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Poetry.compublished book

Some time ago I submitted my poems to for a contest. I was told my work entitled "Liquid Love" won a place in their published book of poetry. I paid $61 for a printed copy but never got it. My name has changed due to marital status - formerly Marguerite Bruce Muhammad, now Marguerite Bruce. I stopped visiting their site when they kept asking me for money. Then one day the site disappeared all together.

Poetry.compoem missing used without permission

I used and published a poem on there website and received letters asking to publish the poem and money was offered to me. I did not agree and I also did not receive any money and now I cannot find my poem and the website is not functional. This is very hurtful as the poem I created was from the heart and genuine and it was mine and I did not give permission for anyone to have or use it or to take it away from me

Poetry.comcollected whispers publications

After all of these years I'm Just now learning of the scam. If there was to be a class action lawsuit filed against Howard Ely, I wanted noted that I too am a victim of his deceit . I ordered a case of books along with the CD's. If I've lost the rights to my poem "which is clearly, verifiably my works" I am not happy. Unlike most of the other authors, my poem was credited to my daughter who's name is mentioned under the title. There's not a chance that anyone could take the credit for it other than me.

Poetry.comthe international library of poetry

They sent me a letter and said that after discussing, that the Selection Committee has certified that my poem would be published and soon on my way to have more of them published . After having sent them three poems I have ye to hear back from them . And the email address and phone number is no longer good, and have been told they are no longer in business under this name.

Poetry.comstay away

I joined a site called last year. This site claims to be an international library poetry site. I frequently submitted my poems and last year approx november had notification that my poem was a semi finalist. This meant regardless of any purchase I woud be in a book…. How ever I could buy a book in advance of pulication for a lot of money if I wanted to. I could not afford to but sent details of my confirmation as requested to go in to the book….
Then I won another comp in november and should have been given a 100.00 dollar gift card, to this day it has not arrived…
This site is disgusting and very hard to contact…I have had one reply claiming they are moving and the gift will come after the move…they have not changed their add at all (that is if it even exists)
The last few weeks I have had the same email over and over again telling me that my poem is a semi finalists which I was told last year. The email says yet again I will be in their book but do not have to purchase it to be in it. This site is after ourmoney and probably our work. This should not be allowed to continue, I am not writing to make a living for some one else and taking our cash is terrible just think how much they have nade already out of innocent people like us.

Poetry.comstolen poems used without release signature signed formsin book, internet,video and used on items they sell.

I sent a poem to in an contest listed on the internet under publishing. I was then by mail and email, told it had won Editor's Award, Publisher's choice Award.That I was accepted and registered as a writer "Internationaly". Form's were sent to me to make any changes and also sign the release form for it to be published by Noble House etc. I was told cost etc. I did not return anything, knowing it was a scam. I later got the same info and forms to release it to be put on CD'S . I returned nothing. Nor did I release my poem or give permission. Later by accident I found it on the internet under, with my name and copyright2008. Also products that they sell with my poem on them for certain amounts. I printed it off from the internet as they had listed. What can I do?Are there other's? This book is also being sold outside this country as well as USA.

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    Lorraine Hathaway Oct 22, 2009

    My wife submittea a poem & was sent a letter stating wanted he poem if we wanted her poem in a book & a copy we sent $80.00 never received the book the phone number given is no good can't contact by E mail this is a scam.

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Chinn Feb 15, 2010

    This website no longer exist. To my knowledge is the new one in it's place. I had between 300-400 of my poems on the website since 2004 until 2009.

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  • Sh
    shellyinsuperior9 Sep 30, 2010

    I have been reading alot about complaints from this company AKA International Library of Poets. I have had numberious poems published and I am now concerned they made profits off my work. Could I please get some information so that I can file a proper complant against this company.
    Thanks, Michelle Kelley

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  • Su
    Suzanne Bradshaw May 28, 2011

    You were lucky. I sent off similar release forms but mine got lost so my poetry wasn't published.
    Lucky for you yours was.

    Kindest regards

    Suzanne Bradshaw.

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  • Su
    Suzanne Bradshaw May 28, 2011

    I would like to know where the books are obtainable now too? If anybody knows could they drop a line to my email address or
    here please.

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  • Su
    Suzanne Bradshaw May 28, 2011

    I had several poems also and now if you go to they say we can access millions of our poems.
    I am doing it now.
    I would like to know what happened to the organisation?
    Does anybody know and what happened to their twice yearly events and the 2009 conventions?
    I was actually going to go, but couldn't access the reservations website.
    There didn't seem to be that year displayed. Oh well that's life, but what an event a lot of people enjoyed.

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  • Ch
    christina sifferd Mar 01, 2012

    they lost my poems

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  • Mi
    Michaelo1972 Sep 30, 2014

    I also posted my original poem "Extraordinary Mind" on I never heard anything about it and went on with my life. A decade later, I found it all over the net and claimed by Andre Jordan. It is my intellectual property and mine alone! I want it back! I did not give anyone permission to copy, print, post, or reproduce my work.

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  • Mi
    Michaelo1972 Jan 15, 2016

    Extraordinary Mind by Mike Williams 02/14/1999 @ 7:02 A.M. just before sunrise Houston, Texas time. Written at the age of 25, and posted on It remained on the internet for nearly a decade, long before any self proclaimed poet took a notion to steal it. Every word came from my own mind, and based on my own personal life experience. My poem has been plagiarized by Matt Klotz Jun 16, 2013 (Hello Poetry under the title Your Words), Rebecca Buckley (Cannington Community College - Australia), and most famously by Andre Jordan. I still have the original hand written poem. I also have the computer it was first composed on, and posted from. To me, it is much more than a poem. It is a memory, a history, a moment in time, a personal thought, and my own voice. It is covered by the Digitial Millenium Copyright Act. Please remove any form of this poem, painted, or otherwise. I did not give my permission for its use. Copyright infringement and Plagiarism is a crime.

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i also fell for this scam... I was a poor college student going through financial issues back in 2005.. and was looking for scholarships and saw their site banner for 10, 000 dollar cash reward. "" i had always had a passion for writing and at the time i was also in a very emotional venerable state. I thought what the heck... it couldn't hurt any thing. so i entered on a whim. hoping for just a portion to help with my college education. but i had been miss led... i got the award info in the mail... i was so excited that i did keep every thing. every piece of paper. my mom was so proud she bought a of copy of the book for me.. (she also had to claim bankruptcy that same year.) but $50 didnt seem that steep when i saw that my poem made it on the front page.. (but i guess that too was part of the scam). they later asked that i buy seats to a reading event that would place me in the real finals for the competition. $500 dollars a seat and no hotels or air fare paid in Las Vegas. When i explained that i didnt have that kind of money. they told me i could pay only 100 dollars and someone else could read the poem for me so that i could still have a chance to win... my mom couldnt help with paying and i cried at missing the chance for winning the 10, 000 dollars or even having the expensive trophies on my wall. (but now i am glad she didnt) they even contacted me a few months later about doing an audio recording of the poem to be publish... again for a nice fee

It had been like a godsend, it lifted me up and made me feel worth it for a time in my life when i needed it. but now i look back at it as a huge lie... tarnishing the memories that i once felt. not only that i am sad to say that i even now i have the book title in my professional resume. (guessss i should delete that.) :( it hurts me more that this has been going on for so long... it is 2010 and still they have been duping POOR people out of their money. not only that but crushing the hopes and dreams of soooooooooooo many young artists and older ones as well. :( — online scam

Well once i received my 'Collected Whispers' that was supposed to be Immortal Verses. I looked it up online and saw that many other people had received this book to...