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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Westerville, Ohio

Sprint / paying my bill

Derby05 on Nov 13, 2018

I signed up with sprint two months ago. 1st month was great. In the second month I got a new debit card. My auto pay was denied because I forgot to switch cards. I called to fix it and they cant seem to figure out how to fix it. They keep saying the card does not work. The card works fine...

Tim Hortons / serving size

Gabby girl on Oct 28, 2018

I ordered a Medium sugar free vanilla cappuccino at the drive thru window of the Tim Horton's at 891 North State Street, WESTERVILLE, OH, 44082, USA. The amount of beverage was not the amount I paid for. In fact, the cappuccino was fully 3 inches BELOW the lid and the minimum mark indicated...

Kroger / gluten free bread

Carrie Lewis on Sep 4, 2018

My son is gluten free and we have tried several different breads. I have recently found out that my local krogers has ordered La Brea gluten free bread on multiple occasions and it has been crossed off the list. They told me that this means a discontinuation is occurring. This is the only...

Bob Evans Farms / carry out meal

S Wayne Frisbey on Sep 4, 2018

Last Saturday September 1, 2018, I ordered a carry out meal, my favorite meal from your restaurant, turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes etc. Even when dining in, I always order a side order of gravy because the dressing is always drier than I like and a little extra gravy fixes the issue...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / service

Angiemsm on Jul 13, 2018

I'm so sick of the people at your restaurants not letting me order and rushing and then doing a half ass job! I ordered a meal and asked for medium which of course got to the window and she hands me a small drink I said I ordered a medium she says he didn't charge me ok fine I just took my...

JJ's House / dress guarantee

Elizabeth Humble on May 15, 2018

Items that cannot be returned or exchanged 1. No returns and no exchanges for personalized items. 2. No returns and no exchanges for perishables, earrings (including jewelry sets containing earrings), and personal care items (including lingerie, etc) due to hygienic reasons. I Was GIVEN...

Kroger / complaint about employee

Hannah Harmon on Apr 30, 2018

There was an employee stocking Kroger bottled water, which I was trying to get. He was blocking the entire aisle during a very busy time. There were many people trying to get over there to get the water. I tried to make eye contact, but he must not have seen me. He finally grabbed my arm...

TV Land / volume of commercials

Raynell M on Apr 8, 2018

It is really ridiculous that I have to turn the TV very loud to hear the show I am watching, then when a commercial like, Spectrum for example, comes on and it is blasting! All of the commercials are not like that. But I have to constantly adjust the volume. It is very annoying. Your...

Meijer / always out of stock items and stocking shelves (making aisle crowded)

Sandy Pelok on Apr 7, 2018

The Meijer Store in Westerville, OH is always out of Eggland's hard boil eggs, as well as other products. The answer I receive from the clerk is " the Vendor supplies them." Seems strange to always be out of the same items. Perhaps whoever orders them from the Vendor should order a larger...

IHOP Restaurants / server

Ashley1199 on Mar 19, 2018

I was in ihop the other night, the one off maxtown rd, my food had hair in it, and our server, Brianna was her name, was not very pleasant to say the least. I was highly upset w the serve my family & I received. I shouldn't have to go out to eat and have the server be rude, and the food be...