Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Hemet, California, United States

Letgo Jorge Martinez (HE Appliance Outlet) / poor service

Dec 06, 2018

I purchased a washer dryer set with understanding it would be delivered and installed with 1 year warranty. I received the products, noticed a leaking hose on washer and they didn't hook up my dryer. The problem is he never came back the next day as promised, I ended up paying a repair...

Ross Dress for Less / store and dressing room is filthy bacteria

Nov 28, 2018

Hello I visited your store on Black Friday in the evening I've been to the store before I just want to say that the dressing room is extremely dirty and filthy you could see that it hasn't been the floors have not been washed in a very long time possibly years you can see dust bunnies and...

Dish Network / / on demand service

Nov 07, 2018

Their on demand service is constantly down. They have limited options to binge or choose from and when you download them they says it's available for 30 days. Try to play it and it says expired. This has been going on for a year, the whole time I have been with them. Technical support say...

Nike / nike air shoes

Oct 22, 2018

I have been a Nike shoe man for over a decade as I'm in the military fitness is a lifestyle so therefore my Nike trainers are a must, I was particularly a fan of Nike airs, my first pair was great and lasted long however I have had 2 pairs in a row to completely lose their air in the sole...

American Medical Association [AMA] / jame z. lanier pa-c license# pa17132

Aug 28, 2018

My Wife has gone to pain management for approx. 6 months taking the med he prescribed . She also took another pain med from our primary Dr. Every month she has told the pain clinic about this med, they didn't tell her not to take this med untIL she had taken a urine test for the second...

Wigsis / wig - short bob

Aug 09, 2018

After 25 e-mails for the past 2 months back and forth, l tried to return a thing that looked like a scalped cat and smelled like mildew and was nothing close to what l ordered, l was given this reply: (they really don't care you got scammed) [protected] Wed, Aug 8, 8:10 PM (12...

Kroger / you using off duty police to store security.

Aug 08, 2018

What are you thinking? Why would you use police to work in your stores? Read the room dummies, right now the majority of US citizens don't want to have anything to do with the police since they do nothing but bully the citizens that pay them. So you like having little girls get tazed/tased...

AeroMexico / ticket refund

Jul 10, 2018

My name is Veronica Contreras and I purchased a one way ticket from Durango to Tijuana in April 2018 as I arrived at the airport I was unbale to use that ticket because there was a mistake on ticket re name it was printed Veronica Contreras Howard and I am not Howard so for that reason I...

Days Inn / days inn deming new mexico

Jun 14, 2018

I made reservations for one night stay on June 13, 2018. It was for a wheelchair accessible room. I specifically told the person taking the reservation that my husband was a bilateral amputee. I provided my credit card information to pay for the room. We left California at 8:30 am. When we...

Panera Bread / food has hair in it

May 15, 2018

I recently wen to a Panera Restaurant and order noodle bowls and upon my shock I found two pieces of hair in it. I was so sicken that I went back to the restaurant and asked could I have my money put back on my gift card and they stated no and that their was nothing I could do. I have been...

Pizza Hut / stetson location in hemet

Apr 16, 2018

My dad called Pizza Hut yesterday. I usually call for him because he doesn't speak English, but yesterday he called and said that they now have a lady who speaks Spanish and was very helpful with him by helping him get the best deal. He now feels comfortable enough to call in his own...

General Motors Corporation / service at gosh chevrolet in hemet ca

Apr 03, 2018

We took this car in for the third time for a dead battery. They had it for over two weeks.could not find the problem.what they said was they needed to re program the computers. After that some time went buy. Not needed the navigation system for a while.when we did need it it did not work.i...

US Bank / US Bancorp / banking service

Apr 02, 2018

My savings and checking account was closed unwillingly and I need my money out of my account ASAP so I can pay my rent the bank refuses to give it to me right away saying that they will mail it to me I can't wait I have to pay my rent if you refuse to accept my account any longer will give...

General Motors / 2015 chevy camaro

Feb 27, 2018

2/27/2018 - It as 5am and I was driving down a dark highway on my way to work. My need bumped the steering column and the power went out. I was unable to steer the car, no lights (other than the hazard) worked. The car slowed down to a stop (lucky there were no cars behind me). I almost...

Carl's Jr. Restaurants / service

Jan 31, 2018

Your restaurant on State x Stetson in Hemet CA., did not provide service when my family entered your store. There was no one in line and we waited approximately 5-7 mins before someone approached us. Moreover, the person who finally waited on us could not speak English. Do to the poor...

WinCo Foods / food products

Jan 19, 2018

Pork chops Package was open and freezer burn and chicken was old I and my boyfriend got sick from food poisoning. Had the runs and throwing up been getting bad food from since that [censor] I deserve my money back or something why sell that shot to people we felt horrible and that's a...

MetroPCS / employee not caring about their customers

Jan 08, 2018

My self and husband went into metro pcs store in Hemet employee assted us I explained my daughter gave me her phone it's not active now but my daughter reset the phone wiped it all told her I want to turn it on but if I do that will I still have to sign into the goggle acct once on phone...

Victoria's Secret / not receiving my complete order

Dec 26, 2017

I placed an order and nothing came so I had to call to have my order replaced then I noticed it wasn't my complete order I'm still missing a body spray. This is the 2nd time I've gone through this already and each time they are out of stock of some of my items. And also when I placed my...

Wish Trend / Wish Company / my order package hasn't arrived it's passed dew

Dec 12, 2017

Where is my order package ? Its passed dew !!! Here is my confirmation number 59febb59134cca703739021A my email address is [protected] I tried calling your 1-800 number and it has no live operator . Im very disappointed on wish My home phone is [protected] my name is eddie call...

Toyota / vehicle maintenance

Dec 09, 2017

On the 7th of December I arrived for my appointment at 3pm and found the service department was closed due to loss of power. I was surprised not to have been contacted since a cellphone and battery backup to one computer would allow contact preventing people from wasting time and money for...

Taco Bell / product/services

Dec 03, 2017

Was at the Taco Bell in Hemet off Florida and Sanderson on Dec 2. Around 5 pm. Was there to buy gift cards after told that the Taco Bell in Menifee and Sun City are not participating in selling gift cards. Mind you I checked online before going to those stores. Information is incorrect...

Pizza Hut / poor service

Nov 19, 2017

I ordered pizza 3 weeks ago and when I got it, number 1 is got 2 pizzas and one was completely wrong and so I called and was told they would fix it at my next visit and I gave them my name. Sherry. So I called tonight to order a different pizza and was told that they did not have the...

Farmers Insurance / farmers claims department

Nov 17, 2017

I had an accident got contacted by Appraiser for over the phone interview, he assured would have a response back by the end of the week but never got back to me, after several attempts to contact him by phone or email he got back said had denied the claim, because of not enough evidence to...

Stater Bros Markets / fruit quality poor

Oct 30, 2017

All of your fruit was kept in cold storage to long which gives poor texture and no sweet taste. I would hate to change grocery stores in that I am happy with service at all other customer service items. I shop at the new store on Florida and Sanderson in Hemet. I am sure you probably have...

JC Penney Company / completely unprofessional

Oct 26, 2017

I placed 2 orders on October 12th, it is now OCtober 25th and I have not received either item. I tracked the items daily just for the tracking information to be uploaded, then later pulled and stating that no information could be provided at this time. Which was a complete inconvenience...

Bank Of America Corporation / checking deposits

Oct 06, 2017

I spoke to one of your representatives on the phone this morning (10/6/17) in regards to electronic checking deposits from a vendor. On Friday, 9/15/17, Check N' Go (vendor) deposited $255 to my Bank of America checking account. The deposit posted to my account on Monday, 9/18/17...

Carl’s Jr. #5097 / service

Oct 03, 2017

The teller was very sweet, I ordered two spicy chicken sandwiches and requested a $5 gift card. Not knowing how to ring a gift card, she went and got her manager. Her manager told me the minimum was ten dollars when I clearly heard the teller say there’s a $5 button. I asked the manager to...

Stater Bros Markets / brocolicuts

Sep 12, 2017

I am very disappointed and upset that the bag of brocolicuts I baught was just cut up thick sock like no bocoli at all.. I love staterbros and their products, but I am very disappointed of this product... I don't blam the store, just quality control I am a former produce packer and this i...

Netflix / unauthorized charges not a member

Sep 08, 2017

I have been charged twice 11.99 for a subscription to Netflix I am not a member nor have I ever signed up to be a member I do not even have wifi so Please discontinue your billing as I have contacted my card for fraudulent use. And your charges will no longer go thru I made a purchase at...

Days Inn / hotel room

Jul 05, 2017

my room wasn't ready at check in to wait over 2 hrs then the gross was gross dirty nasty rugs burn marks on counter light fixtures broke but the worst was the pool and hot tub ( which is why we got a hotel room) they were so dirty I don't know how anyone could go in them ( see picture...

Apollotek International / appointment gift

Jun 21, 2017

After I bought a home in Hemet, CA I received an offer of $75.00 supermarket credit. I had there rep. come out and test my water on 04/19/2017. At the end of his presentation I reminded him of their offer. The rep told me that he was sorry but he had run out of the coupon. He told me he...

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores / service

Jun 19, 2017

The rude lady at the register doing the check out was very rude and refused to take my rwturn even though i had my reciept, because she was closed! This was after i stood in the fabric line to have the fabric measured for the return. I do alot and i mean alot ( a minimum of $400 at least...

Shell / air condition service

Jun 14, 2017

took my car into the shell station for ac charge on 6/13/2017 the tech Ahmad told us for $74.80 he would check for leaks and charge the air when he got done with my car he stated that it was empty and had no leaks and all he needed to do was to charge it we told him to go ahead we paid the...

Hemet Post Office / unprofessional mail delivery service

May 27, 2017

Packages that have been opened and delivered, broken. We hate to order anything that we have concerns the items can be broken. We videotaped one postman trying to drop the contents of an open package on the front walk, because he didn't want to come in the gate. We filed a complaint...

Kmg AND Cellica / they made free offer under your name an offer for 2 items of face creams

Apr 23, 2017

I paid s/h for the Free offer of 2 products. Last weel the Chase fraud dept called and I explained the small chgs were for s/h. On Saturday morning, 4/22. at 2 A.M. the Fraud dept called about chgs to my acct for $141.65 from Cellica. . I said I have no reason for this it's a fraudulent... / scoresense

Apr 15, 2017

This company has been fraudulently been taking 39.99 from one of my credit card for the last 6 mos nd will only refund me for one month. I have never signed up with this company as I use a free credit check company. They just emailed me nd and say they will refund me for one month. They...

Hertz / scheduled rental

Apr 07, 2017

I booked an suv Mon 4/3/17 for Fri 4/7/17 pickup 9:30am. It is 4/7 & 1:30pm & I still have no vehicle. Have been told 3 times a car would be at 10:30am, then 11am & 12pm. I just called at 1:30pm & they are waiting on cars from the airport? I was ask if I would take a full size & agreed...

American Automobile Association / / unethical behavior

Mar 30, 2017

Dear AAA, I am filing this complaint regarding the service I received on Friday March 10, 2017. Luis Gonzalez at the Hemet, CA Travel Department assisted me in booking a flight (CF No. PQ0Z7C) to mirror that of a friend of mine from LAX, to Munich, to Capetown South Africa. I brought in my...

Hertz / reservation issues

Mar 19, 2017

I booked a reservation online. And I received a confirmation number. When I got to the location they told me they didn't know why the hertz system let me reserve online because they were sold out of cars. I told them I have a reservation number still they said they could don't anything and...

Pizza Hut / we never received our pizza.

Jan 26, 2017

Hello on [protected] at 10:19 pm I placed an order online for two large pizzas and they quoted us 30 minutes through email. In the email I provided the full correct address and a phone number in case they needed to contact us. At 11:49pm our pizza still wasn't here when I called the store the...