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CB Online Scams Purchase of ticket to annapolis symphony orchestra holiday pops review: Purchase of ticket to annapolis symphony orchestra holiday pops

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When to what I thought was the ASO site and was redirected to the site. So, I thought they were selling the tickets for the ASO. The tickets were much more than I expected but I thought the funds would go to support Orchestra. The site mimicked the ASO site and the TicketsCenter site showed only 20 or so seats available, so I made the purchase.

Come to find out 4 weeks later there are still over 60 seats still available and the TicketsCenter's markup was over 270% over the face value of the organization's ticket price buying from their box office directly. TicketsCenter claims this is because the seller set the price there but in reality it is because of their very high fees over $70.00 processing fee and even a $7.00 email fee per ticket. When you deduct the fees from their price it leaves the "seller" with about a 20% markup, and I sure TicketsCenter even takes a portion of that.

They flat out refused to refund a cent but offer to resell them for me. This would only lure another party to fund their fee structure. Also, their thicket confirmation doesn't state what my actual seats are only I have two seats in a "zone" and I will none get my tickets until 12-24 hours before the performance. Which tells me they don't actual have the tickets and are betting they can buy them before the show. Kind of playing the Stock Market's Index Option game on margin.

I aware they are operating just good side of legal but I'd avoid them at all costs.

Claimed loss: $339.50

Desired outcome: Full refund before performance and before the ASO is truly sold out.

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