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Tvmediaoutlet.com / Do not use this fraudsters

They don't list a # for contact or where they're located. I ordered the "Carol Burnette Show" complete set for 79 bucks on the 15th., today's the 6th. of June. Still no D.V.D's 10-14 days shipping? Why? Have not responded to any e-mails. Don't use them. It's a Fraud. Plus no tracking #. They SUCK.

Runescapeaccountsfree.com / Stay away from Runescapeaccountsfree.com

I was looking for free runescape accounts then I found this site. It told me to do an Mobile Phone Offer before they will send me the account details, so i did it (Cost: $4). After I did that I went to press the "Email My Account Information" again. guess what, it still says I have to do...

TVFreeload.com / After you pay your $49.99 and download the software, you are transported to a completely different website which is totally disorganized

Do NOT sign up for this service! The web page claims to provide you with access to thousands of TV shows, available in all kinds of formats--HD, MP4, etc. After you pay your $49.99 and download the software, you are transported to a COMPLETELY different website which is totally...

Greenhybrid.com / If you are seeking a truly green site or an informative hybrid site, it's not this one

The first thing about greenhybrid.com you will notice is dozens of spam that stays for a day or so. And this is inspite of members asking for spam to be removed. The milage database also is upkept like an abandoned Detroit neighborhood. Activity has declined sharply since the staff had...

Arnolds Supplements / Order Never recieved. Credit Card Charged

I placed an order with Arnolds Supplemants on Nov 19, 2010. My Credit Card was charged the same day. 12 days later I still have not recieved my order. I have called the 1-877 number listed on their website numerous times only to recieve a voicmail stating no one could take my call. I have...

Cubicjewelry.com / I have never done business with a worst company

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. FRADULENT ACTIVITIES!!! I have also purchased a ring, one of the stones in the setting fell out after I only had the ring for 3 weeks. mind you I only wore it a handful of times on special occasions. I sent it to the company for repairs, my ring wa...

TvAddicts.tv / Very disappointing service indeed

Poor quality or never received - i bought the series of China Beach and also the movie 'Campus Man' in July 2007. I was charged for both on the 3rd of July. i received the China Beach DVD, some were repeated on the discs and a couple were very poor quality. i have never received...

Reader's Digest / URL not found

Reader's DigestMy name is sylvie and i work for reader's digest in customer care. If you are trying to find the link www.Rd.Ca/ssvault through a search engine (Google, yahoo, etc.), it is possible that you will not be able to access the website to enter the contest. Some of our contests are "by...

Valu Pass SCAM & FRAUD / Fraud

The company operates under the following websites www.globaltravel.com www.gtimemberships.com www.valu-pass.com www.journeypass.com Phone: (407) 660-7800 Fax: (407) 875-0711 Address: 2600 Lake Lucien Dr Ste 201 Maitland, FL 32751 Management: Randall J. Warren - CEO Mr Michael Gross -...

Valu-Pass.com / Membership

Valu-Pass.com = Infovpass.com = globaltravel.com = gtimemberships.com TOTAL SCAM!!! Buyers be aware, do not ever be lured into Valu-Pass Promotional Offer, it's a total SCAM. Their Promotional offer states $100 Walmart gift voucher JUST FOR SIGNING UP and try their service. It'...

Internet Biz / Fraudulent charge

I received a charge on my credit card in the amount of $38.99 today from a company claiming that we had signed up for a work from home program in March 2009 and this was their annual charge. I told them that we had never signed up for this and I wanted a refund and for them to remove my...

Roulettebandit.com / Would stay well clear, save your money, this is an elaborate co

I think it is a total Con, does not do what it says it will, certainly wont win you any money, you will just loss £50 quid, oh how i hate being done (The Roulette Bandit) is just as some of the other Websites have said about him, RUBBISH & VERY VERY HARD TO PLAY. would stay well clear, save your money, this is an elaborate con.

Greatanimedvd.com / I think this website is garbage and a scam

I think this website is garbage and a scam..i placed an order well over a month ago, and they had no problem taking my money..now they wont email me with a response of where my animes are..paypal is now contacting them for a full refund.

Tutorz.com / Registration doesn't work, they don't respond to e-mails

Tutorz = fail - This site may look like the most professional of the bunch, but the people behind it are anything but. Registration doesn't work. They don't respond to e-mails. And the phone number they give in several different places is no longer in service. Way to run a business, guys.

Tutorvista.com / Don't ever use them as you won't get any help and not to mention your money back

I signed up for a one week trail. I made it clear to them that I wanted to try it only and that I would pay thru PayPal purposely so I would not be charged for subscriptions that I did not want. Of course I did not know that PayPal also can do automatic monthly subscriptions and of course...

Virtualvocations.com / Takes membership and then can't sign on.

I signed up for membership to apply for a position and get a free resume overview but once I paid the membership, I could not get logged in again. When I email in for help, I don't get any. They don't reset my password. They don't resend my password. They don't provide...

Rd.ca/ssvault / unable to enter

I tried to enter the above website, "www.re.ca/ssvault" for a bonus entry to the monthly $5000 draw. I got on to the website, but it would not accept the safe combination as a code for entry. I do not understand why Readers Digest does this. I wonder if it is to collect data for new customers??????

ChaCha / Scam!!!

ChaCha states that they give you an email before they terminate you warning you of termination. BS!! I hadn't received questions for four days and so I sent feedback to them and asked them what was up.. thats when they finally emailed me back and said that I had been terminated for...

Bidsauce / BidSauce is a Gigantic Rip Off

BidSauce is set up to make you believe that you are going to be able to bid on items for pennies. You are asked to provide your credit card information and that when you bid, the amount that you bid will be debited after you have won the bid. My card ended up being debited for $149.95. I...

MVQ / Sneaky ###

This is very close to a full-on scam with the guise of being legitimate. They offer a 7 day trial for an online service that must then be cancelled otherwise they begin charging 27.95 a month. Rubbish! They NEVER ONCE provided any sort of service until they cancelled my account, the...
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Health Care Scam Costs Rising Up to $250 Billion
Health Care Scam Costs Rising Up to $250 Billion
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