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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Columbus, Ohio

Swift Transportation / swift semi truck driver in truck #136619 in columbus, oh on 01/17/18

_Joanna_T. on Jan 17, 2018
Hello, This driver, # 136619, entered 670 headed West at around 7:35 this morning. They were merging onto 670 Westbound from East 5th Avenue. I did not see him/her at all on their approach, as their approach was extremely fast on the right, merging into my lane (the far right lane) of...

Huntington Bank / unethical behaviour

srinivas yellapu on Jan 10, 2018
I made several attempts talking to customer care for past one month, finally writing here. Please help Subject: Release of electronic Car title VIN: 1N4AL2AP1CN442124 Loan account: 20041917653 Phone:7326475146 To Huntington bank, I have paid my loan in full on 12/5/2017 and received a...

Direct Express / fraudulent withdrawals/ card stolen

TracyLynneG on Jan 9, 2018
I had my card stolen in October and Direct Express is just now telling me that my claim has been denied that they cannot find any fraudulent activity I have told every person I spoke to that we have the person that actually stole my card I've sent all the information to the police. they...

Maisie Maven / reopro salon professional steam hair straightener v2 x 1

azzizz43 on Jan 8, 2018
Order # 86118 I received my iron a few months ago and it worked great for about a month, however it stopped steaming regularly. It's gotten progressively worse over the last couple of months. It was happening every now and then when it began to fail but now it has gotten to the point where...

Steak 'n Shake Enterprises / drive thru

Arrow18 on Jan 7, 2018
This was the second time that I had gone thru the drive thru. All I ordered was a grilled cheese combo with a shake and a large hot chocolate. After I played they asked me to pull up. Waited 5 min and all they brought out was the food. I told the guy I still needed a shake a hot choc. 2md...

Textbookrush / they didn't accept a new book

Catherine M on Dec 28, 2017
Never sell your books to these people. 7 weeks ago at one bookstore I bought one book and another one was given me as a present. I have no one to give it to, so I decided to sell it. The book was new, as you guessed. I didn't even read it because I wasn't interested in it. I sent it to them...

United Parcel Service [UPS] / driver

NRR on Dec 22, 2017
The ups van driver was on the DO NOT ENTER road in Columbus Ohio 43220 at about 2:20 pm on 12/22/17. At Benchmark apartments and Walgreens on the intersection of Kenny and Henderson rds. He was holding off the traffic making it impossible for people to get into walgreens or their home...

Victoria's Secret / not what they used to be...

Genna Mittel on Dec 20, 2017
Victoria's Secret is a trash, believe it or not. It used to be great before, I know what I am talking about because I have been with them for over fifteen years and used to order pretty often from them. I don't know what exactly has changed, but each received order looks worse than the...

Speedway / my cmt called me a b[censor]

Kellie kor on Dec 17, 2017
I worked 3rd shift and I closed the store down for 45 mins to get the store together I did everything well around 9 a manger went out on the floor and called me a lazy b[censor] infront of costumers because he had to take the trash out he's always has a problem with everyone in the...

Burger King / rude employee

Jayhurr on Dec 16, 2017
I went To Burger King in Columbus Ohio at the Easton area. I came 30 minutes before they were about to close and the drive thru person was so rude.. she kept saying they were out of things but in reality she just didn't want to make it. Then she rushed us saying "is there anything else...
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