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A Sep 29, 2019 Review updated:

On 9/28/19 my husband and I visted your 1700 Biscayne location as we entered I noticed there was two people ahead of me in line and the line never moved. There was
African American heavy side, short just looking at us and talking to someone behind her for 15min, trash and crumbs all on the floor and tables. We and 2 other customers walked out! There was a bum hanging at the front register where she was, but she never acknowledged the line started growing. Then man in front of me with his two kids got agitated and asked were they going to be served. As we walked out i decided that i made a good choice because if its dirty out side the lobby then it would also be in the back and bad food quality preparation. So we head to your 3601 nw 27th ave. Miami location and stand in line for 10min and 3 people already ordered waiting a latin man and old xuban lady was complaining and waiting on a order that was not completed and incorrect! She was begging for her food and two young men at the register's looking dumb and would not. Even communicate! The one who served me was a youg african American with plats in his hair and barely spoke so you can hear him, looked as if he did not want to be there. Customer service 0 skills! It started getting a little crowded so a young women comes from the back and was like, "yall got to get these people orders out"! In some sort, but she was a leader indeed and took control of the situation so kudos to her! We got our food and enjoyed the Impossible Whopper😀 that Biscayne location has 0 people skills and needs to be cleaned starting with the employees!


  •   Sep 29, 2019

    You racist prejudiced dolt. Every person you described is not needed. Customers would have sufficed but you troll the board.

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