Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Ludington, Michigan, United States

Whirlpool / aqualift self cleaning

Nov 26, 2018

This is the worst self cleaning system I've ever used. I followed the instructions and do not let the oven get dirty. I used the oven to bake over Thanksgiving and there was spillage. I ran the Aqualift procedure 4 times with no results. I then was told by a rep on a chat line at...

Marlboro / marlboro reds

Oct 09, 2018

I bought I pack and was very disappointed to find a few cigarettes filters wrapped incorrectly! Never have a seen this and though maybe I got a special pack but I couldn't fully smoke them all bc they were faulty. I would very much appreciate some coupons to accommodate for the...

Pizza Hut / wings

Jun 24, 2018

There should be proper advice provided for the wings! If I had been told over the phone that there was a scale provided via hotness, I would have had an idea! We were told by a cashier that she had never tried them, so we unknowingly subjected ourselves to ridiculously hot wings by...

Yoox / Upset

Sep 12, 2017

It used to be a great company, I never had anything against them. I was happy to shop there. So I don't know what happened to them, why everything went bad all of a sudden. Very often I get items with a bad quality with no way to somehow justify it. Simply bad. Many items are out of stock...

Dollar Tree / employees attitude and dress apparel

Mar 27, 2017

Every time I would enter the store, I would get a very rude hello. And the cashiers would be leaving the office. And as soon as they were done dealing with a customer they would bolt back in to the office and grab their personal phones. Cheyenne, and Abigail are a good one for that...

Coca Cola / 20 oz cherry coke

Mar 20, 2017

Took a drink from my newly bought choke and on the first drink I choked on a 2mm x 2mm shard of plastic that was apparently in my drink I have several witnesses to this and believe if swallowed could have cause major damage or fatal damage to me this is unacceptable from coca cola which...

Meijer / id scanning for the purchase of buying alcohol.

Mar 14, 2017

I understand that underage drinking is a problem. However, data collection is also a problem in our society. If I am buying a bottle of wine, the clerk can look at my drivers license to determine if I am of age. (I am 65). But to have to scan my license into your system is invasive and...

Appledorn Pomeranians / Pomeranian puppies

Aug 07, 2016

Hello! We tried inquiring on a gorgeous Pomeranian puppy from a breeder named Anna Appledorn out of Ludington, MI. After we had solidified how serious we were about the purchase I got a questionable text. She notified us that after CREEPING on my social media she was denying us a puppy due...

Great Lakes Ford / bad treatment


i bought a new mustang conv. and a used ford van, was never given invice or warrenty papers. they lied on trade in vihiecle titles and trade in prices! the van quite running in less than 45 days. since then i have been told first they would fix it free and then charged me 800.00. its still...

Dollar Quick/Dollar Flash / Bank Fees


I went on - line to get a payday loan. The company name was dollar quick / dollar flash. This company apparently gave my information to id theft, who consequently tried to withdraw a fee for identity theft protection. This was not approved or asked for by me. My bank has charged me a total...

Home Depot? / mail fraud


blatantly falsified documents to avoid paying unemployment compensation..then mailed the falsified documents via USPS constituting mail fraud......real nice people skills huh...