Consumer Complaints & Reviews in Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Harvey Norman / discount on product not honoured

Dec 22, 2018

We went into Harvey Norman store on 13/12/2018. To purchase a Nikon D3500 DSLR as it was advertised online 10% off for that day only. When we arrived and spoke with a staff member in the camera department we were told after speaking with his manager that the discount doesn't apply to camera...

Jetstar Airways / baggage

Oct 20, 2018

I was over 3 kg for my carry on luggage. I happily paid the $60. My Mother had to take items out and was visual checked while she put the items in the bin. (Degrading) I saw two people whom were definitely over 7kg. They both hid and proceeded to unpack clothing got weighed and got there...

Woolworths Australia / rat poo in crumpets

Oct 13, 2018

I bought a packet of crumpets from Woolworths here in Townsville, not sure which branch as i've just moved here but i can find out. It was a week ago. I opened the packet and there was a huge rat poo embedded in the underside of one of the crumpets - plainly left their after cooking and...

Yahoo! / email accounts sending out threatening demands for bitcoin

Oct 01, 2018

Hi There, My name is Chris Candy and I am the IT manager for the Mike Carney Toyota Group in Townsville QLD Australia. Our group have been receiving threatening emails from one of your users and we would like you to find this person and remove them from your email services then find their...

Coles Supermarkets / little shop folder

Sep 05, 2018

I've been waiting patiently for some more little shop coles folders to be in store for sale since the beginning of the little shop promotion. There are still none that have come out into any of the stores that I have been to in Townsville. I'm very disappointed because I have 3 sets and my...

Kogan Australia / samsung gear s3 frontier sm-r760 sn r5ajb04bwej - no response to multiple email requests. this item needs to be repaired under manufactures warranty.

Jun 28, 2018

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier purchased 27/11/2017 with 3 year extended warranty. Approximately 3 months ago, after software upgrade, pedometer and heart rate stopped working. I have checked help desk, factory reset and followed blogs with no change. Multiple email requests have been sent...

Tripsta / booking

May 26, 2018

Book a flight ticket from Manila PH to Townsville Australia, for my friend's mom. We didnt realised that the passport was already expired, but TRIPSTA still charged us. Now, I emailed them requesting for a re-book, and they wanted us to add extra $300+ for the rebook or they would refund...

Woolworths Australia / online delivery website for remote location

May 07, 2018

Woolworths online delivery website is almost impossible to use for large deliveries. You only get 5-10 minutes to make later changes before your order is cancelled is & your payment refunded. It then takes three working days to go back into your account. Several changes mean that around...

Harvey Norman / heier drier

Mar 09, 2018

In townsville the tv advertisment says 6kg heier drier for 199.00. It then goes on to say free delivery, and set up as well as the old drier taken away. My wife went to purchase a drier today to be told it is a 4kg and the tv add was wrong. This was being said by the rudest man my wife ha...

Abella Mayfair / abella mayfair trial 24 hr day and night cream and 90 second wrinkle control

Jan 25, 2018

Hi my name is Ivy Ashby and I ordered this and now I have lost my job. So please don't send it to me as I have no money. I am from Australia. When I get another job, I will then get it. As I am told it's good. But no job, I am struggling and can't pay. I have no money in my account. My... / Plenty of Fish / plenty of fish

Nov 11, 2017

I currently have a protection order against my ex. He has recently contacted me on hear and stalked my profile I now can not find his account on hear he has vanished. I need to know what's happened as he is court ordered not to contact me or search for me on any given sites. His name i...

Toys / 30cm paw patrol bike with handle

Nov 05, 2017

As advertised 30cm paw patrol bike with handle $99 also available in paw patrol Skye. Yet when l went in store to purchase this item only the paw patrol bike (blue) comes with a steering handle not the Skye (pink) version. When l showed the manager the advertisement pointing out that it...

Coral Rick / classic escape membership

Sep 02, 2017

3rd September 2017 To Whom It May Concern Robert and I signed up with Classic Escapes membership in December 2013 in Townsville. Or should I say we were coerced and deceived into a membership with Classic Escapes that is completely worthless. When we got down to the nitty gritty, the...

LiquorLand / toms tavern liquorland staff are filthy power tripping [censor]

May 27, 2017

My friend who is 19 goes to buy herself some wine, however her license had just expired that week and she hadnt yet received a new one, and because of this, she was turned away. So she comes back and so i decide to buy her wine for her, i am 24 years old with a current ID and thought i had...

Hungry Jack's Australia / menu items not available, unless I go and buy ingredients

May 20, 2017

I previously was a regular customer. At the Hungry Jacks, Rising Sun store. The last 2 times I went, taff were unable to make coffee as they had no milk in store. I chose to go to Coles, to purchase milk, so your staff could make me a coffee. After the last time, I took my busine...

Qantas Airways / ticket price and service

May 15, 2017

I phoned Qantas as previously directed to book a Townsville to Brisbane return flight. I had previously booked flights in advance for my husband to fly to his work site in Central Qld. When he became injured, he could no longer work and I had several flights in credit. I needed to book a...

Netflix / supernatural tv show

Apr 25, 2017

I am very disappointed that the television show Superbatural was removed from Netflix. I thoroughly enjoy watching television shows on Netflix and was very disappointed to discover that a show I had been watching was suddenly removed from Netflix without warning. I feel like this i...

Evolution IT PTY LTD / AVG Undercut Reseller

Nov 27, 2016

AVG Undercut Reseller. We called avg to get a quote to renew a clients software as this had expired and the client had no knowledge of this. We called and spoke to AVG sales rep who announced they could take 10% off the price of the renewal however to get the deal across the line they...

McDonald's / poor service, unethical behaviour

Nov 06, 2016

At approximately 12:20 my sister and I placed an order for 2x Jalapeno chicken burger meals at the McDonald's Express outlet in Stocklands Shopping Mall, Townsville, Queensland. The order was repeated by the saleslady, too fast for us to hear, English being our 2nd language. I repeated the...

Woolworths / management

Jun 17, 2016

If you are wondering why sales figures are down at woolworths hermit park townsville, your management are the rudest people that I have come across in all of my 50 years in the service industry. My business spends easily $30000 per year there and myself and many others are going elsewhere...

Globe Telecom / prepaid tattoo pocket modem sim card being choked

Feb 20, 2016

I have recently purchased a Hauwai mobile wifi model E5330 with a globe prepaid sim([protected]) on a GOTSCOMBODD70 PLAN.It worked fine for 2 days and then was choked by globe.I know this because I have another sim ([protected])from globe which is giving me 5 bars 3 g on my phone and when...

Woolworths Australia / customer service

Feb 12, 2016

I made a phone call to Woolworths woodlands to make an enquiry and unfortunately a lady named toni answered the phone. She was very rude and arrogant as if she didn't care or want to help me. I will not be shopping or ringing the store again.

Coles / bullying & harassment by my dept manager

Oct 14, 2015

When the store opened in 2013, everything was great, I'd not worked for coles before but was really enjoying my job with no complaints from management at all. Six months later we got a new dept manager and everything started going downhill from the first day she started. I was accused...

Norton by Symantec / requesting refund

May 21, 2015

My computer was serviced yesterday and I found that I have not been protected with Norton for over twelve months. On 28 March Norton took payment of AUD $99.99 from my credit card. I would like a refund for this amount. That credit card will be cancelled.

Campbells Spring Lamb Soup Canned / food quality

Jan 12, 2015

I opened a can of Campbell's spring lamb soup and found a worm/grub floating on top. it was very obvious it was an insect and not a part of the vegetables from the soup. A friend examined it and agreed it was an insect. The can was not opened and there were no other signs of damage to the packaging.

Woolworths / rude manager

Sep 19, 2014

On Friday the 19th of September at around 5.00 we were waiting in line with 25 other people and only 2 checkouts open. Everybody was complaining how ridiculous it was. When we finally did get to the checkout the checkout lady said how was your day, we said good now we have a checkout after...

Classic Escapes / Failure to refund deposit

Mar 10, 2014

We attended a presentation by this company after being presented with a scratch and win card at the Sydney airport. We also were asked to pay $50.00 which we were refunded at the beginning of our appointment. We sat through the lengthy presentation and were interested but very undecided a...

Europcar Australia / overcharged

Jun 29, 2012

I hired a vehicle through Europcar after obtaining a quotation through Vroom Vroom and the arrangement was that the vehicle be picked up at Mackay Airport and dropped off at Townsville Airport four days later at 7.42am in the morning and costs were estimated to be $306.00 with no drop off...

DHL Express / engagement ring lost!

Oct 04, 2011

Thanks for ruining my good memories of my engagement DHL Townsville! We sent my engagement ring to Brisbane from Townsville last Wednesday - but your same day delivery service has failed to get it there in a week. Tiffany & Co in Brisbane are now saying your Townsville branch can't...

Channel 7 / v8 supercars

Jun 19, 2011

why can channel 7 keep the rights to the V8 supercars when the station is unreliable. first alot of the races get split in half by an afl game because they conflict and afl always come first which is a joke considering they took the afl rights from channel 10 and then done the same with...

Brenda Claassen / SMS



Tagged / failure to deliver messages


this morning i had 12 of my messages returned from post delivery notification. i wondered why. have sent many messages to these addresses and they have never came back before. could you please find out why this is happening to me. it is so terribly frustrating. i mean thats an enormous amount...

Mcdonalds Townsville Lakes / shocking service and product


I took my two boys aged 4 & 7 to McDonalds at Townsville Lakes franchise around 12 noon on Sunday, 29 August 2010. They were busy, yet only 2 of their 4 point of sales were staffed so I ended up in a line. Took little over 10 minutes to get to the front and place my order...2 kids happy...

Bad Boys Gym Townsville CRIMINALS / bad boys gym townsville criminals chris condon thug

Bad Boys Gym Townsville CRIMINALS Chris Condon THUG...Greyhound Racing Townsville THUG Chris Condon Manager Townsville Show Grounds. Would you have a bet on Greyhounds in Queensland with a criminal and stand-over thug like Chris Condon Manager of the Townsville Show Grounds involved ?...

Townsville Showgrounds criminals Chris Condon / Chris Condon criminal manager Townsville Show

Chris Condon Manager Townsville Show is a thug, standover man, king hit king, bully, and an agressive violent criminal, who should be locked up in prision permanently because of all his unprovoked assaults causing grievious bodliy harm to innocent people. How the Townsville Show Society can...

Townsville Show Society / Townsville Show violence & assaults Chris Condon THUG

Townsville Showgrounds -- Chris Condon the Manager EQUALS guns-violence-bashings-fighting-assaults-thuggery-threats AND MORE.! Would you take your children or family there ? Why do the Townsville Show Society employ a violent criminal bully thug like Chris Condon as Manager ! Chris Condon...

Townsville Show Ground violence / Townsville Show Ground criminals & violence

Townsville Showgrounds -- Chris Condon the Manager EQUALS guns-violence-bashings-fighting-assaults-thuggery-threats AND MORE.! Would you take your children or family there ? Why do the Townsville Show Society employ a violent criminal bully thug like Chris Condon as Manager ! Chris Condon...

Townsville Show Society / Chris Condon THUG Manager

Townsville Showgrounds -- Chris Condon the Manager EQUALS guns-violence-bashings-fighting-assaults-thuggery-threats AND MORE.! Would you take your children or family there ? Why do the Townsville Show Society employ a violent criminal bully thug like Chris Condon as Manager ! Chris Condon...

Channel Seven Brisbane Queensland / irresponsible attitude to tzunami warnings


I am appalled and disgusted at Sunday Sunrise on Sunday 28th February. I woke up to the leering facile host joking about the fact that there had been an earthquake in Chile that had killed hundreds and a tzunami warning for the entire Pacific Rim, including Australias' East Coast. Thi...

Channel 7 / afl coverage


Why channel 7 bothered paying $700 million for the rights to broadcast AFL has me beat. It is a friday night and like alot of people I would like to wind my week down by watching a game of football. But yet again I am stuck with you broadcasting some D grade movie. I would imagine with...