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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Palm Coast, Florida

McDonald's / big macs

Tommie Lynn Ehrbar on Jan 1, 2019

I went thru drive thru i ordered a large ice tea and 2 big macs w xtra sauce...i was charged 50 cents xtra per i cancelled the xtra eating one in my car almost completely and a piece fell off with several. Black public hairs hanging out of the burger i immediately...

IHOP Restaurants / palm coast florida ihop. restaurant experience

colleen73 on Nov 26, 2018

My IHop experience in Palm Coast, Florida. I took my 4-year-old son out to lunch at IHOP. We walked in and waited to be sat. The manager sat us. He asked what we would like to drink. I said unsweet tea and apple juice and also stated that we were ready to order. He said I will get your...

Sprint / phone/customer service

Sk8lin412 on Oct 25, 2018

Hello my Name is Kaitlin McGarry and I have been with sprint for approx 8 years (4ish under my own name). Recently, I contacted customer service looking for some answers about my bill. Here is the run down starting from the beginning of my problem, until now. Originally, I had gone into the...

Taco Bell / 5 for 5 promo/deal?

lulu Mahalo on Oct 15, 2018

Doing a drive-thru...besides the Pepsi, the four items that had fillings, had almost NO fillings...meat, cheese, etc. I have never seen such a pathetic excuse for what was served me. Of course, I didn't find out until I opened the wrappers at home...20 min away. I took pics of them and...

General Electric Company / ge microwave model number pvm915sf3ss

Karen Marie Barbara on Aug 13, 2018

We had a brand new G E Microwave installed in our newly built home around 2 years ago. To date we have have had to pay $797.63 in 4 separate repairs and it is STILL NOT WORKING! GE service refuses to replace it unless we pay ANOTHER $284.00 for a new unit, and keeps sending out repair...

Publix Super Markets / spoiled produce and refrigerated food

vettemanpc on Jun 25, 2018

Publix Supermarket 4950 Belle Terre Pkwy Palm Coast 32137 Produce & Refrigerated foods Refer to the attached pictures of spoiled food and checkout receipt, said items were purchased on June 18, 2018, that is 7 days ago. As indicated by the photo showing ambient temperature on refrigerator...

RushCard / UniRush / unfaithfulness

Stepheny Taylor on Jun 23, 2018

My name is Stepheny Taylor.I called to report my card lost because I was moving .Rushcard sent a card to my old address that they blocked.I was told to submit documents my Drivers License MY SSCARD A LEASE and a letter of correspondence stating that I wish to submit a change of address.I...

Vizio / application no longer supported/customer support experience

Hector6901 on Jun 18, 2018

I am the original Purchaser of a Vizio 60'' 4K Roku TV, at the time I spend a little over 1, 100.00. Since then I have purchased 3 more of various models and sizes. The built in applications such as "Netflix, Hulu, YouTube were paramount in the decision to purchase these T.V.'s. Some time...

Burger King / the staff and management

Tasha143 on Jun 7, 2018

My wife and myself stopped at Burger King in palm coast Florida at 9:30 p.m. 6/7/18 on State road 100 and were told that they didn't have any chicken sandwiches at all and that all they had was 30 nuggets. After I asked the lady was she serious she laughed and said that we are about to...

Next Deal Shop / solar bird bath fountain

Flea96 on May 31, 2018

I ordered this fountain, got it 2 and a half weeks later. It never worked. Couldn't ever get a call back from the number they post to call for customer service. You leave a message, they don't ever call back. I sent them an email and a picture of the fountain not working and still no...