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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Taco Bell / Food Poisoning and RUDE Insurance Agent

BrittDutton6405 on May 19, 2017
I probably will never eat Taco Bell again for the rest of my life, and if I do, it won't be from this location. I became severely sick with food poisoning around 3-4 am the morning after eating at Taco Bell. I was awakened by severe painful stomach cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea that...

Smith Food and Drugs Santa Fe Cerillos Store / Rude behavior — bad frozen dinners refrozen — frozen foods not stocked

sandrawood3113 on May 1, 2017
I have been shopping at this store for 8 years--and have had all good experiences there until the past week or so. A lot of the good former employees seem to be missing--having been replaced by nasty women and flirting young men. I went there at 11:30AM on 5/1/2017. I went into customer...

Priceline.com / Filthy hotel room with ants and broken bed

Rabia Chaudhry on Apr 23, 2017
We booked hotel at Santa Fe Suites with Iternary number 144-640-462-66 and and 144-640-462-66. We have a 9 month baby, the hotel offered no mattress, crib bed nothing for th baby. They told us they would give us a sheet to put on the floor and she could sleep there ... where there were...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / kfc santa fe, cerrillos rd. location

Cora Herrera on Apr 9, 2017
I placed an in store order and I observed that the staff helping the customers and preparing the orders were rushed. It appeared they were short staffed. I proceeded to place my order and the lady seemed annoyed that I couldn't understand her. In any event, two people that ordered previou...

PAUL DAVIS / Fuel card

businessman101 on Mar 23, 2017
This is a fake company that is operated from outside of the country. They illegally charge fees and send out the bills late and charge late fees. They are a complete a total rip off. All you need to do to verify this is call their customer service line to see how incompetent they are. I...

H&R Block / It appears that you don't stand behind your product-here is your chance to convince me otherwise

Carolyn Cocotas on Dec 7, 2016
I am going to make this a very condensed version of my experience with h and r block. You have been preparing my taxes for much of my adult life. In 2014 you did them, I sent the irs my check and I thought all was well. I paid for them to be electronically submitted and for the piece of...

Jsedlow / Abusive player

Judith Sedlow on Sep 19, 2016
I was playing poker on Poker Stars last week and one player unleashed an Anti-Semetic diatribe including "kill the Jews", " burn them all" and other disgusting things. The player's screen name is "Wicked FLI 223". I think he should not be allowed to play on this site or any others as he i...

Straight Talk / Lg sunrise

Freeman Ohoiwutun on Nov 12, 2015
I have bought my LG sunrise from straight talk 2 month ago on 11 of September 2015. and just when I want to buy a refill pack. out of the blue I have bought my LG sunrise from straight talk 2 month ago on 11 of September 2015. and just when I want to buy a refill pack. out of the blue the...

Amazon / Delay Ban

Brandon Reina on Aug 8, 2015
I have received a package from Amazon but it was delayed due to an issue with the carrier. I must stop my package from being delayed by doing a anti-delay protest on the carrier. "Sorry" JUST DON'T CUT IT! Get my package back by filing a huge complaint to Amazon immediately before putting the carrier behind bars in jail.

The Dove Foundation / ¬ recommended for families & problem

Brandon Reina on Aug 5, 2015
I have enough of The Dove Foundation and their "not recommended for families" problem. If they put their "not recommended for families" nonsense on a film, I'll give them a demerit. Once they receive a demerit, they have to close down their website and go bankrupt. Good films: 17...
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