Bulldogs R USThis company is nothing but a scam!


Every one needs to Stay AWAY from Bulldogs R Us. Robin shoulder also known as Robin Reich. Here's a tid bit of info, when there is a problem she will threaten to sue you because her husband is an "attorney" PERRY REICH. Google him. What she doesn't say is that he is in jail for FRAUD. Did you really think we would not find out Robin. Robin will post comments on this board using other names to look make herself look good. Myself and others have turned her into the NY STATE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU and have gotten real attorneys. We have no reason to lie! I was sold an Olde english bulldog but I PAID for a MINI ENGLISH BULLDOG. For those of you who are not familiar with the breed all i can say is that He LOOKS like a BOXER. He has bully features because he is an Olde English Bulldog. He is opposite of an english bulldog. He is very tall, lean, muscular, long snout, can jump as high as a freaking kangaroo and is fearful aggressive that is an added bonus from Robins poor breeding. She trains guard dogs and i believed used them in breeding. She has 3 Adult Olde English Bulldogs on her site BULLDOGSRUS they are Angel, Zues and another. Look at her site. You can get any pup with the click of a button, she does not care who her pups go to, if they abuse them or breed the hell out of them or dump them on the side of the road as long as she gets her money. Her house is filthy and she keeps most dogs in her garage which is filthy and reeks of feces and urine her two red mini's are in stationary tubs in her garage that they can not see out of. We have also contacted the ASPCA on her who gave her violations. Robin will try to dispute everything I've said. She posts fake postings with different names to make herself look good. Then the ones she does sign her name to she is vulgar, insulting and makes personal attacks on those who she has wronged and lied to. She will not take responsibility for anything she has done. She also sold Kris a crippled puppy that is blind in one eye, then gave her another "english bulldog" puppy to replace the first one and it turned out to be an Olde english bulldog, so she got screwed twice from Robin. Robin didn't request for the crippled puppy to be sent back to her because she did not want a puppy that she could not make money from. It would only cost Robin Money. I will not stop until BULLDOGSRUS ROBIN REICH/ROBIN SCHULDER. She will say that she lives in a multimillion dollar house and has hundreds of "happy customers" none of what matters. She will change the subject so the focus is not one the truth which is her and her scams and lies. Myself along with Kris will be happy to email pictures of our dogs to anyone who is truly sincere. Robin that does not mean you, you have emailed us using a fake name one is RUTH you can't control yourself and make slips that only you Robin would say or care about. Like showing you vet documentation on the crippled puppy do you need glasses?? And then saying Bailey is an English Bulldog when way back i have emails of you saying "HE LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE AN OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOG" and you couldn't explain it. Then had the nerve to offer me another pup 1/2 off the price are you nuts!!! I would never let you screw me again. Remember the saying fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Robin Sculder is exactly like Gina Price from Rebel Ridge who was shut down. Well Robin that's what is going to happen to you. Your ###!!!


  • Li
    Lisa/George Mar 31, 2007

    Hi, I totally agree with you. You couldn't of said it better ! Remember us me and Frank we purchased little Sally from your wife 2 months ago. We came to your home in queens. I had the adult bulldog Rene. I met you and Robin and your kids. Sally is doing great and we love her. Thank you and thank Robin for us. I have read the posts and they are awful. I just wanted to let you guys know if you need anything from us any references or letters just email us we will be more than willing to help you. Your friends in PA Lisa and Franky Delgotto

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 31, 2007

    It is so ridiculous that i should even have to explain my self over and over, ROBIN from BULLDOGS R US HAD WRONGED US!! I have told my story over and over, i posted complaints to warn customers about her and her site. So if people want to believe only the good posts than they are wrong, and if they do go thru with a purchase than they will also become a victim of Robin. As i said anyone who is sincere and thinking about buying a puppy from Robin please feel free to email me i will personally tell you my story and share pictures. As anyone with 2 eyes can see why i am making such a fuss. Danielle

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  • Kris Mar 31, 2007

    Good luck to all who get a puppy from these people. I hope you have 3 jobs to pay for the vet bills you will inquire.

    I'm so glad there are happy stories out there. I hate to think everyone had a story like ours.

    Gee do you think Gurtie is impressed? lol

    One suggestion - when you tell someone that you will send them a puppy of equal quality as a replacement, please make sure it is of equal quality, and please don't tell them they will get it for free because you are so compassionate, without the understanding that they will have to pay an additional $250 for a ride to the airport.

    It made us so angry that you just kept adding on charges for us to get the other pup. We surely didn't have to pay any extra to get the first pup sent to us.

    And Michael, we kept the first pup because she was ours from the minute we laid eyes on her. We love her even with her disabilities. These are living things, not "just dogs". Thank you for letting us keep her, but shame on you for sending her to begin with. Do you not think kids will attach from the start?

    The second pup nowhere near has the looks of the first one - he is an OLDE english. I was expecting a show quality look like the first (she is so pretty)minus the crippled legs. He isn't - but he was only $550 right?

    I hope you are more careful about the pups you sell, or the terms you use when selling them. If anything I hope that some good comes out of all of this. A lesson learned by all.

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Apr 01, 2007

    Good Afternoon My name is Anton I actually just stumbled across this site and I have read all of your posts. I bought an english Bulldog puppy from Bulldogsrus 2 years ago. I bought a male and in 2 years I have never had any problems other than worms, which I know is normal for a puppy.

    We were ready to purchase another puppy for our family and for Max to have a friend.

    We contacted Robin and we fell in love with another puppy. He was just shipped to us last Sat. his name is Archie, he was the faun and white puppy featured in her web site. We went to the airport on Sat, we actually waited 2 hours as the plane was delayed. But it was worth it hes really beautiful ! My wife and kids love him, we took Archie to the vet Sunday and we received a clean bill of health. He is an english bulldog and what a great looking puppy he is ! I felt that it was important to post my experience as I read the negative comments.

    But I also read the positive comments and I have emailed a few people who posted positive things about this breeder. We exchanged emails and we exchanged pictures of our puppies.

    I have dealt with this breeder twice and I am very happy with the 2 pups I purchased from Bulldogsrus.

    It seems to me like this breeder has more a nice group of supporters !!

    Thank you and have a great day ! Anton

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  • Bulldoglover Apr 01, 2007

    Robin please answer the question why are you still selling, you told me it is now your sisters business? Heres another question on our papers PERRY REICH FROM IMPORTED QUALITY GUARD DOGS WAS THE NAME ON HER HEALTH SHOT RECORDS AND YOU WROTE ROBIN REICH ON THE PAPERS AND MAIL YOU MAILED ME. We got Bailey in the end of March of 2006. We started to have concerns and started asking questions about him in April. I was DISGUSTED to see IMPORTED QUALITY GUARD DOGS ON OUR PAPERS!! Your web showed English Bulldog Quality Puppies. Two very different names. What vet do you use?? Our shot records showed that you took Bailey or GOT Bailey at the Animal Rescue Unit. Do you always get their shots at a rescue clinic or did you just get him there???? Why is PERRY REICH NAME ON MY PAPER AND YOUR NAME AS OF THIS PAST JAN 07 WAS ROBIN REICH. I have kept all the papers for proof.

    Question 1: Why are you still SELLING??? You told me you sold the business to your sister and you can not do anything to help with our problem because your sister owned it owned it.

    Question 2: Why is PERRY REICH'S NAME on my shot record paper as the one who had him??

    Question 3: How many times do you change your "business" name?? You said you changed the name but kept Robin as the seller so your "loyal" customers could find you. How in hell could they find you if you changed the name of your site?

    I have a ton more but i would like you to answer those. Your home or about us is very confusing. You say your a family who the hell is in the picture by what you print people think it is you, your son and husband or is it the father of your son?? You are very confusing.

    You still can't change the fact that you sold us an olde english bulldog and tried to pass him off as an english bulldog and charged us the price of an english bully puppy. You are a scam artist. I don't care who the hell signs your fact post sign your own damn name robin and stop lying about your husband being perry we had a real lawyer look into it, your gig is up.

    Bailey's mom.

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  • Bulldoglover Apr 01, 2007

    A bit of proof about Perry Reich & Robin Sculder (now) as of march 2006 she was Robin Reich she changed back to her maiden name. Google Perry Reich and Angel (used to be their dog) says daddy Perry and brother John john what robin calls her son. That's not all just a coincidence.

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  • Li
    Linda Kalina Apr 03, 2007

    Perry Reich is NOW her x-father in law- So let's see did the x father in law live with the hubby, the father, Robin and JJ??? What the hell, what are they Amish! Perry Reich is address is ROBIN's, Perry Reich and Robin's name is on Danielle's IMPORTED RESCUE GUARD DOG PAPERS... Hey by the way... how many of you Robin lovers got dogs that were AKC registered... NOTTA , can't be because she is a mixed breed dealer...!!!

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  • Ka
    kathy Jun 04, 2007

    I too am a victim of Robin Schulder. I recently purchased a micro teacup yorkie from her. I drove to New York to pick up the dog and she never even came to meet me. Her aunt handled the sale. Conveniently, their printer didn't work so there was no paper work. The dog coughed a little bit while we were there but her aunt shrugged it off as it wasn't a problem. I left her house monday night and by thursday the cough was getting worse. I took her to my vet where she was diagnosed with kennel cough. They put her on antibiotics and told me to keep an eye on her. She started to go down hill fast, throwing up and acting lethargic. The next day i took her back to the vet and called Robin. Robin acted very concerned and she called my vet right away. Right off the bat Robin asked my vet to run a parvoe test. It came back positive and the dog was immediately hooked to an IV and in the emergency hospital for the next couple of days. We were devastated to learn that this dog didnt have much chance to live. My vet and the emergency clinic assured me that the dog came to me with this virus. I only had her for three days and the parvoe virus has a seven to ten day incubation period. Robin assured me over the phone that she had talked to her husband and they felt terrible about it and they would pay the vet bills. Then on tuesday morning the vet called and this poor puppy had started having seizures and there was no way to save her. I called Robin and she sounded very sad. She told me that she knew there was nothing that she could do to replace the way we felt for this puppy, but she was going to replace the puppy and pay the vet bills. I faxed the bills and then she became hard to reach. To make a long story short, she went back on her word and never even offered to help with the two thousand dollars worth of bills this puppy cost us, not to mention all the supplies we had to throw away as this virus is extremely contagious. Getting the replacement dog was a nightmare in itself as she never showed up to meet me that time either and they tried to replace the dog with a much bigger and much cheaper dog. She is a scam artist and believe me, i intend to do everything in my power to keep anyone else from the heartache that our family has had to go through. I've been told that i have a great case and i would welcome anyones help.

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Jun 13, 2007

    HI, I am Danielle. I am so sorry to hear about your puppies passing, i also purchased 2 yorkies from Robin on june 2, 07 and hes doing great i believe he was from the same litter as yours if you purchased him around that time. Parvo virus is airborne so if your puppy yorkie caught it and mine didn't it had to be caught at the time you took the puppy. Maybe in the pet store or even at the vet or outside ??? Please don't say horrible things about people at least. The breeder gave you a free puppy you must have parvo virus harboring in your home!



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  • Ka
    kathy Jul 02, 2007

    I appreciate the concern about the puppies we lost but I think I am gonna have to agree with the others on this site about Robins lack of concern for the dogs that she sells. First off, i never mentioned losing the second puppy in my complaint, so how did you know? I emailed Robins husband about it so its funny that you knew as well. And second... when i picked up the replacement puppy, they told me that it was the last one from that litter so you didn't get one or two of the puppies from hat litter. Third... Robins aunt let me know(and we recorded her saying this) that another puppy from the same litter had it. So... try again ROBIN. I wont get in to a pissing contest on this board with Robin or her husband. I unfortunately learned a very valuable lesson that cost my ten year old child an enormous amount of heartache that she didn't deserve. I've learned a lot on the breed from a very reputable breeder that was willing to give a lot more time and information than Robin ever has. A good breeder will always want to talk to the buyer before her puppy leaves her premises... but Robin doesn't even keep her yorkies at her house. Her aunt sells them for her. Her aunt has litters of puppies brought in to sell from all different people. Its no wonder kennel cough, parvoe, etc exist among these dogs.

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  • Kris Jul 03, 2007


    The reason "Danielle" knew all of the story is because she is ROBIN/MICHAEL/DARRON - maybe even pretending to be Perry while he's in the slammer!!!

    She is heartless and cruel!!! I've have people view her site and find me here on the complaints board to tell me their stories. One vet viewed her pictures and wrote to me that they contacted the SPCA about what they said were sick puppies. When I looked at the recent pictures I can see what they are talking about. I got out my dogs baby pictures - and viewed the exact same thing. i.e. the runny noses, and the lumps between the toes.

    When enough people complain, she will be stopped!

    Have you seen that she is back to selling French Bulldogs..... Claimes to have the parents on site. Just how many damn dogs does she have in her house? She claims to have all the parents of all the bulldogs, and now the Yorkies? House must SMELL great!!!

    Along with all the cute designer pups - they are also still on the internet selling GUARD dogs!!! Can you imagine, a house with Doberman's, Rott's, and Micro Mini Yorkies???

    Kathy, you really must get in touch with the Better Business Bureau, and Attorney General's office. They do check into these complaints.

    ****Coming Soon******

    I've contacted a web master, that is going to make us a web site. We can put all of our complaints on there and show pictures. The pictures of my dogs will curl your hair.

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  • Bulldoglover Jul 04, 2007

    Kris is exactly right you should listen to her. Do NOT get me confused with that "Danielle and Peter Cooper" most likely it's Robin. All of the pups on her site look horribly sick i can't believe she would even post those pictures and think people would buy them. It makes me physically ill to think i purchased a puppy from her over a year and a half ago. Thankfully he wasn't sick her was yet a different breed and came with a hole different set of horrible issues.

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  • Mi
    Mike Jul 30, 2007

    Property Address
    80-42 Bell Blvd Carrier Rte: C008
    Jamaica, NY 11427-1040

    Perry Reich




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  • Kris Jul 31, 2007

    We've been trying for a long time to put them out of business - she admits she's a business woman in many of her postings. They are crooks and dirtbags. I have two sick dogs from them!

    Keep up the complaining! It can't hurt. You forgot to mention her make believe husband Michael, the NY lawyer that took her last name when they got married.

    She is so stupid.

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  • Do
    Doug and Carrie Mclain Aug 15, 2007

    Hello I was reading all these complaints and I am in total shock !! I also purchased an english bulldog puppy from Robin Schulder from bulldogsrus and this was 7 months ago, he is doing wonderful and we have never had a problem with him that we decided he needs a friend and we wanted to purchase another english bulldog puppy from bulldogsrus, and while searching for her site this site came up I just had to read it. I do not agree with the negatives on here because we had a great experience with Robin. We drove down from Albany NY to pick out a puppy. We met Robin and her husband Michael and her son and I believe her aunt uncle and some other family members that were there.

    She treated us very kind and we stayed for quite awhile. We picked out Smmy and 7 months later no problems he was vet checked and he is healthy!!

    I did observe several aduts dogs english bulldogs and french bulldogs and I really do not know but she had tiny little dogs there as well, I do not know the bredd. But they all were very clean happy and looked healthy to us, her home was spotless. So reading this I just had to say a few words and I am truly sorry if some of you that went through this but fortunately we had a great and positive experience and we are driving in this weekend to pick up another really cute puppy we saw on her web site.

    Carrie and Doug.

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  • Kris Aug 29, 2007


    You'd actually go back to her. Good luck, at least you've read it all in advance. You know what your getting into. I received an email 3 days ago from another unhappy "customer" of hers. Claimed he bought a Yorkie and got it home and ended up in the emergency for another $900... He feels lied to as well.

    It's nice to hear that some of her crappy inbred mutts aren't giving everyone horrible vet bills. I hope that you continue to have healthy wonderful dogs.

    As for me and many others, we will push on. Keep after this witch to stop selling these creatures she calls SHOW QUALITY, from CHAMPION LINES. Lets ask her to show us proof of all these shows the parents have won. Lets see proof of these CHAMPION LINES she keeps referring to. She must have 30 females on site to produce all of these pups she sells.

    This just makes me crazy!!!

    You haven't heard the last of us yet Robin, Darron, Michael and Perry.

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Oct 02, 2007

    I myself are in total shock what I am hearing ! My puppy is a pure breed english Bulldog Puppy bought from Robin at bulldogsrus, we love him and he is a pure breed and very healthy !

    Sharon Batista

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  • Ch
    Christina Oct 07, 2007

    I just came across this site while looking for bully breeders and I must say that I am puzzled. First off, why would you buy a puppy from someone whom you say is so terrible, especially if you visited her home before making the decision to buy?

    Second, you're really asking for problems if you're out buying puppies of breeds that aren't even 'true' breeds. There is no such thing as a 'mini bulldog' and whatever it is, is sure to have health problems due simply to the wacked out breeding standard it took to achieve a mini bulldog. There's also no standard for a mini teacup yorkie(or whatever you called it). Don't you folks understand that the smaller you try to make something, the more issues it's going to have? There is a breed standard for a REASON, and cosmetic isn't it.

    Bottom line, get over it. Learn to do your homework, stop whining and slandering people, take care of the animals you have, and next time educate yourself and be VERY cautious about whom you buy a pup from.

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  • Ch
    Christina Oct 07, 2007

    Also folks, please understand that just because something is AKC registered or even CKC registered DOESN'T mean it's a 'good thing'. Neither registry really monitors folks that breed under their names so there is no way to keep the poor breeders out.

    Champion bloodlines don't mean jack crap either. The champion could have been 6 generations back in a dog that is now dead that was bred with a below standard ### that passed on all of their bad traits. And that's what you're getting- the best of the worst.

    Just because something looks like a bulldog, or a lab, or a rottie, or a yorkie DOESN'T mean it is.

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  • Kris Oct 08, 2007

    Thanks for all your insite Christina - that makes it all better now doesn't it?

    People sometimes have valid complaints. You yourself say you were looking for a bully breeder. Well, we all thought we found one. Apparently, it's a good thing we all wrote what we did. It stopped you from going there didnt it? Or in the least it made you look.

    Let us complain to the world - it's the only way to stop the thing she is selling.

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  • Ao
    aolco45 Dec 14, 2007

    This Robin chick has gotten over one too many times. We bought a puppy and a day later, he was sick. He has Parvoe and has been in the vet since a day and a half after we got him. He is now in intensive care, the bills are amounting and everything everyone has said about Robin is true!! This is only the beginning for her. All those who have had issues, I will let you know what my attorney says!

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Jan 03, 2008

    Hi I just have to add after reading all this that I bought an adorable english bulldog puppy from Robin and Bulldogsrus and this puppy is doing wonderful ! He was the best xmas present my kids went crazy, and hes very healthy I took him to my vet to check. I actually visited with Robin in her home in queens and it was very clean I didnt even know she had dogs there at all, She was sweet curtious and I met her cute little son and her husband. The experience was nice and I saw the parents of my puppy. Thank you Robin for the best Xmas gift HAPPY NEW YEAR from the Asotolia family

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  • Bulldoglover Jan 12, 2008

    I keep getting several emails weekly from new people that Robin has screwed over with sick puppies with high vet bills to puppies that die shortly after getting them because they had parvo or another sickness that they had at the time Robin sold them to these people. Another site of Robins is "tinyteacuppuppiesforsale.com" How many breeds does she breed. She sells anything she can get her hands on from teacup puppies to bulldogs to pit bulls to imported guard dogs this is not a person who cares for animals this is a person who overbreeds and buys impoted dogs (she has no idea of what breed they are) cheap to make a profit. She is ###!!!!! She is only in it for the money. She sells sickly puppies that die, overbreeds and sell mixed breeds as purebreds. Just look at her English Bulldogs for sale on her bulldog site, half of them are mixed with pitbull. Any person who knows anything about puppies can see these are clearly mixed with pibulls. They have small skinny faces with long snouts. Robin also sells PITBULLS along with imported Guard dogs so what kind of dog do you really think you are getting. The teacup site says ask for Darron!!! Hasn't "Darron" left several good comments for Robin. Whoops Robin a slight mistake on your part, you should of used a different fake name.

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  • Cr
    crazy for bullies Jan 12, 2008

    If you look at "tinyteacuppuppiesforsale.com" It does say contact Darron. Funnier yet, it's Robin's phone number.

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Jan 15, 2008

    Hi I just wanted to say, I went to the site tiny teacups and I went to the breeders home and we bought a little female yorkie, Robin was great she gave us alot of insight how to care for the puppy as it was so small, and we went to our vet the pup is completly healthy and we love her, her name is Kibbles. I just want to say I had a very good experience with this breeder and I do not agree at some of these posts. I saw her dogs she has alot but all very clean and healthy and she treats them wonderful. Get in touch with me if you like, me and my husband will share our thoughts and views (all positive) on this breeder Lucinda and Jeff

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  • Bulldoglover Mar 12, 2008

    There is NOTHING good about Robin. She has SEVERAL sites all are under different names. They range from teacup puppies to english bulldogs to Vicious Guard dogs. For every fake comment/post Robin leaves there are 3 real unhappy victims. The SPCA has made several stops at Robins and are disgusted her house smells like a urinal and is unfit for any animal let alone people. I don't know what her idea of clean is but it is NOT her house. Puppies are in plastic bins and empty tubs and that is suitable for her? That is dispicable! BEWARE Robin also DOCKs puppies tails. This means when the puppy is just days old she (or has someone) chop their tail off to a nub. This is extremly painful for the puppy. This is how she is passing off mixed breeds (pitbulls) as english bulldogs. This disgusts me because this was done to my dog and 3 other people's dogs that i know about (who had no willing part). God only knows how many more are out there that have suffered from Robin's hands. Robin is disgusting and nothing but a low class puppymill. God help all of the dogs she has. I also know a person who recently got one " of her puppies" that was suppose to be an english bulldog, (which it is not) she paid over $3,000.00 only to have to give it to her vet because she could not keep a dog that would get as big as a pitbull in her small apartment. SHAME ON YOU ROBIN.

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  • Li
    Lisa/George Apr 07, 2008

    We purchased a bulldog from Robin Schulder 3/4/08 and we were impressed with the way she keeps her pets. They were very clean and in play pens not bins ??
    I think that you should not guess and learn the truth about athis breeder, she has many references that we had called and checked out great. So please do your research before you say these untrue awful things.
    We have a beautiful healthy puppy and we have a number you can call us for refrence we live in CT.
    Adam and Carol

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  • Jo
    josh May 19, 2008

    ### you robin! i spent $2000 dollars on a dog thats worthless to me. these puppies are sick. ive spent nearly a thousand dollars on my pup vet bills since ive gotten him from you. his testicles where diformed. so i could not even consider matting him. hes gotten cherry eye on both eyes, when i got him from you he had all king of ring worm and parrasites. when i called you, you shuned me off and told me its normal NO ITS NOT. if it werent for the fact that i love and feel sorry for this dog he would havw been back at your door step.

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  • Bulldoglover Jun 16, 2008

    If anyone is considering buying from this breeder please read all of the posts. Robin sells sick unhealthy mixed bred dpgs as pure breds which they are not by far. I wish these posts were listed before i became of victim if they were we would have been spared heartche (mine and my two yound children), money and time that Robin wasted by lying. Robin is nothing but a puppymill and a scam artist. Check with the Ny SPCA they are tring to shut her down for being filthy and unfit. The NY State BBB has Robin and her site Bulldogs r us on thier BAD LIST just check it out for yourself it is free to check. Please there are better breeders out there keep looking. If you are considering buying from Robin buy a puppy from your local animal shelter, thats where Robin gets hers as well as Hungary.

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  • Da
    DAILY NEWS NY Jul 11, 2008


    EVERYONR READ THIS! Lets STOP monster Robin!

    Queens-based 'Bulldogs R Us' owner accused of selling sick puppies

    Valerie Ramirez (l.) and daughter Jessica hold photos of bulldog Ozzie, whom they eventually euthanized.
    Ward for News
    Robin Schulder, who operates the Web site 'Bulldogs R Us, ' has also been ordered by a Bronx judge to pay $2, 095 to a heartbroken family that had to put down their ailing 7-month-old puppy.
    A prolific Queens dog breeder has drawn the ire of animal lovers and the scrutiny of state law enforcement officials for running what a former customer described as a "house of horrors" that produces too many sick puppies.
    The breeder, Robin Schulder, who operates the Web site "Bulldogs R Us, " has also been ordered by a Bronx judge to pay $2, 095 to a heartbroken family that had to put down their ailing 7-month-old puppy.
    Schulder sells at least five different dog breeds from her home in Queens Village, and has numerous consumer complaints against her - drawing the attention of state law enforcement officials.
    "We are aware of the complaints, take them seriously, and are reviewing them closely, " said Alex Detrick, a spokesman for state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.
    The Ramirez family in the Bronx bought an English bulldog puppy from Schulder in November that suffered from neurological disorders, blindness, parvovirus and a host of other problems.
    "Within the first few days we noticed something was wrong, " said Jessica Ramirez, 16, who borrowed money from her grandmother to buy Ozzie, a handsome mahogany and white puppy. "He started to lose weight. He walked around in circles."
    In a contract, Schulder guaranteed Ozzie's health for a year, but she didn't help the family with veterinary care when he fell ill.
    "We got three unfit-for-sale letters from three different veterinarians, " said Jessica's mother, Valerie, a paraprofessional with the city Education Department. "I wanted her to pick up the medical bills but we didn't want to give [Ozzie] back to Robin."
    One vet noted on Ozzie's medical chart that he was "depressed, weak, unable to support weight, vomiting in cage, no appetite."
    After seven months of heartache the family tried to place Ozzie with a bulldog rescue group but another veterinarian advised them to euthanize him.
    "I didn't want to lose him, " said Jessica, who worked at a supermarket to pay her grandma back. "I didn't want to go with my family when they put him to sleep."
    The family took Schulder to court and a judge ruled in their favor with a $2, 095 judgment, which Schulder has yet to pay.
    "I have no comments for these people, " Schulder told the Daily News in a phone interview, contending she has done nothing wrong.
    Schulder said the case was still pending. Court papers show the judgment is dated April 24. During the court hearing, Schulder said she sells 200 dogs a year, the Ramirez family said.
    "I have no violations with Albany, " Schulder said, referring to the fact that dog breeding is regulated by the state Department of Agriculture and Markets. "I'm a licensed breeder."
    She also sells Yorkshire terriers, pit bulls, bull terriers and Chihuahuas from her home, and operates several Web sites.
    Animal rescue groups are familiar with "Bulldogs R Us" and other animals sold by Schulder.
    "This is a terrible operation, " said Laurette Richin, head of the Long Island Bulldog Rescue, a group that places abused and sick animals with families. "I have had so many complaints about her that I don't know how she can still be in business."
    Several former customers described Schulder's home as being overrun by dogs.
    "It was filthy, it was smelly, it was disgusting in there, " said Patricia Czech, who bought a bulldog named Vinny from Schulder. "It's a house of horrors."
    Czech had so many problems with the 8-month-old that she had to return it to Schulder in two weeks and was refunded her $1, 000. She has inquired about Vinny's fate, but Schulder won't return her calls, Czech said.
    The Ramirez family cautioned potential customers from doing business with Schulder.
    "Just look her up on Google, " said Valerie Ramirez. "She needs to be shut down. She has sold sick puppies to a lot of people."

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  • Bulldoglover Jul 14, 2008

    Robin sickens me look at her site bulldogsrus. She is triing to pass off a black mix dog named OREO as an English Bulldog for $3500.00. That is appauling Robin. First of all Black is a color that is NOT desirable for standards of English Bulldogs. Not to mention that Oreo has a long snout!!! Robin is passing off mixed breeds for the price of purebreds, something she does not have. The dog on her site oreo is long, tall and skinny and looks malnitritioned. She is still crooked and nothing but a dirty, filthy puppymill!!! Shame on you Robin. Please don't be fooled Robin sells more than "English Bulldogs" she sells yorkies that die and Imported guard dogs, pibulls etc. So don't think it's only English bulldogs that she is ripping people off with. Beware of this seller.

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  • Ju
    justasimpledoglover Nov 13, 2008

    This is very disturbing & I'm sorry for the innocent people who were given sick dogs or lied to. Most of all, I feel sad for these poor dogs. They don't deserve this & are not like humans who understand why they are not feeling well. What goes around comes around.
    HOpefully this pathetic waste of life is shut down!

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  • donna Nov 25, 2008


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  • Al
    almost took Mar 05, 2009

    we almost got took by her we looked at her puppy she had for sale on the web and made a deal for it, then we was browsing the web and found the picture of the same dog on another site[we could tell by details like clothing and the background]we called her and started asking questions, she said she did not know how it happened and took the puppy off her site within hours, the upside we never gave her no money! but she did hang the phone up on us when we put pressure on her, 100% shady bizz

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  • Dr
    drake mallard Mar 15, 2009

    Ah, it's funny to read all the comments supportive of Robin/Bulldogs R Us, and then to notice that they all share certain repeated spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and even tone of writing! Yeah, I don't think so many complete strangers, adults, could possibly have grown up, separately, and learned the exact same set of language deficiencies. Well, at least these fake posts at least try to seem pleasant enough, unlike Robin's own posts on this site, which are so garbled and unintentionally hilarious they could be the teleplay for one of those Maury Povich specials on out-of-control teens ("NAAAA YALL JUST JEALOUS, I'M SEXY AND I SLAP MY MOMMA AND I BANG FOUR RANDOMS A DAY, AND YALL DON'T EVEN KNOW ME, I DO WUT I WANT!) or abusive beauty-pageant moms/moms who feed their kids nothing but McDonald's ("NAAAA YALL DON'T EVEN KNOW ME, THIS AIN'T YOUR KID, IT'S MY KID! I DO WUT I WANT!").

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  • Dr
    drake mallard Mar 15, 2009

    Ever notice how most of the 'supportive' comments are posted by one person speaking on behalf of a 'couple'? Jeez, Robin, switch it up once in a while, would ya?

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  • Se
    Seola Mar 28, 2009

    Someone in the area should go to "look" at a puppy and take cell phone pictures. Also, if she's selling them as AKC registered (which if people do their homework know that's a necessity from true breeders to be registered SOMEWHERE, especially for the price) contact the AKC/CKC or whichever she is trying to pass at the time. I have no dealings in this, but I don't want poor puppies to die at the hands of a greedy person. Go undercover on your own! Pretend to be interested! Take the pics to the press - not the local podunk papers, take it to a close large city station if you've got the pictures! Take a copy of the judgements! And the AKC does NOT register or care about Champion breeders beyond 3 generations. (I have a 3rd generation champion breed dog, his pups would NOT be Champion bred unless he became a champion.) If they are registered, anyone who's actually done the process, specific records are kept on ownership and each breeder registers the breed/color/amount, etc. then the breeder puts them on sale status, THEN updates when it's been sold. They can track my pup's bloodline back 25 years at the least, based on the registration of the sire/dame and who they were bought and sold to.

    Stop sitting back - this has been years now that puppies have been dying!!

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  • Bu
    bulldogus Apr 07, 2009


    Some more pictures of the beast.

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  • Bu
    bulldogus Apr 07, 2009


    Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]
    Date: 2009-04-06, 4:54AM EDT


    Location: QUEENS
    it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

    PostingID: 1109115262

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  • Tr
    Traceys Princess Bear May 26, 2009

    Anyone have any problems with Sportsman Kennel in Manorville New York ???? I paid $ 3, 100.00 for a Registered Bulldog puppy...Until I went to register her. I know of two other people so far. They bought the puppy from a breeder Martin Leon (Beverlyhillspuppies) He is not even allowed to register is dogs I am waiting for confirmation from the NKC and the AKC but thats what I have been told-The Sportman Kennels told me to return her for a full refund-YEAH SURE I will give you my daughter ! No problem its not like she's a part of my family...yeah maybe to someone that only cares about the "mighty dollar" they have no love for ANYONE but them selves and $$$$$. For a person who has no love for animals are SICK COLD HEARTED people! I want them to go down...TO HELL WITH PUPPY MILLS !!!
    Please respond Thank You

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