Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, United States

American Family Care / billing department

Oct 30, 2018

I have never been treated so appallingly by a healthcare provider in my whole life. I booked myself into The Mt. Juliet AFC clinic on 09/27/2018 for a 'Free Preventative Physical', covered by my insurance company. The nurse told me that my treatment would be free and covered by Cigna. I...

Ashley Furniture Homestore / protection plan

Oct 26, 2018

I was encouraged to purchase the protection plan when I bought my dining room set. I was assured that if anything happened, the product would be replaced. The material on all six of my dining room chairs are ripping and coming apart. I have no children or pets that use the furniture and...

Kroger / produce: peaches

Sep 15, 2018

Just wondering why I cannot get an edible peach from your produce department. The store I shop is in Mt. Juliet, TN. 4120 N. Mt. Juliet Road. I shopped 9/12/18 at 11:11. I purchased a 2 lb. bag of peaches. They were 2 bags/ $5. I had recently been buying my fruit from the Publix located...

John Deere / Deere & Company / john deere 2014 2032r tractor ser#1lv2032rlelh113333, 193 hours.

Aug 28, 2018

Tractor is Hard to get into H - L range without pushing the forward/reverse pedal. I have had this issue since I purchased the tractor in April 2016. I have had it in for service /repair 3 times. It is worse when you have a load in the front loader. Serviced/Repair by Tri-Green, Mount...

Academy / Academy Sports And Outdoors / store manager

Jul 21, 2018

I worked for academy and the store manager is [censored]eful as they come, she wonders why they can't keep employees its based on the management treatment. They all are unfair and look down on the employees as if they are pieces of trash. They do not treat customers well at all either if there'...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / milkshake

Jun 13, 2018

After waiting a while in the drive thru this is what a got...a half full milk shake. Ridiculous. This particular store in Mount Juliet TN is always slow. Now they are slow and they rip you off. The orders here always have to be double checked since they mess up all the time... someone...

Diamond Tours / washington dc, smith co sr, june 7 -12

Jun 12, 2018

Terrible trip. Small bus seats, hotels ok, prepaid meals sub par. Trip organizer never gave clear instructions as to time frames etc. Step on guide was a joke. Named a few landmarks as we drove by, bus let us off, said 20, 25 min to see whatever it was. He handed us brochures for what we...

Dunkin’ Donuts / horrible manager

May 22, 2018

I just got a job at dunkin about a week ago I was told I was gonna do training videos then go to the floor but instead I went straight to the floor NO TRAINING AT ALL then 3 or 4 days In I was working drive through and someone wanted to complain on another employee being rude and...

Sketchers Slip Resistant Shoes / sketchers work slip resistant

Apr 27, 2018

Bought a pair of slip resistant shoes everywhere is out of the relaxed fit woman's in size 9. So I bought the newer version from the local rack room. I have purchased countless slip resistant shoes from y'all. Iam a manager and wore the first time on a friday night shift and i've all but...

Lane Bryant / sales rep

Apr 27, 2018

I have a complaint. My mother is very old and sick. She's been buying from this store for over 40 years. She recently ordered 20 items online, which normally she goes to the store. Unfortunately most did not fit. She returned them to the Mount Juliet TN store. The ladies name was Lindsey...

Huggies / huggins overnights

Apr 01, 2018

I never bought buggies before. I saw they made a diaper that was made to keep babies dry at night. My daughter somehow ends up soaked in the morning, so I decided to give these a try. I bought these thinking they would keep my daughter dry at night. I put on a diaper and night and wa...

Paint On Tailgate Flaking / paint on tailgate...

Mar 21, 2018

The paint is separating from the tailgate looks terrible. I am the original owner of this 2011 F-150 4 X 4 Off Road Crew cab it only has 61, 000 miles on it. See attached Picture. This is a manufacturing paint dip problem its separating from the green coat. Can Ford not take quality...

Bob Evans Farms / macaroni & cheese

Mar 13, 2018

We usually love this product. Yesterday we bought the 20 oz. entree at Kroger's. Tonight I fixed it and it was awful! It was very mushy and like glue!! The use by date was 04/01/18 KCL3. Just wanted to let you know as this is not at all like the product we usually buy! It is pricer than most other mac and cheese entrees, but it is usually the best!

eBay / generic balance boards marketed as t5 swagtron balance boards on ebay

Jan 31, 2018

I ordered two SWAGTRON T5 Balance Boards from an ebay seller evebuybig.  The problem is that when the products arrived they were not what was describe in the seller's description were for SWAGTRON T5 Balance Boards.  When they arrived the product was a generic product, which was not a...

Bottom Line Books / products received not ordered

Nov 06, 2017

My Wife is a regular customer and buys your books etc ., regularly but we received one not ordered and cant find any paperwork to return it. Please provide what we need ASAP. Acct # [protected] Margaret Carithers, 310 Park Glen Drive, Mt. Juliet TN 37122 "The Iltimate Guide to Beating...

Red Lobster Hospitality / service at the restaurant

Nov 04, 2017

My husband and I went to Red Lobster on our anniversary, September 27, 2017 and had the absolute worst experience ever. I ordered a meal with crab and could not even get a small fork to eat the crab with even after asking over 4 times. We had completely finished our entire meal, except for...

JC Penney Company / “customer service”

Oct 27, 2017

So glad to pay off my JCP card today after I called and canceled after having it less than 3 months due to your Mount Juliet Tennessee store manager. What an absolute [censor]!! Hope this this store closes and I'll be there to laugh when this [censor] doesn't have a job! If I...

Ross Dress for Less / pair of leather boots

Oct 18, 2017

I bought a pair or black dress boots at the end of the season last year. They were not reduced for clearance so I paid the $35.99 price marked on the ticket. I didn't have an occasion to wear the boots until last week. I wore them to work with leggings and a long top. When I got home and...

Pizza Hut / pizza/pasta delivery

Sep 17, 2017

Placed a order at 7:52 pm for a pasta dish and large pizza.. was told 80 minutes for delivery time.. After waiting an abnormally long time I called to see if I was in line for delivery.. was told that I was next in line and they were waiting on the delivery driver this was at 9:32pm...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / cold food

Aug 20, 2017

Hi, sitting in the Steak N Shake in Hermitage. Our food came out after a 30 minute wait. The seating is only about 30% capacity. My original came out at room temperature and my wife's chicken tenders were on slightly warmer. You guys need to be aware that most restaurants in the area on a...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / food

Aug 17, 2017

This is my sixth time emailing csr about this location for this problem. Now, I am asking for a full refund for purchase on 08/16/17 amount $17.68, time 11:06am, order#368834. Please see attachments. My family and I loves kfc hotwings but this location always give hotwings stale, old, and...

Marriott International / misinformation

Jun 05, 2017

I called 3 times to the Courtyard Marriott in Mount Juliet, TN to confirm that the total for a 2 night stay was $161 plus tax. All 3 times I was told yes, but when I looked at my rewards account it said my total was $380.77 and I was also never informed of an advanced payment policy... / Rigged and shady

Dec 20, 2016

I was playing a hand with two other people. I had pocket Qs and the flop brought up an Ace with two low cards. One guy was a very aggressive better and had been betting high pair on the flop every time, so when he didn't bet, I figured he didn't have the Ace. Another Ace shows up and he...

YourDiaper / size

Aug 25, 2016

Ordered two packs of adult diapers for my grandfather. Delivery was fast and I was really impressed with that. One pack was ok but the second one was incorrect - wrong size. I contacted YourDiaper and asked for an exchange. They said that I need to send it back at my own expense, then...

Amazon / completing surveys for a discount trial product

Jan 05, 2016

You have no ideal of the money you have cost me for filling out a suryey for ___YOU__. You gave me a product for trial for a reasonable rate @2.99$, 4, 99$ and 9.95$ but did not tell me I would get charged the full price of the product after 14 days ( rapid eye & facial cream= 99.00$ ...

Timeshare Advocacy International / Timeshare Cancellation

Nov 18, 2015

I have been trying to contact with the person who used to be in touch with me. but now he has not reply to my any emails last few weeks. I called to company and they say I have to sign the survey paper and I am unable to contact with him. I used to get email from Castle law group, Don...

Timeshare advocacy / refused a refund

Oct 05, 2014

I was sucked into a timeshare when on holiday in Las Vegas and the time share advocacy confirmed they would get me out of the time share or give a full refund Despite their best efforts the timeshare went through foreclosure and was sold they did not get me out of the timeshare and they refuse to give me a refund

Just Mortgage Inc. / its good, not bad

Oct 23, 2012

You have a house here in Mount Juliet that looks abandoned/empty. I am a Realtor/Broker in Mount Juliet and would like to offer my services if you want to sell this home!! I can be contacted at [protected]. Thank You!

Mary Ann Poindexter / Buyer Beware - Breeder is a Liar

Nov 01, 2011

Uses deceptive practices with buyers and breeders alike. This woman will engage you in conversation as if she's focused on her "breed", but with some research you'll find she has many breeds. Once you agree on a price, receive pictures and send a deposit - you're screwed...

Spirit Wind Logistics LLC / Non-Payment/Scammers

Jul 12, 2011

Rhonda Copelin called us out to work on there Computer system. Normally we collect our fee up front but they seemed like a legitimate company over the phone so we agreed they could pay us the 198 dollars they owed us the following Friday. When the time came we got nothing. Then she daily...

Hermitage Heating and Air / POOR SERVICE, ERONIOUS CHARGES


After the May 2nd flood, I contacted Hermitage Heating and Air to look at our HVAC unit that was surrounded by water. When I called, I specifically asked if they gave free estimates and if they billed insurance companies. The lady said "Yes" and I gave her our insurance information. The...