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CB Online Scams Wild Guns Leather Holster ordering fabrications
Wild Guns Leather

Wild Guns Leather review: Holster ordering fabrications 3

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10:52 am EDT
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Wild Guns Leather company has Integrity and slays reviews of reviewing Complaints Board, Riga, Latvia. Company reviews herein are from the board located in Riga, Latvia just next door to the mosque. Check it out. This has been going on for years with some "bots" and shills going back as far as 2011. And these so-called complaints get updated by shills on a regular basis. That also clearly shows the veracity of such actions are suspect.

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Jun 06, 2023 9:11 pm EDT
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Must be legit, there's no way it could be, JERRY ARDOLINO, speaking! Who am I you might ask? Good question! I'm just a shut in shilling for another holster maker! HA!HA!

Afraid to have all the bad testimonials in one place? Probably a good idea on your part. How about I just leave this gem from a really life like bot here:

Wild Guns Leather• Jerry Ardolino
Yoakum, US
Jun 28, 2023 11:42 pm EDT
Replying to comment of WSeod

From Office Manager at Wild Guns Leather. Your " Get Gephardt" link is dead. And Gephardt is no longer. He left his TV channel " suddenly" in 2019. Let's see, Wild Guns' main brand has been around from 1975 through 2023. Still around, still shipping weekly and yet another odd name with no claim even, trying to cause issues. News: there have been so many fake complaints or bogus stories in one place, with fake named complainers demanding holsters they never purchased; many of our customers, especially this year, have seen through it, purchase, get their holster and wear and use the best. You accomplished nothing.

Jul 21, 2023 7:02 pm EDT
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The Get Gephardt link worked perfectly fine when I tested it just now. Call your computer people, have them make it their special project. I’m sure they can get it to work for you.

So what if Gephardt left? I don’t see a denial that orders were running over a year and a half late to NEVER. So what if ‘your’ main brand has been around since 1975? I noticed you didn’t say in business since 1975. How many businesses have you driven into bankruptcy now? If you’ve been scamming people since 1975 it doesn’t make it ok.

My claim? I ordered a holster, you never delivered. You want to fill the order now? If you walked up to me, handed the holster I ordered to me right now, I’d take it, drop it on the ground, turn around and walk off. I don’t even want the holster any more. Why am I doing it then? Mohandas K. Gandhi once said, “You have to do the right thing… You may never know what results come from your action. But if you do nothing, there will be no result.” So I’m protecting people who haven’t heard of you from loosing their money. The gun industry has too many people out to get it to be turning people off by getting scammed.

I accomplished nothing? Just keep telling yourself that. I had trouble finding this complaint because of all the other complaints against your business. Just keep responding with with “I’m JERRY ARDOLINO…” Keep feeding the algorithm so that anyone who looks sees all the complaints.

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