BTGuardFalse advertising


I purchased their VPN service for $9.95 per month. I logged in and used a speedtest to check the connection. After multiple tests and getting dial-up-like speeds on my fiber connection, it became clear that the service was not being provided as stated.

I cancelled the subscription through paypal and requested a refund.

After several days of no response from BTGuard through paypal's resolution center (they had my money already too), I escalated it to a "Claim". It has now been days and I have not received any response back, I have been harassed through my email account though. Most recently that because I failed to pay (impossible since they have my money through paypal- holding it hostage) they "suspended" my already cancelled account with them and that I should pay up to current soon.

A lot of headache for $9.95, but that is MY $9.95 and not theirs.

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