Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Monroe, Connecticut, United States

Panera Bread / food

Sep 24, 2018

I ordered some desserts from our panera Bread in (30655) we ordered some cheese danish, chocolate chip cookies, and a few other things. We went to pick them up and no one said they had to substitute the cheese danish to a pecan rolled danish and they didn't have the chocolate chip cookie...

FiltersFast / taking the $ but not delivering the goods... repeatedly

Jul 24, 2018

After being prompted via relentless emails to re-open my account and get a discount on my first order "back" I caved and decided the try this American business again vs. ordering my filter through Amazon. Years ago, there was a recurring issue with the delivery. Even though I had corrected...

Walton County DFCS (Division of Family and Children Services) / walton county dfcs

Jul 24, 2018

They will destroy your family, your children, your relationship, and you personally. I am not going to say I am a saint by no means, but I didn't deserve what they have done to me nor my children. I have jumped through their hoop and did their song and dance for over 20 months now. I...

Optimum cablevision / service shut off for no reason

Jul 19, 2018

This past Monday cable guy shut off our service and flagged the pole for "leakage". Said someone would be back on Wed to fix the problem at the pole and restore service. We have a sick elderly relative with us with no cell phone. He just got back from hosp with resp. issues. Had no acce...

Kroger / Manager on duty

Jul 16, 2018

Had a discrepancy on my receipt. On monday, july 16th around 6pm. Tried to work it out with the manager on duty. Scott (atlanta, georgia?) I purchased 6 of the chicken milanese (cold) from the deli at 0.99/each, but rang up as $23.60 for 6. I used my fresh perks card. I used my foodshare...

Pizza Hut / online ordering and rudeness of employees

Jul 03, 2018

Ordered online pizza.. Received wrong pizza so I called to inform store. Was told online ordering is sometimes wrong and they would send out another pizza but I had to pay for it. When I exclaimed I didn't understand why I had to pay extra if it wasn't my fault the lady then yelled "oh...

Pruvit Ventures / cancel product and want reimbursement for 132.89$ am returning last shipment.

May 22, 2018

Margaret Cameron P.O. BOX 1875 Monroe, Ga 30655 [protected] Service needs to be improved to speak with someone do not want anymore product. Would greatly appreciate money refunded and mailed to above address. Wasn't told it was going to cost this much God knows I'm a single Mom and can't...

Burger King / customer service

Apr 23, 2018

I went though the drive-thru about 11:15 sunday night. I started my order and needed a minute to look at menu further to decide what else I wanted as I'm looking at the menu the lady taking my order is being very rude and asking me if I want anything else and then she very loudly and rude...

AutoZone / manager

Apr 10, 2018

I was a customer recently at AutoZone Winnsboro Rd. I overheard an employee, Ken telling his "friends" as well as sister to "come into the store I got the hook-up". I observed several customers coming into the store, and him placing products on the counter and them being taken without...

Racetrac / inconvenience

Apr 10, 2018

The store location at 20 and Hurricane Shoals in Lawrenceville Georgia is an inconvenience to its customers because they are always closed and they always have issues with something and can't do business. My husband stopped by there this morning to get cigarettes and there was a sign on...

Days Inn On Frontage Road 5650 / employers

Mar 11, 2018

The employers Kevin and Sandy Patel is cursing the employees out and been very disrespectful toward they employees that is very nun appreciated for them to do wen they have someone working for them in a company that is very known world wide and that is not very appropriate in a place of...

Family Dollar Stores / family dollar store #07012 monroe, mi feb 24, [protected]@11:30 am

Feb 24, 2018

02-23-2018 @ 15:01:12 I made a huge purchase at the Family Dollar #07012. Realized I purchased 2 of same items after I got home and also realized an item didn't get clipped with my smart coupon once home. So this morning, 02-24-2018 @ 11:30 am with my granddaughters I took the oxi clean to...

AutoZone / a return

Feb 14, 2018

I was making a return to my local autozone, which I visit very frequently. My wife had purchased the items and the mechanic told her she didn't need them. So I took them bk for her. She had already make a call to the store to let them know in advance that I was comin. I proceeded with my...

Panera Bread / order wrong

Feb 11, 2018

I ordered from the Panera Bread in Monroe, Ga. (30655) I love eating at ON and was excited when they opened a store near us. The last 3 times we have eaten there they Were out of everything. It's been 3 months since last visit. I had a voucher for a free pick 2 meal. Got a broccoli cheese...

Walmart Stores / customer service

Feb 09, 2018

Every single time I go into any Walmart store there is always MULTIPLE employees being very rude. I've lived in a lot of states and this is a problem in every single one. I've always shopped at Walmart and spent a lot of money there but I am very upset. I tried returning a product I got...

Wendy’s International / The Wendy's Company / baconator fries

Nov 14, 2017

I was craving some baconator fries or should I say my baby was craving some. I order a son of a baconator, baconator fries with extra bacon and a large coke with lite ice. When I opened my fries I had less than a half of piece of bacon and no melted cheese on my fries. My cheese on my...

JC Penney Company / customer service

Nov 07, 2017

At the Monroe Louisiana Jcpenneys location I purchased an green express hoodie that was marked down from 47$ to 23$ and I had the cashier ring me up for the hoodie she tells me it's on sale for 28$ and I told her there is a sign above the hoodies on the rack saying its on sale for 23$ and...

Church's Chicken / workers

Oct 25, 2017

I was in churchs yesterday ordering my food the store manager and crew member was arguing that's not the way to run a business..Then she up and left for 30 minutes leaving the drive thru lady to do everything she was already doing most of the stuff all need workers wanna work cause the...

CiCi's Pizza / restaurant and food

Oct 06, 2017

Ci Ci s in Monroe NC on Dickerson Blvd has gone to Hell. The resturant is terriably dirty and I dont think they every wash the booths or the tables. In the after 4p.m. group of us 45 - 62 ages there is no excuse for what use to be a great place to eat to no one caring what happens in that...

Captain D's / service I set in drive thru thirty minutes without moving two cars in front of me

Sep 26, 2017

I was in drive thru thirty minutes with two cars in front of me both cars complaining about how long it has I called while still sitting in drive thru an ask to talk to she got on phone she was very rude.i then ask for my meal I got to window ten minute...

Sams Club / my services

Sep 06, 2017

I been at sams club for a year never broke rule always on time came in when somebody need me. All of sudden in February I was seen shopping in target my friend was convicted theft which I don't know why they blamed me just being around her. So I been out work from February-September...

IHOP / food service

Apr 25, 2017

Table was unclean when seted, dirty glass, slow/no service. Glasses stayed empty too long. Management specifically someone named Charlotte who was some type of supervisor. Horrible experience. Food was disgusting and cold! Worst IHOP experience ever and they are ALWAYS bad at the Monroe...

Liberty Tax Service / bad management

Feb 19, 2017

I have worked for the LTS location in Monroe NC for 2 years. An employee knowingly and fraudulently used my child's information to help a friend get EIC. The owner IS aware, with documented proof, of these actions. The owner has not only failed to help me correct this identity theft issue...

UPS / rude employee

Jun 15, 2015

I went to this site and the lady that was working the front desk was completely rude. There was two other customers onsite that were busy filling out shipping forms. The lady working said she couldn't asist me because the other two customers were busy filling the shipping form... / seller sent wrong order and within 6 months we couldn't solve the problem

Nov 28, 2014

I ordered refrigerator filter from the company 2 months later, the seller provided me wrong order. I contacted him and asked to change the order, and I heard only promises. After that I waited couple of weeks, but got nothing. I waited 4 months, but the seller...

Aversa Plumbing - Well Pump Service / USed Inferior and Defective Products

Jun 15, 2013

Aversa Plumbing has Ripped off everyone they have ever done business with. No one has ever had a good experience ever. They came to my home on 3 occasions and installed inferior products which continuously brake down and then we had to call them for repairs. They install items that have no...

Orkin Pest Control / Awful Service

Jun 28, 2012

The Orkin wanna be douche bag tech came out, didn't do ### but talk about his jail time and how all he ever wanted to be was a piece of ### in life. We coached him in never reproducing so he wont contaminate the planet. He clearly sucked so much ###. He had crusted dried cum on the...

Monroe Animal Shelter / Adopting a dog

Jun 02, 2011

They had a sign out on the main road that it was Pet Adoption Day so I stopped in. I wanted to adopt a dog up to a year old and was hoping to find a rescue dog which I was told they had here. All the dogs were outside in cages. A woman approached me and asked me to fill out an application...

SPCA in Monroe / RUDE MAN

Mar 01, 2011

I just call the SPCA in Monroe because I sent them an email concern a home I wanted to find for my dog. I didn't get a response via the email so I decided to call. I spoke to a man. I did not get his name. I told him about the email I send and He told me something which I didn't...

SPCA of Connecticut, Inc / Poor Adoption Procedures/Warning


My wife and I went to an SPCA of Connecticut, Inc. "Shelter Dogs Rock" event in Hartford on May 1, 2010 with very unsatisfactory results. The day before, we went to the website of the organization and saw a number of dogs that we thought would be of interest to us. The site said that if we...

Friends of the Bridgeport Animal Shelter / Illegal, criminal acts of Fred Acker


I have been in the rescue industry for over 26 years. Fred Acker of the SPCA of CT could not believe that I actually did rescue for free. In order to get "dirt" on me, he illegally entered my home and placed a surveillance device in a mirror, across from my bed, he placed surveillance...

Buy.Com & Shopper Discounts & Rewards Customer Service / 12 Dollar a month scam


On 6/30/09 I ordered something from and sometime in July I started getting a $12.00 charge on my credit card. I did not pick this up until today and I called Shoppers Discount company and they were telling me about my membership, yes that's right, the very one I did not sign...

Canterbury Pediactrics / Turning a child away with head injuries


My 9 year old daughtor had falled down the stairs at home and had a pretty bad bump on her head right by her eyebrow and it was the size of a baseball and almost immediately bruised. I called the Pediatrition and we got an appoitment for 12:30. My husband took a hald day off work to take...

real estate investor / none authorized debit


You took $31.85 out of my account . I DID NOT authorize this. Please refund my money Refund # 2918251