Consumer Complaints & Reviews in American Canyon, California, United States

Veloura International / cream and eye lift

Dec 03, 2018

i would like to have a refund on these transactions that had been deducted on my account as soon as possible and to cancel the products aswell Not so happy with your company taking deductions out of my account without my knowledge. £89.99 plus £79.99 = £169.98 is alot of money and make...

Taco Bell / inappropriate behavior by an employee!!!

Sep 23, 2018

On Sept. 16 I ordered two chalupas at the 031850 American Canyon Taco Bell in California. My son is a vegetarian and can't eat sour cream. The order was sub the beef for beans and NO sour cream. I arrived home and my son said he couldn't eat it the food because there was sour cream. I wa...

Safeway on American Canyon Rd / mice in the french bread bins

Jul 15, 2018

I was shopping and was looking for the thin rolls of french bread and the manager walking the floor showed me where I could find them. As I squeezed a couple I looked down into the bin and saw a live mice just helping himself to the bread. I walked away deciding not to buy any french...

Jack In The Box / service

May 20, 2018

I went to your jack in the box store to get the breakfast meal I get when I wake up and was greeted with so much hostility from one of you employes she immediately went straight up to the window and started flipping me off after I already paid my meal and none of your supervisors had any...

Walgreens American Canyon CA 94503 5:20 PM / customer service

Nov 10, 2017

On Friday 11/10/2017 I went to our Walgreen store and wanted to buy some razor blades (which are locked up in cosmetics). After waiting for a little while in cosmetics I asked the cashier in front to call someone to help me. After looking at me like I had three heads he stated that there... / don't ever submit your account details to usenet

Mar 06, 2017

Danger zone! Fraud website. Fully misleading. Asks to register from phone with all account details submitted. Now it's gonna be hell for u to disengage the account. You can't even login to that site on phone. You need softwares to login which are only compatible with PC OS. Thank god! I...

KIA / no spare tire /jack sold in new kia

Aug 09, 2016

Hi my name is Tonya Morrison Me and my boyfriend(John Mertz) bought new Kia souls and didn't realized that the vehicle did not come with spare tire. We had to take our dog to the emergency vet on Tuesday August 2nd. After we got there my boyfriend noticed that he had a flat tire. He had...

Safeway Market / checkers wearing perfume

Feb 18, 2015

All the checkers who work tat Safeway Super market wear a lot of perfume and get it on my food ..Its hygienically not good..I have spoken on the phone twice..But they smell like perfume..My feelings are do not want perfume on my bags, shopping cart food bags and especially my food..Is that so much to ask, , '

Sony Bravura / poor product quality

Apr 22, 2011

I bought a Sony Bravura, model, KDL32L4000, 32 inch in May, 2008. While watching TV, the equipment suddenly scrolled up and down. I have called Sony for a referral on a good technician. They have given me DRAPINSKI TV in . Valleljo. They quoted me $87 dollars for technician an evaluation. The...

WINEBID.COM / .” sells spoiled wine and refuses to be responsible for that. Buyers beware!!!


I have bought 4 bottles of wine from as I thought I am buying from a reputable company; however, I was very disappointed when I received my recent purchase. When I opened the bottle the cork was completely dried out and crumbled in my hands. The wine was unfit for consumption;... / They do not send what I pay for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have a complaint I would like to make on I ordered from this company three times in total enough mistakes for others to learn from anyhow, the first time I got what I ordered, I thought that my first experience with them was okay so I ordered from them again. The next time I...

niza revilla / horrible realtor


She is very misleading in her dealings with you. If you are currently working with her, make sure you get everything she claims, any promises she makes, and anything she agrees to do for you, IN WRITING! She is not an honest person and during the time I was her client, felt she only had...