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AHMSI - Texas, Dallas / threath

Patrick Whitehead on Jun 27, 2012
Last Friday called AHMSI and got Mrs.Potter and told me that not to call anymore that she told me to call every 2 weeks like I did She told forget it and she will forecloues right now and to not bother them anymore. They can not even help us i asked her what is our bank that holds the loan and she could give that information out. It So I found Wells Fargo line I put Wells Fargo in the computer and came AHMSI So she lied to me I want to do something because this is a threath to

AHMSI / AHMSI Breach of Contract

tmhill on Sep 22, 2011
Contact Eckley & Associates for possible Legal law suit if you reside in AZ. (You might even if you are not in AZ too.) Call to see if you can participate. 3602 E. Campbell Ave Phoenix Az 602-952-1177 Michael Raine I have been modifying my loan with ahmsi since October 2008!. I have a signed contract and they are still trying to forclose on my house;. They have tried to make me start over 3-4 times now|. do not do it if you have a contract with out getting with a lawyer first/. It is a legal document if it is signed by them". Also report any issues with the Attorney general of your state, federal trade commision, and the bbb.

AHMSI / Loan Modification(Or lack thereof)

Sick of AHMSI 2011 on Jul 19, 2011
We have been trying to work something with AHMSI for over a year now but seem to get denied every time but before we even know we are denied I get a new modification packet in the mail?! We have filled out this Hamp packet several times and have gotten as many reasons for denial. I feel like they are not really interested in doing modifications. Has anyone actually received a loan mod from AHMSI and been successful in the trial payments and getting your load permanently modified? We have a lot of money tied up in our house and do not owe more then its worth by any means. It seems it should be...

AHMSI - California, San Bernardino / they dont do ### but talk ###

kimsc39 on Jul 7, 2011
ahmsi is full of ### and all they do is call you a 100 times a day so you feel bad !!! they dont give a crap how they make you feel as long as they tell you they dont care and there not going to help after they have mailed out papers to us about 30 40 50 times back and forth thats 30, 000 dollars they have made off of us so that should make up for something ??? no they keep making money and we dont get anything just a big kick out on the streets ! with are family and animals ! what and where do we go now ? help someone before its to late !!! thanks kim

AHMSI / Refused payment

Tx Torn on May 16, 2011
Texas AG Greg Abbott filed a permanent injunction on AHMSI last year! Go to the TX AG's page and you can print out a copy! Ive been fighting them in Bryan after they refused to accept payment back on November of '09 and then filed for foreclosure. The judge here has been very fair with me and while I still haven't been able to make a payment, I am still in my home. They'll get it over my cold dead body! They are not a mortgage company but Deutsche Bank, who bought the loan a few months ago sent a lawyer to court ordered mediation and then stood in front of the judge and...

AHMSI - Texas, Pune India / 13 months of inaction

AHMSILALALAND on May 13, 2011
AHMSI is the 4th in a long list of servicer groups who really don't give a damn about the note holder. It started with Ameriquest Mortgage and their promise to give us a free refinance in 2 years if we made all our payments on time and the ARM changed to a fixed rate around 4 percent. This was called their credit builder program. The document had a 3 year pre-pay penalty which now makes the offer fraud. Ameriquest Mortgage then went out of residential mortgage business and sold their interests to AMC the AMC LLC then they sold their interests to Citi Residential Lending which is another...

AHMSI / Fraud - horrible service

sickofahmsi on May 4, 2011
My husband and I had identical problems stemming for 2 years. WE SUED AHMSI AND WON... First you need to lodge a complaint in DETAIL to your state attorney general, this will force ahmsi to answer the government in writing... it is very detailed. ahmsi doesn't want to answer these lengthy questions. Next.. hire a consumer advocate attorney, they will be the only ones that can help you. ( trust me three lawyers threw their hands up in disgust that this company is so arrogant.) Lodge complaints to every federal, state and local agency which pertains to mortgage fraud ( including the FBI ...

AHMSI - Texas / Payment Plan Cancelled

docvfr on Mar 25, 2011
In October of 2010 I needed to create a re-payment plan to get back on track with my mortgage. One was created and after a down payment I was making regular payments that were taking care of the back pay as well as keeping me current. In February of 2011 I was able to make my payment plus an additional amount that left me just shy of making a second payment. I was then told that there were additional funds that were available probably from extra interest from my regular payments that I could use to make up the difference. I was told to call back right before the second payment would have been...

AHMSI - Maryland, Hebron / Fraudulent practices

God is faithful on Mar 23, 2011
My Option One mortgage was sold to AHMSI 4-5 years ago. My credit is excellent. Thank the Lord; I have never been late on a mortgage payment. I pay my own taxes when due and have done so for nearly 30 years. I have never put my taxes in escrow. In October 2010, AHMSI secretly paid my taxes despite their not being late. I discovered it when I went to go pay my taxes. One of their reps in the escrow department confirmed with the county that AHMSI's payment of my taxes was improper. I paid AHMSI their money for the taxes that they should never have paid. They forced an escrow account upon me...

AHMSI - Texas / foreclosure repayment

tryna do better on Mar 15, 2011
I fell behind in my mortgage and got a loan mod like everyone else 7 months down the line due to the economy. then things still continued to fall down hill so I am now in it again. So I say ok if my situation looks up then I can call a do a repayment plan. now mind you I didnt ask for another mod just repayment plan and these SOB @ ahmsi decided they would tell me what I can afford! Now isnt that some stuff last time I checked I do my financials not ahmsi. so due to their ignorant customer service/retention department i have to take time off work and go to court for them to agree to what i...

AHMSI / Overdrawing my account

Ampullman on Feb 21, 2011
AHMSI took over the servicing of my loan approx 3 years ago. It is very disappointing to know that you can research and shop of the best loan, but you can't choose who services your loan. I enjoyed the loan program I had with the ability to split my monthly payment into two payments per month and they applied them to my loan as they were received. This benefited my principal and interests applied to my loan by actually making one additional full payment on the loan a year. This, therefore, shortened my loan term over time. But, this company did not have this option. so, my plan to pay off...

AHMSI - California / Outragious

69chevey on Feb 15, 2011
I thought I was the only one that was having problems with this company !! Boy now that I looked into it they are about the biggest crooks out there!! same as everyone elses complaints and they are doing it all over again this year it started back in october when the raised my payment from 2, 607 to 3, 800 would take payments and now they say i owe them 27, 000 . last year after going thru the MHAP program it ended up costing me 32, 00 to keep my house in penalties and back payments and i didn't qualify for the program they kept telling me they didn't recieve the paperwork.I sent it in 4 different times even registered mail

AHMSI - Tennessee / 1098 form

not taking it any more on Jan 31, 2011
We also did the home modification and we completed our end of the deal they did not process it through there system until March (we made our last of the three payments in December). We called and called and after getting the run around for four months they finally sent us out the new contract to sign which was post dated for January . They then started sending us foreclosure notices saying they did not receive Jan., Feb., March and Aprils payments. We made those 4 payments at the higher payment amount to. When the paper work finally was straightened out because we had to contact an attorney...

AHMSI - Ohio, Canton / all people being screwed by ahmsi

these monsters are done we all need to stand up for what is right a year ago i didn t know how big the can of worms was that i opened but if you have watched the news today you might get some idea when they tell you there is going to be a massive ag A G (attorney generals) suit launch towards the fraudulent activity going on in the mortgage market i was premature in thinking of a class action but we might get nowhere fast so anyone having troubles should take 1 minute and check this site out talk about someone who did their homework he can help most of us immediatly go to ChallengingFoclosure.com

AHMSI / Untimely process, lack of communication

Modification process is not timely at all! Took 7mo to get approved (understandable in the current economy) But since approved, nearly 3 months has passed, and my interest rate is still NOT corrected, and paments CANNOT APPLY, because changes are pending. There is the double edged sword! No one really returns calls, and voice mail boxes always too full to accept any messages. Do the work on time, save tons on the re-work, and corrections to be made. My payments are going into a suspense account, I'm not real comfortable with that if the doors closed tomorrow! There has to be some regulatory time limits imposed on this process. If I did business this way, would have been terminated long ago!

AHMSI - Delaware, Newark / making home affordable program

i have waited 9 months for a MHAP mod trial, finally i talked to the person who was in charge of my loan and she said that she had done all af the calculations, and then someone else came behind her and redone her calculations, saying that i only get 15.00 reduction on my loan.Iam om disability with a medicial hardship and a decrease in my income. In fact this was the second person that my loan mod was transferred to what is going on with getting help when you have a hardship that was out of your hands. I pay more than half of my income for mortgage, and is struggling with my medicines and other house hold bills.

AHMSI - Texas, Dallas / communications

RE: account number 4001476896 Lynne Bennett of 18 Sachem St., unit 3, Lynn, Ma. 01902 MACK Realty Group has listed this property for sale and has been trying, through an Attorney to receive a case number and a person to work with in the sale of this property since March 20, 2010. Since unable to get through to you via phone and no address is given to mail the signed Contract to Purchase, A response from you to descuss this upside down mortgage, via email in necessary, could work. My market analysis states this property should sell between $140, 900. and $149, 600. Since the kitchen and bathroom...

AHMSI / Stole my money

AHMsI stole my money by continuing to "auto draft" funds months after I had cancelled the service. They then claimed to not have the money, so I traced it from my bank to their bank in about 15 min. They now want me to prove this by sending faxes because no one has email and some departments do not have telephone extensions????? Yet I can send a fax for "review and possible refund". How long will that take? I have $0.00 in the bank and have bills to pay and they could care less. It seams that it was easy to reach in and take my money but very difficult to put it back. And the complete and...

AHMSI - California / Loan Modification

I learned a very painful lesson in real estate the last two years, and my newest lesson just days ago. My loan has been taken over by AHMSinc, work got slow, a near death in the family, and my mortgage rates were rising out of sight. I applied for a loan mod in may, 09. I was accepted in oct, and was told to make three trial payments, which i made, So in the middle of Jan, I still didnt have a loan so I called AHMSI and was told to make another trial payment for feb. I sent them a payment, but it was sent back to me on the 12th of feb, so I called them again and this time I was told that the...

AHMSI / Where have my paymnts gone

Again with this horrible company. Finally after 7 months we just mailed back our finalized paperwork for our modification. We have made all payments due and along with the packet of paperwork last week mailed in the payment for April. Monday I received a call from AHMSI, upon returning the call the gentleman told me he had no idea why someone from AHMSI would be calling me. No help. Today, Wednesday, I received another call. Upon returning it, the first time, I was told the reason for the calls was that I was in the collection dialer and TWO months behind on the mortgage!!! Unbelieveable, she...
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