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Kids & Baby, By Most Complaints | Page 7

Dawn Barnes Karate Kids / Worst Karate School

karatekim on Apr 7, 2011

This karate school proclaims to cater to the wealthy but is a bad form of education for martial arts and also too cheap to keep up its false appearance. The employees are mistreated right in front of children's eyes. Take your children here if you would like them to learn how to be unethical and poorly trained in martial arts.

Redeemer Early Learning Center / Neglect

lisette394 on Apr 29, 2011

I have two daughters who were attending this daycare facility. There have been several occasions where both my children have been injured by other children, by falls, etc. On 4/28/11 at around 5:30pm went to the daycare to pick up my children. After paying for that week and a week in...

pampers nappies / tapes breaking

jan fotheringham on Jun 5, 2011

I am disgusted at the new pampers nappy range. Each pack i buy i lose 1-2 nappies as the tape snaps and they cant be used. I have just bought a bumper pack and now 5 of the nappies have broken tapes. I have always used pampers but would not now recommend. i have kept the nappies and will send to pampers if they are interested

CPS / my children

bergy69 on Jun 19, 2011

the cps been at our home found nothing wrong on a few misleading and false reports and then when my children were at family members 2 days later come and took them, we have not seen nor can we get ahold of them the cps have served us nothing stating why or what is going on

Child Protective Services / children removed from home because of

crelia on Jun 26, 2011

police were called to residence where possible fight was in place. police officer forces way in house id's everyone in house and it ends up that baby is kidnapped by ex foster mother and cps. ex foster mother of babys mom enters in home takes baby and goes to where the sister is at...

Happy Napper / shoddy workmanship

noodles1681 on Aug 30, 2011

My daughter received this directly from the Happy Napper site for her 5th birthday. She had been asking for it for months. She was sooo excited to get it! Within the first week though, the stitching in one arm came completely out. I sent numerous emails directly through the Happy Napper...

dancestar mickey / sateted selling price

craig215 on Sep 2, 2011

Just been watching bid tv and they stated dancestar mickey ah being sold for£180 and there start price was £149.99 and ended up selling for £99.99 when it is available for £70 on / Peanut Doll

upsetparent7 on Dec 19, 2011

I ordered two peanut dolls on 12/7/11 and have not received any kind of confirmation email as it states on the website. I have called several times and I have gotten through 3 times and each time they tell me that it should be arriving soon. My card was charged immediately and I received...

Janet D. Larson / Medical Negligence


Janet D. LarsonIn my experience with Janet D. Larson as my doctor was the WORST experience ever. She is not easy to talk to and does not tell you the truth, her staff poses (with fake aliases pretending to be clients & former clients) and post false statements attacking any patient that complains about...

Barbie two store house with 139 pieces / an imbarassing product for me too give to my granddaughter at Christmas

Mattel on Jan 1, 2012

My three year old only wanted a doll house for Christmas. I bought her one costing $60.00 knowing that Mattel is a trusted name and has a great product. I was surprised when I got it out on Christmas Eve and began to assemble this mess. it breaks easily, The Cardboard is warped for floors and...

Reproductive Medicine - Lawrence C Layman / Bad Doctor -Negligence

Alice Patton on Jan 20, 2012

Reproductive Medicine - Lawrence C LaymanWARNING!! DO NOT BECOME PATIENTS OR DO BUSINESS, with Lawrence C. Layman, MD Or The Staff @ Georgia Health & Sciences Obstetrics & Gynecology Clinic in Augusta GA!! Me & my husband's experience there as patients was a complete nightmare, their nurses are rude, the wait time wa...

Radhika K. Subramanian HORRIBLE DOCTOR / Poor Medical Service

Radhika K. Subramanian HORRIBLE DOCTORMalpractice A Lousy Doctor!!! Radhika K. Subramanian, M.D. She has the Bedside manner of a ROBOT... 06/19/2011 Radhika K. Subramanian, treated me with no respect, This Doctor, didn't even treat my wife like a patient, and it seemed like all he cared about -was collecting my medical...

Raintree Academy Spring Texas / Raintree Academy Spring Texas


Preschool teacher, Allison Ross, was arrested for child abuse, while (probable inlaw) Nicole Mateo remains at preschool Raintree Academy. It is suspected her father, deputy constable Steve Mateo, allowed forms of abuse by his daughter to take place. Contact Constable Ron Hickman and ask...

YSI elmore academy / inconsistency, held son for the money

ezbtwa on Feb 7, 2012

the academy witheld home visits and delayed discharge of my son for reasons unknown and made lies about my child for why? Was it all a money game? I believe the academy tore my family apart and tried keeping him as long as possible so they could receive state and federal funding. Not even... / SCAM

snowbird12 on Feb 14, 2012

"DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE! Don't be trust by their friendly name "Doula", or be taken with their great prices. good prices don't mean anything if they steal your money and send you nothing. Whoever owns this site should be GO TO JAIL for abusing the name "Doula" and scamming...

Life Adoptions / Adoption Scam

Cheated by Life Adoption on Feb 16, 2012

Stay very far away from this agency. They give you false promises, make you pay 4 times there quoted prices. They delay the process with every excuse they can think of, and become very rude when you ask the reasons behind the delays. They lost their accreditation, keep losing referral...

Olan Mills / Customer Service

Sad Mom :( on Mar 5, 2012

Stephanie the photographer not very friendly or patient. Had a terrible experience with holiday photo shoot. I did call customer service and explain how my appointment was a disappointing experience over all after having an excellent appointment a few months earlier with another...

nanny care / mentally unstable nanny

goronpaul on Mar 11, 2012

Nanny Cam's are a must and you are foolish if you don't get one. Why should you blindly trust a stranger with your child? Frankly anyone who does not want a camera on the job is not deserving of trust. The camera is there to protect both the baby and the nanny. Should something...

ScuttleBugs Child Development Center / Poor Service

elle nguyen on Mar 14, 2012

Do Not enroll your kids here!!! The staffs are nice to you as long as you hand over the monthly checks, but once you run into a scheduling issue, they take your deposit and hold their contract very stringently with a whole lot of attitude. I returned to work from maternity leave and due to...

Linda Weaver - eBay Id: Crackerjack717 / scam artist! fraudulent buyer!

Morphine on Mar 16, 2012

Linda Weaver - eBay ID: crackerjack717 233 E Jackson St New Holland, PA [protected] United States Contact Number: [protected] Contact Email: [protected] Avoid this ### at all costs!! She is nothing more than a thief buying products, refusing to return them, claiming to have...