Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Dallas, Texas

Getaroom / fraudulent hotel booking scammers

Apr 20, 2019

Fraudulent, scammers and hotel imposters. They misrepresented themselves as the official booking site for the Holiday Inn. They over charged my account. In addition their customers service agent "DEL" was belligerent and attempted to over talk me. The supposing supervisor "Kasey" wa...

Artistic Transfer, LLC / "patented" image capture system claimed by owner/founder lillian francis powell

Jan 28, 2019

Lillian francis powell advertises on website that she is the "owner" and "founder" and "president and director of operations" of artistic transfer, llc and the company owns "patented" image capture technology ans publishes a link to...

NationStar/ Mr. Cooper Mortgage. / mortgage modification/ loss mitigation

Jan 24, 2019

Requested a loan modification in nov 2017 Was told no problem sent to loss mitigation Told my story was promised a modification Told I was just the people who modification s We're designed for. In feb 2017 was told not to pay any more payments that those late payments as they will be...

Aeromexico / refund

Jan 24, 2019

My wife and I had a really bad experience flying Aeromexico on January 17th. We both the tickets in December to see our family in Brazil. We had couple options, but we decided to take a Aeromexico flight to try if for the first time. We normally get American. We took 2 bags each along with... / unauthorized charges

Jan 23, 2019

Everyday I keep getting a notification on my phone about "transaction of 39.99 declined." How do I dispute these and how do I get them to stop charging my card?? This is a card where I receive my child support, how am I suppose to receive the support if my card is being charged ever day...

XRAM Capital / Don't be ridiculous

Jan 23, 2019

They state that their website is a source of general information regarding the company, its business and educational services. If that were true, then the website would look a little bit different and contain much more useful and high-quality information. Everything is wrong whatever you look...

Greyhound Lines / wrong information provided, lateness and other unsatisfactory services

Jan 22, 2019

On january 19th and 21st 2019 I was informed once I arrived at the station that my trip from Cincinnati to baltimore was cancelled however I called prior to leaving home and was told that the trip were to take place. Moreover my 3pm transfer from columbus to pittsburg was 2 hrs late. On...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / unclaimed prize funds

Jan 17, 2019

Received the exact same letter as other dated 12/22/18 with a document number and eligibility to claim $12 million dollars. Requested $5.00 be sent for a one time data and research fee and mail by the deadline date if 12/22/18 the same date of the letter. The claim form cannot be processed...

Family Dollar Stores / the store manager named terry at the store in dallas tx on columbia ave.

Jan 17, 2019

I was just in your store for a couple of minutes I was initially greeted by one of your employees who opened the door for me then before I could even make it down an aisle I heard the store Manager complaining about having to be at work and speaking very loudly about being ready to go...

Plutus21 / another suspicious project

Jan 14, 2019

It's always great if a crypto fund has two branches. It can explain a lot about it. It's a good indicator in general. The more offices a company has, the more legit it looks. Even though Plutus21 has just two branches. But this fact won't help them, because in this case having two offices i...

Reward Zone USA / iphone x

Jan 12, 2019

I have completed 2 gold level deals (one of which is missing) and 3 silver level deals but it won't ever take me to the bronze level deals so it just keeps making me do silver and gold level deals. Plus, ever so often it will change my prize to something different like an amazon card or...

Chrysler Capital / pay off

Jan 10, 2019

I asked for pay off on my vehicle tonight (1/10/2019). They refuse to give it to me and told me I have to pay extra and they will then refund the excess 30 to 45 days later. This should be an illegal practice. I did overnight the pay off amount to Chrysler Capital. But having to wait so...

HMSHost / cafe latte and pastry

Jan 6, 2019

At the La Madeleine, I just had the worst Cafe Latte that I have ever tasted in my life. Was made from coffee that tasted like burned cigarettes and awful coffee creamer - was definitely NOT made with milk. The apple turnover was worse than a greasy fried apple pie at McDonald's. The... / Plenty of Fish / dating site

Jan 5, 2019

My account keeps getting locked out of my POF account for no reason and I can't get help anywhere. Their customer service phone no. doesn't receive calls and their email only responds with automated messages. I had to keep recreating a new account every time this happens. I can't even...

Chicken Express / I am complaining about poor customer service

Jan 5, 2019

On January 4th, 2019 I went to the Dallas location at 1822 Midway road Dallas Tx, 75287 I ordered two lunch specials for a coworker and me. When we got back we noticed they had only given us one of the orders. I called and the lady told me to come the next day and she would make it right. In... / dating service

Jan 2, 2019

I recently joined dating service and the service has been lousy. I never received different pictures of possible dates the same pictures and information kept coming up, I called the customer service 3 times and NO help... I stopped the service today 1/2/2019 ands I was told...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / scam letter

Jan 1, 2019

I received letter on 12/28/19 from company P.O. Box 549012 Dallas rx 75354 requesting I need to send $5.00 for one time research and data fee to see if I won $12, 000, 000.00. Letter also requested signature. No phone number included. Letter signed by a rich Brady awards director. If I won...

MetroPCS / cellphone

Jan 1, 2019

you aassholes illeaggly shut my phone off when we just made a payment two days ago your company sucks pay us or we go to court do not mess with me I paid with my debit card and your claiming you never recived it and shut us off this is so wrong take your phone and shove retore our service...

Kroger / parking

Dec 30, 2018

I visit your store weekly. Up to four times a week. I have lived in my house nearby for over 20 years and always parked in the same spot. I can not park there now because of the 8 empty (always empty) spaces for your pull up service. Why do I have to walk through the rain and sleet to park...

Pizza Hut / delivery/food/lack of customer service

Dec 30, 2018

I did an on-line order for the Pizza Hut on Illinois Ave in Oak Cliff in Dallas at approx. 5:30PM, Food Arrived after 7PM and it was all cold (2 Pizzas, 2 pastas, 2 wings and garlic knots) I called the store and after being on hold 50 minutes drove to the store where I waited 40 more minutes. My refunded was processed at 9:45PM. Over 4 hours later.

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / to research a person's identity for $5.00 processing fee for 12,000,000.00 worth of unclaimed prize money.

Dec 29, 2018

The date of this incident was December 29, 2018. The envelope was postmarked for December 21, 2018. Their was a document number on the correspondence. It was #[protected]. The sender was Sweepstakes Audit Burear, P.O. Box 549012, Dallas, TX 75354. They were asking for a $5.00 processing...

LabCorp / Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings / bills

Dec 27, 2018

Dallas, Tex- Are all doctors used to do all of his own in-house laboratory work. The cost was covered under our deductible. Then he switched over to LabCorp of America. Once he did that we started getting secondary bills directly from LabCorp. These bills ranged anywhere from $175 up to...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / received a letter asking to send money.

Dec 19, 2018

I just received a letter from Sweepstakes Audit Bureau for prize report funds unclaimed . It is asking me to send $5.00 for a research and data fee. I've never known you have to send any money for a sweepstakes unless you have purchased something. So I was sending this message in hopes of...

Sport Clips Dallas Texas / 6333 east mockingbird lane

Dec 16, 2018

I was hired to work at sportclips day of interview... I was very excited. I had been off work for awhile due to breast cancer. My first day of work I was told by another employee how another had mentioned something about me being odd as well as stating the manager that hired me didnt "like me"...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / sweepstakes winning letter received

Dec 14, 2018

I received his letter on the mail at my residence on 14 Dec 18. The letter stated the following: " Dear ..., As of the date this registratered Notice was issued, the entire sum of over $12, 000, 000.00 in cash remains unclaimed. Your immediate attention and response is required to ensure... / ncnbt-[protected]@sale.

Dec 14, 2018

Seller Jennifer [protected] in Dallas told me to come by and see the Herman Miller Chair and she set an appointment by 3 pm, and when I call her to confirm she said that she will be available until 5 pm, because she was working, I wait and after 5 om she never answered my messages or... / unauthorized payment

Dec 14, 2018

I woke up this morning, December 14, 2018 at 3a EST to find an unauthorized transaction amount of $39.95 deducted from my PayPal account from OTL* I have never heard of this company before and when I Googled them, I find out I'm not the only one with fraudulent activity in...

Waste Management [WM] / overcharging at end of contract

Dec 12, 2018

We have had Waste Management for a long time and we followed their guidelines. At end of contract on the last 12 month lease they upped their charges for the last month or one month early - this was wrong but we did not complain and paid the bill. At end of contract they picked up the...

Racetrac / unethical behavior

Dec 10, 2018

I have been going to the racetrac by my house for almost 10 years. I can not believe how aweful the cashiers have gotton . Tonight I drive up there for a pack of cigarettes the cashier turned around to get them i dont know what happened at that point. He ended up not charging me for them...

Planet Fitness / gym

Dec 7, 2018

Is it just me or has planet fitness become the ghetto of all gyms! I've been a member here in dallas, tx for about 10 years and it was great, then! I travel a lot for my for job so I get to see more planet fitness facilities then most and sad to say but 90% only care about profit and don't...

Brink's Global Services / alarm system

Dec 6, 2018

HI' My name is Shaka Brown, I reside at 2744 Malcolm St. I move here March 01, 2018 where previously my landlord Mrs.Marshall was residing there. Mrs. Marshall ask me did I want to keep the alarm system? I stated, " yes " so at that point Mrs. Marshall called the BRINK'S and notified them...

Discount Tire / horrible customer service

Dec 6, 2018

Hi, This is about my PIRELLI P ZEROtires on my FORD mustang bought 2 months ago. I had a horrible experience at this when i went to the Discount tire store (5540 Arapaho Rd, Dallas, TX 75248) on 12/05/2018 to get my PIRELLI P ZEROtires (front and rear left tires) checked for a bump on them...

YouFit Health Clubs / personal training program and management

Dec 5, 2018

This review for the youfit location in richardson city, texas . I signed up with personal training . Paid $304 for 8 sessions each month, twice sessions a week. After they let the first trainer name Ella go for unknown reason. The next trainer i have had Sergio is terrible, couldn't get...

Racetrac / customers service

Dec 1, 2018

Today 12/01/2018 RaceTrac 476 Where co. Mgr Aguirre, Trans:469252 You have a sale on candy bars buy 2 get one free on hershey's and m&m snickers etc i got two get one free and your co mgr said i could not mix and match, then my husband ask for the mgr and he stated he was it and theb...

Yellow Cab Company / overcharged by yellow cab driver.

Nov 29, 2018

Went 13 miles and was charged 80$. With normal bills it should not be more than 40$ with tips included. Please take some action so he can not scam other people like this. And he wasn't agreeing to take any less. Being a lady I had to give him that amount. Didn't want any trouble. But feel...

Getaroom / failure to provide correct booking information

Nov 28, 2018

I am requesting a refund of $330.52 from for two rooms I booked at Ramada Plaza Shanghai Pudong Airport. The following information explains my reasons for canceling my reservation and requesting a refund. Sunday, August 19, 2018. I made a reservation online with Ramada Plaza...

Sweepstakes Audit Bureau / sweepstakes audit bureau

Nov 26, 2018

Prize Report Remains Unclaimed They ask for a $5.00 Research and Data Processing Fee which unfortunately I have sent a couple times not knowing til I researched. They also give you a deadline date which now it says strictly enforced. We cannot process your request for eligibility data for...

Cricket Wireless / customer service/ denied service

Nov 26, 2018

Pretty sure I was scammed !! (store 3662 W. camp wisdom suite1050 Dallas TX, 75237) I recently purchased a Samsung galaxy S7 edge($200) from a friend who also has an S8 and the new S9. I have T-Mobile service and my friend service is thru ATT so when I put my sim card inside in asked for a...

Buckner Family Dental / dentures

Nov 25, 2018

buckner family dental charged me 2500.00 for dentures that have broken 4 times in 2 yrs.they are no good very bad quality also very thin i have a contract with them for 5 yrs to fix any problems .they will not honor that they charged me to fix them and 2 mths later they broke again i have...

Dallas/Ft Worth Airport / parking and signage

Nov 24, 2018

Went to drop off my girlfriend this morning, no parking was used. There are no signs for Departures, you have to assume that Arrivals is the same thing. Exit Signs have no advance warnings whatsoever leading to very dangerous driving and can potentially lead to accidents, which the airport...