Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Islip, New York, United States

LaQuinta Inn / my hotel stay from july 25-30

Aug 28, 2018

To whom this may concern: I have emailed several times regarding my stay at LaQuinta Inn near Islip/McArthur airport on Long Island, New York from July 25+ July 30. What I don't understand is that NO ONE has tried to make me feel better about spending over $1000 for those 6 nights! I thought...

Gold's Gym / spinning classes

Aug 20, 2018

On: 08/20/2018 at approximately 9:31 am I went to the Gold's Gym in 181 Freeman Ave Islip, NY 11717. I enrolled myself and my teenage daughter for the spinning class online one hour before the class starts. There are only 35 bicycles available, but if someone gets there before they take...

La Quinta Inns & Suites / condition of my room

Aug 08, 2018

I arrived at La Quinta on July 25th and stayed until July 31st, over $1, 000 bill. When I arrived I unpacked everything, hung my clothes put things and drawers and also put things on counters. I didn't notice the condition of the room when I arrived period later on that night when I went...

Sears / washer and dryer

Jul 21, 2018

I had a technician at my house on July 3 for service on the wash and dryer, I told the technician that the dryer was not drying properly, that I had to put the clothes to dry 2 to 3 times and that the washer was leaking, the compartment where the bleach goes was rusted to the point that it...

HMSHost / price paid

May 18, 2018

At islip airport and purchased a #6 at the a&w counter. The menu has a price of 10 .67 for the combo. I was charged 11.17. The difference is minimal on one order but by the end of a busy day it is substantial. I find this to be very deceiving. I also believe there is a law stating you...

Optimum / installation at new apartment

May 18, 2018

Work done by inexperienced tech who had 3weeks of training. He called for assistance 2X & then another tech cane to help & then a 3rd tech came. This process took 3 hours. Wound up with access to tv, however no phone or computer use. I have provided pictures of the mess that was left...

Hertz / hertz at islip airport

Jul 25, 2017

Called hertz for rental car with my union bctgm card #[protected] with a cdp# to rent a car on july 20th at 8 am untill july 23rd 12pm paid over phone 191.45. When i returned car at islip airport the employer informed me of a bill for over 700 dollars outraged at this for i paid the...

Gold's Gym / unprofessional behavior

Jul 08, 2017

To whom concern: Yesterday around 12:30pm at Gold Gym in Islip New York I was shamefully humiliated threatened and disrespected by Cathys health Cafe owner and her partener ( boyfriend). They rent a space in the fitness center. I am being thrown out of there it was so cold to the manager...

Sears/Maytag / Washer doesn't clean clothes

Nov 11, 2014

A brand new machine that doesn't clean or rinse well. I put 2 pairs of pants, 2 T shirts, socks & underwear; & I', posting a pic of what the pants looked like after the 1st wash. These pants are not bulky like jeans. I decided to wash just the pants with the same setting'...

Aarons Rentals / ignored problem with merchandise, frequent late notice when bill is not due. calls to store are never returned, islip ny store.

Oct 11, 2013

I bought a complete living room, plus two twin beds. The living is paid off with perfect payments. The twin beds are damaged. I have been paying them for 14 months. I continually call the Islip, NY store to speak to the manager. I finally spoke to him about this matter. He told me I would...

fancy feast dry cat food filet mignon / bugs in food

Jan 22, 2013

i purchased fancy feast cat dry food fillet Mignon n tuna flavor from stop n shop in east Islip NY 11730.when i opened The bag n fed my cat i noticed tiNY bugs in the bowl.i checked the bucket i poured food in and there was bugs.i buy this cat food always and never had a problem please look into this matter.

international payment centre / SCAM

Mar 01, 2011

International Payment Centre 580 South Research Place Central Islip, NY 11722, USA Pay to: gina frank US $2, 741.88 The Maximum amount up to: Two Thousand Seven Hundred Fourty One Dollars and Eighty Eight Cents Preapproved parcel ready to ship for gina frank I have checked my... / refund policy


I ordered slipcovers from for a sofa, chair and ottoman. They arrived in a timely manner but were in 2 separate boxes which cost more in shipping and could very easily have been shipped in 1 box. My account was charged $97.92 for the products and shipping. Very reasonable...

Royal Holiday / aruba trip


I booked a trip to Aruba back in January @ Paradise Beach Villas for four ambassador rooms. I have confirmation numbers. About one to two weeks ago I received a call confirming my trip to the bahammas. They said I changed my reservations! I did not change anything . We are going to Aruba...

Cablevision / inferior hardware


About a year and a half ago, cablevision forced all subscribers to take a cable box or lose approximately 11 channels. This box didn't work properly from day one but because it was free, people didn't complain. The rental was free for a year but then the charge ($8) was added to...

John Lyons Library / Company won't cancel my order


Yhis Company doesn't provide any information so that you can reach them directly - no web-site, no street address, no phone number. I received an offer to purchase a Horse Training book - I enclosed a check for the amount and returned to John Lyons. Nothing on the offer said anything... / E-mail doesn't work for $25 gift card!


I want to cancel my membership for Essentials for home because the web site for the $25 gift card doesn't work at and the way they sign you up after you purchase some thing else on another web site.