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Menards / waiting on my rebate...

Katie923 on Jul 19, 2017
At the end of February 2017, my husband and I went to Menards in St. Louis and purchased two large lots of materials. The first receipt would have been roughly $675.00 and the second one being $300.00+. I sent both rebate forms in at the exact same time, same envelope even at the beginning...

Pagans Against Plagiarism Discredited In The Pagan Community / lesley jackson wales cyberbully stalker finally caught

highpriestess on Jul 19, 2017
Pagans Against Plagiarism Discredited In The Pagan CommunityPagans against plagiarism do not represent anyone as self appointed watchdogs they have landed on their [censor]. trolling, stalking, bullying, creating fake 5 star reviews on their colleagues boudica fosters books, cyberbullying and a 10 year campaign hiding behind troll names they are...

MyPerfumeSamples / poor quality vial samples

carol whiteman on Jul 19, 2017
I ordered and paid for 7 vial samples of perfumes so that I could decide which were best for me and then I was going to buy bottles of the same perfumes. With each sample you could BARELY smell anything in the vial. When I applied the samples to 4 or 5 areas of my skin I could absolutely...

Twoo.com / twoo mail sent to all of my contacts without asking!

lauralarepu on Jul 19, 2017
Twoo.comI recieved an email from someone in my contacts telling that there was a message for me via twoo. I needed to se if that was important so I downloaded the app, and instantly there were mails sent to all of my contacts saying tehere was a message from me waiting for them! this is such an...

Yahoo! / zeest201288@yahoo.com

Zeest on Jul 19, 2017
info@nasdopeworld.net Received email from this mailing address saying that my account will be cancelled Dear zeest201288@yahoo.com We received a message from you requesting for your account termination, please ignore this message if the request was from you. Your account would be...

Swift Transportation / swift courier service

Xanora Daniels on Jul 19, 2017
Swift TransportationThis is a total scammer i met at tagged by the name of richard alex.i knew it was to good to be true.but the moment he said that he sent bags, waches etc for me i knew something was wrong.he said he sent the stuff for me with swift transportation and that they will make contact as soon a...

Viagogo / europa league 2016-2017 final ticket sales

Topias on Jul 19, 2017
Me and my friend sold two tickets to the Europa League 2016-2017 Final through Viagogo. UPS arrived and transfered the tickets to the buyers in the Netherlands. We recieved a message that we'll get our money about a week after the final, when Viagogo is sure that the buyers have gotten in...

IVRose / product never received but charged without delay!

Michelle Varone on Jul 18, 2017
Scam! I ordered a product through the website IVROSE on june 18th 2017, the seller sent me 3 different tracking numbers non of which ever worked, (item was never found and i would get an error message) each time. now when i sent them a message on july 13th requesting information on my...

Sonic Drive-In / the my sonic app

Joan Alvey on Jul 18, 2017
my grandson purched a $15 dollar in app sonic card. At time of purchas was told it was good for all sonics we tried using I caldwell, a two in nampa finely they told us the old place we could use it was in meriden we went there today No One Knew how to use it even the Manager!!! 6 times we...

Letgo / fake review

Canaan Hoffman on Jul 18, 2017
LetgoSeller contacted me and wanted to buy my item. He then wanted to trade. I refused the trade as he told me that the items hes trading are modd'd xboxs that he recently got banned from paypal and ebay for. He got upset and left a bad review and blocked me. I had put in a verification of the...

BioTrim Labs / SlimLivingClub.com / payment made, goods not received, refund not received

Chamarel on Jul 18, 2017
Request a full refund I placed an order and paid for my order "testo ultra" on the 21st april 2017. Three months later still no goods and still no refund. This is unacceptable. Could you please investigate and notify me of the outcome. These are just some of my tracking numbers I have...

Rita's Flowers / online florist

krisasl on Jul 18, 2017
My husband paid 86.00 for "same day delivery" of some sunflowers for our anniversary on June 27. The flowers didn't come same day..OR any other day! In fact two days later he received a basic strange email that says " Your order is being refunded.".. No explanation. and NO REFUNDED MONEY...

Diabo SGJ-YD No 3 Yunxiao Road, Guangzhoushi, Guangdong / false goods

Lindsey2 on Jul 18, 2017
Hello, like many others I recieved my goods from the above address. I purchased my goods from zapatillasasicsrunning.com.es on the 26/6 and was invoiced on my statement from a chinese name. No return address available, no contact answered. I have claimed to visa..not easy, must be...

Petco / petco online

Savannah Duda on Jul 18, 2017
PetcoOn Sunday July 1, 217 Petco provided false advertisement on their website. Clawsome Cat tree was normally $149.99, Petco listed price was $2.99 Pure Bliss cat tree was normally 149.99, Petco listed price was $0.99 Orthopedic Dog Bed normally $69.99, Petco listed as $2.99 Black Nylon Basic...

Science Natural Supplements / neuroxr and neurosleep

Kimtnp on Jul 17, 2017
I signed up for 14 day "free" trial of NeuroXR and am now receiving and being charged on one of my credit cards for monthly shipments of NeuroXR and NeuroSleep. I DID NOT order NeuroSleep, nor did I enroll in subscription service for the NeuroXR. It really has gotten to the point that I am...

Wish.com / wish.com. merchants. customer service.

Niki Rahe on Jul 17, 2017
On june 26th, 2017, my 7 year old son got onto my ipad and made a $850.00 purchase on my wish.com app. I immediately began cancelling the orders. And I even sent an e-mail to this very same address. Even though it was within the stated '8 hours of purchase', there were several...

Purenaturallite.com / money debited from my account

std123 on Jul 17, 2017
I was on a site that sent me on to a link that said it had an offer of natural erection enhancement pills I decided to order one box. While trying to place my order it shows payment of 6 Boxes so i have cancel transaction immediately but they have charges me amount of Rs 10005 /- had been...

Letgo / eric

LetgoI'm having a customer harass me. He lied about having books and and when I confronted him about scamming me he keeps giving me back reviews. So I just figured I'd ignore it because I'm an adult but then he went onto my Facebook and started harassing my friends on there. The proof he was on...

Protask micro task provider / I have 11 active referrals but tasks are still locked..

Pragya2695 on Jul 17, 2017
I have joined protask.site it said that when i will have 10 active referrals then they will unlock the tasks but not i have 17 active referrals but they dont give any task . and now i knew it that they will not going to pay me so i am stopping the work. I have send then many emails but...

Basenjis of Mississippi Coy and Cat Tippy / puppy breeders

Michelle Raines on Jul 17, 2017
My youngest son was about to turn 10 and his father and I wanted to get him a puppy for his birthday. My husband has had 2 basenji's in the past and wanted to purchase this type of dog. Found a breeder named above. Called Mr. Coy and Cat Tippy and discussed in length about the puppies and...
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