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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Fayetteville, Tennessee

Shoneys. Fayetteville TN / my hours and management


My hours has went from thirty plus to less than fifteen hours per week only assigned two or three days I have witnessed management talking about employees in a negative way. They don't have a reason to fire me I feel cause I have knee problems I am being discrimination against and the...

Dollar Store / fayetteville, tennessee

Marie Caldwell on Jun 30, 2018

Half an hour ago I bought 7 items and tried to use my debit card. It was rejected -TWICE!! I knew I had money in the bank but wanted to give you the benefit of doubt that it was a mistake. I rushed home and of course I had money in the bank--plenty of money! Do you have any idea how...

SmartStyle / customer service

Audria Nicole Richardson on Mar 18, 2018

I checked in online to have my hair Shampooed and Cut. The times available were 2:30 for one employee and 3:45 for the other so i checked in for the 2:30 appointment. When I get there I let the Lady know I had checked in online and she was like okay. After about 5 mins she then proceeds to...

Pizza Hut / dine in

TinaThompson on Nov 24, 2017

We arrived at 1220 only 1 other customer there. We ordered 18 wings cheesy bread garlic knots and 1 pasta. I was informed they were out of chicken alfredo so I got meaty marinara. At 112 we got 6 wings at 135 we got 12 more wings and cheesy bread. 6 wings were buffalo which we didn't...

Nike / nfl

scarlettw1132 on Oct 14, 2017

Just letting you know that my husband(a sheriff's deputy) and I will no longer be purchasing your products due to your support of those NFL players who are protesting police officers, the national anthem and our American flag. We had ALWAYS chosen Nike first but no longer will I take hard...

SafeLink Wireless / haven't got my sim card been two weeks since I have got to use phone

charlottefarmer on Aug 10, 2017

two weeks ago my sim card came up as unregistered on my phone. i called and they sent me another card in mean time i found out someone else had got a phone [which she was a neighbor] and had my number [protected]. talked to supervisor and he said to ask for phone back, instead of giving...

Pizza Hut / former employee

David Owen Sharp on Jun 4, 2017

I was falsely terminated based on lies made by GM Ben Counts. He went on to impersonate Regional Manager to find out information, see if I'd say anything about his unprofessional behavior. I talked with real Regional Manager, Christy, and he didn't lose his job. While I have no source of...

HMG HANDYMAN CLUB Dues / Illegal charges

syntara on Oct 28, 2012

I was surprised this Sunday morning to discover two distinct $36.00 charges from HMG Handyman. Searching the web, I found other people who have been scammed by this firm. Upon calling the phone number I found on the web, I was greeted with an automated voice telling me to enter my member...

Pizza Hut / drinking and drug using employees

Went in with my wife to get pizza. We do this once a week or so. For the last couple of weeks there is one waitress named Emma who looks either half drunk or on pills. Her eyes are always blood shot and she sometimes slurs words. She already has a reputation for being an alcoholic and when... / Non-Delivery/Bank Charge


My wife purchased this product after an online advertisement. About a week after the order and still no delivery of the product, we went back and read the "fine print" of the contract. You have 14 days after the date of the order to decide if you want to "renew" your monthly subscription...