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Alienware Complaints & Reviews

Alienware / bad internet service

Jan 18, 2011

I've contacted Alienware 3 times and had to let everyone know what is becoming the norm in customer service-horrible service. I've called THEM even though they were supposed to call ME to schedule an appointment to fix my laptop. Every time i've called im on hold for some ridiculous amount of time for the littlest thing like "please hold on while i update your info."...and then the kicker is i call again and i have to do the whole thing all over again! WTF!? And i don't know where i'm calling but the people i talk to are very rude and unapologetic for their screw ups. I spend over a grand on a laptop and i expect better service for a faulty part!

Alienware / don't fall for this


Don't fall for Alienware products. Beside being overpriced they do not honor their service commitments. If anything goes wrong with the product (made in China btw) you will have to ship it somewhere to contracted facility. I am still waiting for my computer (almost a month) to be fixed. I cannot even reach ANYONE to tell whenre my computer is and when it is going to be serviced. There was an issue with functionality of built in camera. I sent the computer for repair and received it back untouched. Not fixed. They did not even open the computer to check it out. After some fighting ovr the...

Alienware / bad service


I take a delivery of what thought was bad *** gaming lap top, For $3371.87 + tax the systems seem to performed like it was advertised. 9 months into usages, I discovered what a poor qualities it was made from, the hinges that attached to the cheesy cover broken in pieces, I guess from opening and closing thelaptop after each use, At a closer inspection I found that the pieces that was attached to the steel hinges are made of plastic with a metal insert into the plastic pieces and it it screws into the metal hinges. Now if Alienware has paid attention to it customers feed back then they would...

Alienware / awful quality products


My husband and I bought a refurbished laptop computer on April 10, 2008 and when we received the computer it did not work.We bought this computer for $1033.98 through EBay Alienware Outlet Store.I now believe that we received a computer which had been returned to them broken and was then roughly patched up and passed on to us.I called their technical support on eight separate occasions and spent at least eight hours on the phone trying to get the computer working.Their best solution was to have me, a person with no computer experience, take the computer completely apart and try to fix the...

Alienware - Florida, Jacksonville / misdiagnosed my problem


I took my alienware to geek squad for a diagnostic. After they did this they informed me that they could not fix the problem and that it was the motherboard and that geek squad wasent allowed to work on alienware this was told to me after the diagnostic was done. Then i sent it to Ztronics where i was able to get my computer fixed it was not the motherboard at all it was a fan problem and corrupted harddrive. I also had called geek squad to ask about a refund since they were wrong about the dagnosis, and was told that i needed to bring in the work order done buy ztronics and if it was not the...

Alienware / scam and cheating


I'm a disabled veteran, confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed from the chest down. My injury is not combat related but it did happen while I was on active duty so I do get a disability pension from the VA. I've been living in Snowflake, Arizona raising my four kids since 1994. Now my kids are grown, my wife works long hours, and I'm left to myself with not much to do. I ordered a laptop computer from Alienware so I'd have something to go on the Internet with, play online games, and work with my home videos and pictures. I ordered the Aurora m7700 from the website at...

Alienware / awful company


My husband purchased the Alienware m9750 in February 2008 as a gift for me. The system worked fine for a few months, but then began having problems keeping time. We contacted alienware and they sent us a cmos battery to replace. That did not fix the problem so October 2008 it was sent into their repair depot. After 2 months in the repair depot we stop receiving communication about the status of our system. We were unable to get a response for a month. It was returned to us January 14, 2009 and were told that the Motherboard, Hard drive, Wireless Card, and TV tuner card were all defective and...

Alienware / terrible experience


I bought a computer from Alienware for more than $3200 + extended warranty. Within a week it started crashing for no obvious reason. The support people were useless. They were waisting an unlimited amount of my time in the process. Alienware wanted me to ship the computer to them for fixing but would not say how long it will take for them to fix it. To return the machine I would need to pay a 15% restocking fee, a pretty big number considering my initial price. To make the long story short, it was a big waste of money, time, and resources. More expensive obviously doesn't mean better.

Alienware - Florida, Miami / high end gaming pc???


ALIEWARE: BLOWS My name is Grant Culbertson. My communication is to inform All of the troubles I have encountered while dealing with the company Alienware.  I purchased an ALX computer for the sole purpose of owning a top of the line gaming computer for over $7, 600.  What I received was a faulty and malfunctioning device. We started having problems from the moment I removed it from the box.  I then contacted the Alienware support staff to solve these problems.  The issues were hardware. They sent me several new pieces of hardware. I even purchased more memory from...

Alienware - Wisconsin, Reedsburg / worthless product and warranty


In the fall of 2005 I spent $4200 for a cutting edge Alienware Laptop. Big mistake!!! Over 24 hours aggregate hours on the phone w/ tech support, a computer that has been out of service or in for repair for 1 of its 3 yrs of life, 2 new motherboards and a current problem that requires them to send me a USB Floppy Drive to reload windows (because the floppy drive I bought at my own expense (after the one they said they would send hadnt arrived after 7 days) they claim is the wrong "type" guys at two local computer stores think this is a pile of bulls__t )because their miraculous re-spawn...

Alienware - Florida, Miami / online scam


My son, an 18 year old 2008 high school honor graduate, has always wanted an Alienware computer since one of his friends got one. He spent ALL of his graduation money by paying us so he could use our credit card, though we were very hesitant for him to pay so much for a computer... 'extreme performance' or not. He ordered it at the end of July before we went to North Carolina for a week. We got back home late the night of August 6, and the computer was delivered on August 7. The lightup keyboard worked for a few minutes, then flashed on and off for a few days. He called technical...

Alienware / do not buy from alienware you will regret it!


I bought an Alienware computer. I paid $3400 for it and an extended warrantee. The computer crashed every time I tried to play a modern game on it. I started working with the support people to fix this problem. The support literally knows nothing about computers. After several times sending parts back and forth I eventually gave up on them fixing it. Sadly it meant that I had to just eat the $3400 and buy another computer. I was sickened, but felt that this was my only recourse. The insult to injury came 2 days after I returned my last part. To facilitate warrantee exchanges, Alienware...

Alienware / poor / no customer service and runarounds


One year, and one crap laptop later, and I have learned about Alienware first hand. I was extremely excited to get my new duel core processor Alienware, with a nearly state of the art nVidia video card. I didn't even endure any real delays while my machine was being built. My first indication that something was wrong was when I loaded my favorite game, Rome: Total War and discovered some rather terrible graphic fracturing during the battle scenes. I figured perhaps some problems had occurred loading the graphics drivers, or my game install was bad, so I reloaded the graphics drivers, and...

Alienware / how about theft?


In January I was authorized by Alienware Customer Service to exchange an optical drive in my Alienware computer. An arrangement was made to have Alienware send me a new optical drive and a return authorized FedEx shipping label so that I could return the defective drive to Alienware. The agreement included a pending charge to my credit card which would be removed when the defective drive was received by Alienware. I received the new drive and shipping label and returned the defective drive near the end of January. The pending charge was removed from my credit card account. At the end of...

Alienware / poor products and service quality, no onsite repair even though paid for!


I initiated my purchase of an ALX on 08/18/06 at which time I was given a 60 day projection for delivery due to the two nvidia 7950gtx cards (liquid cooled) which were to be installed. About 1 month later, it was the case, later the power supply. By this time I probably should have cancelled but decided to tough it out for this $10,000+ system with all the whistles. Finally arrived after 70+ days. Result: Wrong video cards, wrong backup cd for OS, and Alienware refusing to correct problem saying that the specs on the 7900's were the same as the 7950's. Now I was informed that a 15%...

Alienware / crap customer service and no computer


This is about the poor customer service at Alienware, I have left the sales reps names as their real names, because it was their lies and lack of responsibility that ruined what should have been by now 2.5 months later a PC. As many people who are about to purchase an Alienware computer, I was excited! Yes, excited, im 21 work as a professional accountant, yet I was excited about the what I believed to be imminent receipt of my Alienware machine. What I didn’t realise was that my excitement was about to turn from disappointment in to out right anger and remorse! Back in August, after some...