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Moms UIF Assist Reply / Answer to Marihet


In answer to Marihet about her refund. We did pay her, her refund on the 22 of May. Up until this date I was not in my offices because of the Baby Expo in Jhb. On our website it is clearly stated that you can only claim UIF 1) if UIF is deducted from your salary 2) that if you only work on...

Great Expectations Child Development Center / Child Neglect and Abuse


Great Expectations Child Development CenterThis place was such a nightmare! During my daughters 8 month stay there I've witnessed teachers handling children roughly, pulling them by their arms and yelling at them. I've witnessed a teacher playing gameboy instead of watching children. I witnessed one of the teacher...

Little Tikes Super Soccer Ball Pit / missing parts


My daughter recieved the super soccer ball pit for her birthday, and it was missing the balls for the pit, and also the inflateable soccer ball. I tried to take it back to Target to exchange it, but I had no luck because it was a birthday gift without a reciept, so I have called the little...

Creative Kids Learning Centers / Lack of caring, committment


DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILDREN TO ANY OF THEM FOR DAY CARE! My granddaughter was going to the Rainbow location; we have had numerous upsets with the Director and the Regional Supervisor - the talk nice to yo but nothing is done until you have to keep taking time off of work to deal with...

Teja / Unreliable and Untrustworthy Nanny (Live-in Caregiver) Melwida Erive


We would like to share our bad experience with Nanny (Live-in caregiver) to everyone, and caution other employers of nannies to keep an eye on them. We had sponsored a Nanny Visa for Melwida Erive from Philippine. When she came here she said they were treated very inhumanly in HonKong...

Lisa Awad Nanny / Unreliable and Immature Nanny- Do N0t Use


We hired Lisa Awad to be the nanny for our newborn children after a comprehensive search. As she is still young (20 years old) we specifically asked her about her wanting to return to school for her degree. She indicated she only wanted to do online schooling and it shouldn't...

Playful Plush Toys / never received product


my money was taken and i never received the product. after placing my order, i received a confirmation email. after waiting the estimated delivery time, i still had not received the item and received no reply to my email and their customer service number was out of order. i had to order...

face off inc / cancellation not accepted


I had been approached by one of your sales people at home Ashley (012) on 3-8-09. I made the plurchase for a magazine subscription when she told me it would be only $20.00 when she handed me the bill it was for $65.00 I wrote out the check and gave it to her once I did this I had changed my...

personalized teddy bear / did not receive the right song


I bought a personalized teddy bear from this company because my 2 year old daughter loves the song that the bear sings. It is a specific Wake up song that is personalized with your childs name. I previewed the song on their website, and it was the exact song I had been searching for. I wa...

CPS / fraud complaint


A tenent that I was evecting made up some outlandish allogations and called CPS I took my kids to the DR and 2 therapist as they all confirmed that there was no abuse. CPS is angry because they said I messed up their investigation becasue my young children would not admit to being abused. The...

Mini Academy CDC, Denver NC / Disciplining of Children


My son was 16 months old when he started here and one of the "favorites" was almost 4 but was apparently mentally handicapped. They continued to allow that child to stay in the 1-1.5 year old class. This child continuously bit my child over and over son finally bit him back... or / Do not buy anything from


Hey care parents, I just wanted to warn you that you must not buy any items from or I had bad personal experience with this online shopping website. We bought a buggy for our baby two years ago and we have never received it. After a numerous emails and phone... Interactive Media Marketing Inc. / Membership Refund


My daughter and I attempted to utilize the free 30-day trial promotional advertisement for included with our purchase of the disk. Upon membership completion, I received an automatic email indicated my credit card had been deducted $29.95. We were not given our 30-day trial...

Talent / breach of contract


My daughter signed up with BE PRODUCTIONS. After taking some "acting" classes she audition and was given a part in the "new" cable program. She worked in San Diego in the taping of the program. She did not get paid for MONTHS. Every time I called the offices they would not return my phone...

Spinmaster / s&h charges a ripoff


great commercial and very appealing to kids...went online to order, not until after you have entered your personal and credit card information do you find out that the shipping & handling charges are 50% of the total cost of the item...customer support is non accessible, a simple total ripoff...

Personalized for Baby, Inc. / Did not receive product


I ordered a personalized toy box from on 11/20/08. My credit card was charged on 11/21/08 and I never received my product! You can't reach these people. The website says that Customer Service is available Mon-Fri 8AM-4PM Eastern Time, yet no one every answer...

disney/princess cash register / almost started a fire in my childs room


I recently purchased a disney princess cash register for my daughter from a local Target store. She has just come running out of her room saying something was burning . I went in her room and check all wiring, her tv and other plug-in items. I couldnt find anything abnormal but I did smell...

Jason Tillo / TROLL


I just wanted to warn everyone to not to respond to Jason Tillo. He is a TROLL. He is a 16 year old boy who has nothing better to do with his time but to troll these sites and to insult anyone that posts a complaint on this site. If he used his correct last name, I tracked him down to...

BabiesRUs diapers / Return Policy


Tried to return BabiesRUs branded diapers to store an hour away from my home. Boxes had never been opened. I could not find my receipt and only wanted to exchange them for a bigger size. They refused to exchange for bigger size without a reciept. I might could understand this if these were...

Industry Model And Talent Studios / Sham


First of all they approach you in a mall! How legit could that be. If someone is scouting your child then it should be a modeling agency and they tell you up front they are not an agency. You should never have to pay for your child if a legit agency is scouting - not even for picture...

Moon Sand / Screwed


i ordered moonsand in December for my son and nephew. I never received and order confirmation or email. After 2 mnths i figured ok i wont get it. I looked at my c/c statement 2 days ago, there was a charge of 238.00 from company. I called customer service number. They told me everything...

twoleftfeet / failure to supply goods


I ordered a babies pram footmuff from an online company called two left feet. They lead me to believe that this item was in stock and would be likely to receive it within a week to two. This was in the first week of December! Its now February and they still won't tell me when I will...

Radica / Cube World (Hans) / lude and obscene actions of toy


Stick figures in Cube World toys simulate sex acts. This is a toy for children and should not be sold. Called company, and they said they'd return my money if I sent them back (at my expense) the stupid toys. I asked if they were going to keep them on the shelves and was told they had...

Radica/cube World Toys / Obscene/sex acts on Cube World toys


Radica's Cube World interactive stick figure cube toys perform obscene acts on each other when linked together. If 2 cubes are placed together, the stick figure characters will interact. One stick figure will open a "door" and visit the other stick figure in his cube. There are...

Bright-Start Pre-School & Daycare / Improper Actions


I have a child who currently attends this facility who I am in the process of enrolling elsewhere. I've had the following problems: 1. My child is having a lot of "accidents"/"incidents". 2. When my child gets hurt they do not contact me. 3. They use to much bleach to clean while...

Traditional Tae Kwon Do of Carrollwood / Disenrolled child, but we still have to pay


I stopped working on August 15th and my husband and I could no longer afford to pay the $80 per week for the after school service for my son. I called and spoke with the male assistant and he advised that he would let the "master" know. Well apparently he didn't because the billing...

Babyrus / online gift registry


I ordered a high chair from this website for my niece who is expecting a baby girl. The shower is Jan. 20. Despite placing this order three weeks early, the website has not reflected the sale. I even called customer service which advised that the website would be updated "in a few...

Mail Just for Me / Complete waste of money


Unfortunately, I didn't check for problems with this company before I submitted an order. Just as others have experienced, I placed an order, was charged and never received anything AND have gotten no responses from the company. DO NOT BUY FROM MAIL JUST FOR ME

Heavens Little Stuff / Terrible experience


I placed an order by dec. 04, 2008. On dec. 08, 08 I receive it BUT INCOMPLETE and some of the items was broken. Some others was missing and I have been sending e-mails to the company and guess what?. They did not respond it. I call the USPS and they can not provide me with some phone number... / kapow


wish i would have read these complaints before!! i am currently waiting for xmas gifts for my children from kapow .gifts. what a waste of money!! I ORDERED ON THE 5TH DEC 3 WORKING DAYS DELIVERY, YEAH RIGHT. I HAVE HAD TO RING THE OPERATOR TO CHECK THE LINE FUNNILY ENUF, PHONES SIMPLY BEEN... / $445 stolen; Emails ignored; Custom bedding scam!


I placed an order March 22 for custom bedding for my 12-year-old daughter. Payment of $445US was made by paypal immediately after order was finalized. I was told fabric swatches would be mailed. By May 6 the swatches didn't arrive, nor did the bedding. I sent a follow-up email asking...

Javier(self) / Child custody


I was told that Fathers Choice would help me draw up papers in order to obtain custody of my 2 children and their success was about 90% - 95% . I told them my situation and they said they could help. When I paid $850.00 USD, they send me the paper work, but it was wrong. I send a...

Goodnites / Pricing


I went into K-mart today to by goodnites for my little girl who is five yrs. old. I saw a pkg. for like 24 of them for like $7.99 and there were two of them in that slot! It's not my fault that, they were there! I am very upset! I had, to get a different pkg. because, of their... / Never got item, nor refund


I ordered a jogging double stroller in August of 2008, the stroller never arrived and when I checked the status of my order the site said out of stock, although the sales site still has it as in stock. It is now December, and after a ridiculous amount of attempts at either an email reply...

Papasan Cradle Swing / refused to issue credit


A Papasan Cradle Swing was purchased for newborn, item was on store registry, 2 week old baby not comfortable in chair and it made a loud clicking noise with each motion of rocking. Attempted to return same to store where mother was registerd (could not find receipt and box was recycled...

subito / cheating with the name of swiss post


I bought the stokke children's bed throught website naturally this person who's selling the bed was not living in milan, she said she shifted to bern in swiss, immediately confirmed me, with very well organized e-mail, talking about that she 'll send throught the... / scam and cheating


I feel it is my moral duty to warn others about this company. I also recently spent over $100.00 on Toyglobe for a present for this coming Xmas. It is a very hard to find item so I sent for it straight away when i found it on their site I paid and waited for the promised tracking number by...

Speedy Toys / Scam and cheating


I bought from speedy toys and paid $60 for express shipping to ensure I had my purchased items within a week. I received a conformation email, but the product never came. I called multiple times, but no one ever answers the phone. I sent them an email telling them if the product was not... / no contact info


11.3.08 ordered WII fitness with board. Paid $ 152.49. Was given a confirmation of C432383257 and that item was shipped 11.4.08. I have not recieved anything as of this date. I have emailed the complany three times with no response from them. I received a tracking number that states that... / fraud and cheating


I purchased a plush sonic toy, the debit was paid through my credit card. It was for my autistic child who had lost his. Never received the toy, unable to call or talk to anyone about it, mailbow full. My autistic son waited for sonic to arrive in the mail and it never came. I hope they close this store down.