may not have a website but there is a promo called the Preferred Readers Network- most contests automatically enter you in there and obtain your credit info which was exactly what Chris said. The Preferred Readers Network is owned by ARC's parent company- so be careful! Even Susie warned me about that- fortuntately the ARC complied with me.

    Never pay them and check to see if it is pending especially on debit cards. With credit cards- flag them to the company, provide contact info about them to the company, and dispute all charges. On pending they get no money so make sure t0 tell ARC about the rules you read here, mention that it was obtained without permission, and the steps you took. They'll be forced to comply and they rather give that money and your info back to you to avoid further action- a major sign that they are crooks, know exactly what they did was wrong, and the reports against them.

    Also ask them to remove your number and never contact you again- when you mean business they'll comply!

    Be sure to stay away!

    Good luck to you.

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  • Be
    Becky Dec 02, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are crooks...Call the Atlanta BBB ASAP!! Close your debit or credit card and change the number!!! They tell you one price then charge another. If you did not receive a letter of confirmation with the right to cancel they are GROSSLY in the wrong!!! The BBB said they are supposed to send that to you!! Call the BBB and get these crooks busted!

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  • As
    Ashleigh Nov 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah THey have been screwing me for months now... they said the only way to cancel is by giving them 200 some dollars..which im not going to do...I have already canceled my card and im shutting down my bank account. They were only charging 24.99 at first than last month they charged 100.61 and said i agreeded to that after about a week of fighing they said they would remiburse which they did a month later. I have only recieved ONE magazine out of the SIX that i ordered...let them take me to collections I DONT CARE!!! im so sick of these people taking money out of my account all the time...they overdrawled my bank account a bunch, im tired of them. I hope someone has some really good luck and does finally shut these people down.

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  • Ma
    Marissa Nov 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had them call me. And they charged my debit card, so I just now changed my debit card and told my bank that I didn't know who these people where and the bank will be giving me back my money and changing my debit card. Hopefully this works!!!

    If anyone knows what to do let me know.

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  • Ly
    Lynda Nov 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have tried for the last 2 months to call them, there numbers did not work the ones they gave me to call them. I was told i had 30 days to cancel if i could not afford or did not think i wanted it. So a few days after and talking to my husband we decided that we did not want three magazines. so i tried to call them and i recieved a message saying this number was dissconnected and out of service. Now i call them 2 months later and there number is working. The lady i talked to casey advised me that i made a contract with them and i have to go by it and pay for my fees. I told her that i did try to contact them and cancel the order but she said there phone has been working( basically she argued with me but calmly ) I told her i was reporting her to the better business bureau. Now i need there address to report them. Glad i found this website If everyone that has had problems with them reports them they will ber run out of business so please report Thank you

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  • Le
    Lena Nov 11, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Try [protected], I did not get through but at least it was not a CANCELED NUMBER like the one on the "welcome packet" they send out. I too am being scammed. I am going to my credit union tomorrow to see what they can do to stop payments and keep them from ruining my credit.

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  • Sh
    Shawn Nov 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too fell into the trap of RCA!!! When they called it seemed like a very good deal, however i did not know i would be paying $70 every month. The funny part is that i didn't even CONFIRM the order, i lost the call and the lady still kept the order. A month later i find out my account is overdraw. So now i get an ANGY?!?! call from the billing department. I should be the one upset, they overdrew MY account. So I called the customer service and explained to a lady about my situation. She is canceling my acount and refunding my money (we will see i guess) and at the end advised me to never pick up the phone for a telemarketer again. I think I will take this advice to heart. Thanks.

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