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Consumer Complaints & Reviews in San Francisco, California | Page 114

dailymobiledealz / Illegal Contest

TriedofScammers on Dec 13, 2013

Saw an Ad for Contest to win $1000 on tmobile. Went to where it said. "THIS IS NOT A JOKE! CONGRATULATIONS! YOU HAVE (1) $5, 000 PREPAID LOADABLE! Every Friday (10) Phones Are Selected! (Step 1 of 3) ISTHIS YOUR FIRST CARD?" I feel kind of stupid for going through thi... / Be careful with them

Orls on Dec 13, 2013

I work in the company, which hired the specialists from the website I know that everyone wasn’t satisfied with their services. They promised to come at the estimated day and provide all software products. They didn’t come and didn’t call in...

Ronald Forman And Russell Brasso / San Francisco Business Attorneys Fraud and Scam Ronald Forman and Russell Brasso

Terry234 on Dec 12, 2013

We had a horrible experience with this Law Firm. We found this attorney to be very deceptive to us. Russell Brasso overcharged for his services and quickly invoked the arbitration clause in the contract which is not enforceable since dispute want a in existence at the signing of the... / Membership

Joy Suero on Dec 11, 2013

I joined for just ONE MONTH and they automatically charged my checking account for 12 months!!! At $155.40... I IMMEDIATELY THAT SAME SECOND CALLED THEM AND I SPOKE TO A "ROY" and I was livid !!! He said "I'm sorry it can not be reversed, however I will placed on the system NOT TO RENEW...

ReviewOpedia / Posts Get Deleted

Joe Trippin on Nov 25, 2013

This site is a scam. The site is paid off by individuals that simply do not wan't to see posts that could damage their reputation. There is no legitimacy to this so called review site. I have made posts before and only to find that they delete them at their own disgression. They...

Gramercy Millennium Group / Fraud

Luke500 on Nov 18, 2013

Avoid Gramercy Millennium Group and it's affiliates. GMG claims to be a private equity group. GMG claims to be an advisory group. GMG also makes the claim to control a commodities trading business which is the source of their investment wealth, which translates to billions of dollar...

Big O Tires / no bolt on control arm

freda motak on Nov 14, 2013

I almost died last night. I was driving and suddenly heard a pop sound. Fortunately, the police were a few cars behind me. They asked if I had work on the brakes recently. I stated yes about two weeks ago. They stated "the ball joint came off the control arm, they forgot to put on the...

Xeriscope Watches / kickstarter scam xeriscope watches

kickstarter-scam-watches on Nov 7, 2013

Avoid this scam on! This scam watch is going for $350 to $400 on kickstarter right now. Only you can buy the same watch for $80-$90 on ebay and amazon and many other websites and...

T And R / Fraud

goonsta on Nov 3, 2013

I have no idea who are those guys from T And R but they keep charging my card on a monthly basis for past 6 months. So far I failed to notice those charges and total losses are around $400 right now. I tried getting in touch with them in order to issue a refund but nobody is answering both...

San Francisco Attorneys Ronald Foreman & Russell Brasso Contract Law Firm / San Francisco Attorneys Ronald Foreman & Russell Brasso Contract Law Firm Scam and Fraud

K_James36 on Oct 30, 2013

Ronald Foreman & Russell Brasso ARE not professionals what so ever they not only rip off clients by having promises to much and then do not deliver anything. Then they start pressure tactics against you so you do not complain and tell you if you do they will sue you. I just want for people...