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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Plainwell, Michigan

Burger King / not taking customers

ThatHungryThirdShifter on Feb 22, 2018

The hours are posted on the building 6am-11pm, but I went through the drive thu at around 7:30am and got no response and the doors were still locked with workers inside. I returned and still at 8:00am there was no response. Plus while sitting in the parking lot I saw at least 12 other...

The Salvation Army USA / overcharged

Kaily D on Feb 1, 2018

There were more items on my receipt than I actually purchased. I don't know how to go about getting a refund as there is no way to prove that I was overcharged. I counted the items in the bag and the items on the receipt and there were 6 more items on the receipt that I did not purchase...

Plainwell Salvation Army / Poor customer service

Sherry Goodwin on Jan 20, 2017

The manager, Natasha several times I've been in the store has walked by ignoring the employees. Waiting in line is usually not a problem but waiting on a manager who is usually seen walking around eating and ignoring their employees is unacceptable to me. If food is so much more important...

SmartStyle Plainwell / terrible experience

abj89 on Dec 1, 2012

I worked for SmartStyle for three months. I loved the job at first, it was my first salon job so I felt like I finally was starting my profession after being out of school. The other stylists all seemed great and I felt like I would be there for a long time. I was never told of any issue...

Verna Pierce / can't make any money

I bought into the package they sell on TV. What I got was a bunchof papers. I was also told I would get $50.00 worth of vouchers but all you have to do it's not worth it. I think it's a big ripe off.

Haplin Data Services / Got scammed

Hello I too was taken in a scam from Haplin Data Services I have see at least two letters a week from them . It all statred with letters to solve math problems . I did send them in as I am in need a a mircle of Money to catch up our bills I did loose 10 dollars but that is ok as I now know...