Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Deltona, Florida, United States

JC Penney Company / credit limit increase

Oct 29, 2018

When I first got my card I had a $400 credit limit. I injured my back and was late on one payment. I let the credit department no of my medical condition and they dropped my credit limit to $110. I have since made all my payments on time and have paid off my card. I asked for an increase...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / service

Oct 24, 2018

I sat in the drive thru for more than 10 mins with no response from anyone when there was no one else inside or in line being served. I even saw an employee walk around the building. It was only 8pm. Still an hour before closing. Eventually, I gave up and left. I don't even Know if I would...

Boost Mobile / Boost Worldwide / data throttling

Sep 22, 2018

I've been a loyal Boost customer for 8 years and really like their service. But I can't stand the throttling issues I've been having for months now. I switched to their 60 dollar a month unlimited talk/text/data, and I'm so frustrated when like clockwork, my data shuts down for a few day...

Asurion / product damaged and company avoiding accountability

Sep 10, 2018

I have had a claim since June with no response or updte after multiple calls. This product was originally sent you for repair on another service order at that time the tablet worked perfectly it was sent because the dock was not inputting to the tv, after you returned and we tried to use...

Ford Motor Company / treatment as a customer

Jul 03, 2018

My name is Jennifer. I have been a die hard Ford Owner for long the summer of 2016 I traded in my heart. My 2008 Ford Ranger Sport. She was only a single cab. I was pregnant with my daughter Evelyn. I had to do the right thing and get a back row. I decided I must have a another...

Dollar General / manager amy

Jun 05, 2018

Amy is a newer manager at a dollar general ride down the street that I frequently visit. I typically love this store for it's location close to my home, but this manager Amy is so so rude and always hot headed and angry. I went on three different occasions while she was there and it...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / tree trimming

Jun 05, 2018

Since there seems to be no way of contacting a real person or email... Account # [protected] We fully recognize the importance of keeping your wires safe from falling tree branches, especially at the street of the hurricane season. However….. Damaging a tree in the process should not be one...

Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC] / was called a racial slur by an employee

Apr 18, 2018

Was waiting on food and heard an employee by the the of Teresa call me a " funky cracker". I have never been so disgusted and called such a racist thing. I have visited this KFC many times and have never been spoken about like this. I will no longer be visiting the Deltona KFC on...

Cracker Barrel / oven baked mac & cheese

Mar 01, 2018

My daughter and I have purchased cracker barrel oven mac & cheese a few times, the first being right before christmas. My daughter had bought three bags of the sharp white cheddar to prepare for a party. Two bags had the correct cheese and the third bag had an orange cheese. We thought it...

Circle K Stores / boost mobile refill for 55$

Oct 15, 2017

I made a boost mobile transaction for 55$ i never received the services i was told by the assistant manager no refunds on refills but my services were never rendered it has been 24hours and still no phone service i also contacted boost mobil and they still dont see a transaction coming up...

Circle K Stores / old coffee and disgusting bathrooms

Oct 02, 2017

I was at the circle k store at courtland and howland at 2:45 am on October 1st 2017, i wanted to purchase a hot cup of coffee the coffee was old and cold i asked when it was made i was told at 10 p.m the night before. I then went to the ladies room which was out of order so i went into the...

Duke Energy / electrical service

Sep 16, 2017

Just got off the phone with The Great Duke, revised estimate. Monday midnight in Volusia. I was the very first customer to call at 9pm on Sunday night, only to get a robot ask me, " you are the first to report an outage, please check you circuit breakers before reporting. Like I can't look...

Florida Power & Light [FPL] / power out and tree online endangering my house.

Sep 12, 2017

Called Deltona and FPL. I have uprooted tree that is on the power line causing the pole to pop and snap. And if the pole goes it will tear the corner of my house off. I cannot even find one power repair truck here in Deltona. They have on there website power to return to everyone on east...

DirecTV / I have spent over 3 hours and 2 days to cancel service

Aug 22, 2017

I have sold my house. I have tried to cancel service on thursday and now more today which is Tuesday. I am being charged for nfl sunday ticket i am not using because i have no service. I have been a customer since 2000 and have spent 30k with directv. I shouldn't have to donate a kidney to...

Wet Seal / gift card

Jul 20, 2017

Since all of the Wet Seal stores has closed down in my area, and now I'm pretty sure everywhere in the US, I'm not sure how to spend my gift card. Am I able to do it online or is that closed down too? If not I'd like the money refunded or something because I don't want to just throw away...

Crunch Fitness / employee, class policy

Jun 29, 2017

Michelle needs to be trained on customer service and on how to teach classes. Her 1-2 steps are not zumba, really ridiculous and she cannot even keep up. Please leave training to trainers. All real trainers (lourdes, jonathan, iris, angelica, grace, mercedes & denise) are really good...

LetGo / is a person scamming

Jun 21, 2017

He puts a phone for sale for $260 you send the payment for to 260 in he'll block you in let go and then he goes to the next day or two and post the item again 260 she asked you for your email your name for your address he sent you a text with some bogus phone number [protected] this is the...

Bahamas Breeze / manager poor behavior; rude, disrespectful

Jun 18, 2017

Thursday June 15th 12 noon, International Drive, OrlandoFL. First our team works by the BB on International Dr Orlando FL. We love to go to lunch there especially for the Key Lime pie. Sometimes we run over at 4p for coffee and pie. (We work till 10p at times). Myself and a colleague were...

Direct General / my insurance claim

Jun 13, 2017

I submitted a claim for my vehicle as it was in an accident. Due to the negligence of the company I waited 2 months to receive any information on my claim status not being able to get a hold of my claim agent even after dozens of phone calls. During this time my vehicle being stored at a...

Irena Yeater / Chihuahua

May 08, 2017

We contacted Irena about her chihuahua puppies she had for sale. She said her mom was the one breeding them and she had the flu, so she was selling them for her. She gave us an address in Deltona which she said was her brothers house-and said to hurry and come that afternoon because there...

American Income Life Insurance / American income life insurance

May 03, 2017

American income life is not a scam. Everyone is gonna die one the only unknown is when. We help people make sure they are prepared for that day when it comes. I love the people i work with and every Wednesday is a motivational meeting that i never wanna miss. I would recommend anyone for...

Award Notification Commission [ANC] / scammers award notification center

Jan 23, 2017

I received in mail today a letter stating that I have won 2, 000, 000, 00 all have to do is send in $ 12.99 and I would be eather buy cashier check or wire transfer to my bank and I would received the funds in 7 days. First thing I did was google it and started reading complaints against...

LabCorp / medical negligence

Dec 22, 2016

Labcorp sent the results of my bloodwork to an unauthorized person violating HIPAA. Called customer service and lodged a complaint. Service rep denied that they made an error saying the order was sent in electronically. I requested they email us a copy of that above-styled electronic...

Bank of America / mortgage servicing

Feb 17, 2016

On 6/21/2013 Bank of America committed identity theft, theft, and fraud while processing the HAMP modification they offered us. Our account was illegally sold in an acquisition sale to NationStar Mortgage on 8/31/2013. Due to the nature of the sale BofA needs to meet with us in person to discuss a resolution. Details of complaint are uploaded below / unfair ratings from buyers & no support from the staff to investigate & correct them

Aug 14, 2015

I am a Disabled Vietnam war Veteran who depends on the income gleaned from my store on IOffer... I work very Hard to provide the best level of customer & to offer quality items...As we all know perfect rating are the backbone to ongoing flow of business...One less than perfect rating can ...

American Residential Property Inspections / no report on Home inspection

Jan 10, 2014

ON Dec. 26, 2013 Wesley Arp owner of the above home inspection company conducted what we thought was a home inspection on a home we were planning to purchase at 602 Mooring Lane in Edgewater, FL 32141. We all met at the appointed time on that date at the sale home. Mr. Arp conducted the...

Amscot / amscot money card

Sep 07, 2013

I got one of the amscot money cards and put $900 on it so I could buy plane tickets to go see some family. You are required to set up an account in order to keep up with your balance. I asked the lady when I got it if there were any fees associated with this card, before I agreed to get...

FPL Electricity / fpl deposit

Aug 27, 2011

Our bill went past due since our auto pay failed due to insufficient funds. We were not called our emailed. They sent a notification via post. We failed to pay the amount before it went past due. Because of this they decided to charge us $350 for a deposit, and they best that a manager...

Food Lion / worthless customer service


I have called there customer no service twice concerning isles being so crowded with product that it is very hard to operate electric cart. I have made it clear there is no desire to be compensated in any way the only fix I seek is to have isles clearly passable there are areas of the...

Publix Store #1330 / customer service


deli dept has un willig to service customers and rude attidue toward yhe help and serving customers . when complait was made to store manager his comment was what can i do well he had his oppertunity to write up the deli manager chris fisher, but jason huber chose not to do eithr if it...

work exempt / disconnected #'s


they were paid for renewal of workers comp exempt form and no forms and there phone numbers are disconnected

All Florida Firm Inc. / Fraud


This company is a scam. Don not register to renew your exemption with them. They are not florida workers comp. You will be scamed.

Mining gold affiliate program / Cannot login


I cannot login because I forgot my gold affiliate id.

FPL / ridiculous deposit in a recession!!!


I am aware that deposits are required at the time of hookup.. but, $640 for a deposit is unheard of... I am a mother of four and have a daughter who had a heart transplant and is on medications that have to be refridgerated..I was floored when they told me I have ten days to pay the...

The Hartwell Group, Inc. / Performance

This company rocks!! Are they perfect? No, but they will bend over backwards to make your project beautiful and make you happy.

FPL / deposits/terrorists in deltona


I've had the displeasure of having FPL as my utlity company for over 1 year now, I was charged the initial deposit to start the account and a couple of months later I get a notice of disconnection for another $150 deposit, I called and asked why and was informed it as due to my "...

Rainbow Appliance / Service


I ordered an Avanti refrigerator form this company on 9/24/08, on 9/25/08 I received an email saying to call an 800 number because of a problem with the order, I called on 9/26/08 and was informed this item had been discontinued and my order was canceled. On 9/29/08 Rainbow Appliance...

The Hartwell Group / Lawrence Hartwell Racies


This is a long post, but I feel if you’re considering to use The Hartwell Group or Larry Racies in Deland, Florida for any kind of home remodeling, the five minutes spent in reading this might provide some valuable information as I had an unfortunate experience with this guy. Like...

United Resort Marketing, Inc. / Resort resale ripoff!


Contacted by phone and name to sell my resort timeshare at Stormy Point Village in Branson, Mo. Very convincing because they seem to have the info on what you own before they contact you. Was told they have corporate buyers interested in purchasing at the resort for their employees use. ...