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Da Sep 30, 2019

I went to the restaurant (12275)
Located in 1419 guadalupe st.
Transaction number / order number 47
Date: sunday september 29, 2019
Time: 9:14pm

To whom it concern:

My experience in this location was really unacceptable due I asked for a number 1 with chesse (whopper with chesse) the burger only. they gave a burger with cheese only, without anything else. it was a really disappointing due that I was really craving this specific product. and it was really disappointing and unsatisfied when I came home and see this only the buns and the pattie and the cheese. I did not went back to the location to complain due that I live far from the location. this was concerning to me due that i'm a very loyal customer due to the fast service and the quality of the food. I also really enjoy using the coupons I get on the mail. moreover I would like to add that in this order I asked for buffalo sauce for my chicken nuggets which I did not received. this situation was unfortunate for me.
Here I attach the pictures of the order I received.

Burger King
Burger King

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